How to Fix your Wireless Router?

Fix your Wireless Router

Fix your Wireless Router

Wireless internet has become an indispensable part of any modern household. Why? Because it gives you quick, easy and cable-free access to the fascinating world of internet, without tying you down in any way. Regardless of its benefits, wireless internet does suffer from regular signal interferences and router malfunctions. These defects slow down your browsing, streaming and gaming experience while putting a stop to your online activities in general. When Wi-Fi becomes shaky in a home, that’s when the real panic arises.

However, any Wi-Fi-related problem is solvable by using isp’s like Spectrum internet service provider. You don’t even have to have a technical know-how to jumpstart your wireless internet speeds. Here is a list of the tried-and-tested router fixes that you can easily implement to boost internet connectivity in your home and enjoy a non-stop browsing experience.

Reposition Your Router

Placement matters, and it matters significantly when it comes to the internet. You see, Wi-Fi works on the basis of radio waves, transmitted in all directions by a router. If you place the router in a far corner of the house, you cannot expect the signals to reach your devices on the second floor. So, always try and place the hardware in an open, centralized location where it can freely send the data packets to all client devices and cover each and every zone of your house. Repositioning will surely relieve speeds.

Switch to a Traffic-Free Channel

If you happen to live in a high-rise apartment or a close-knit neighborhood, chances are that your wireless internet will suffer from signal interference brought on by other routers in the vicinity. Detect these congestion-creating wireless networks by using free software, like Netspot or Wi-Fi Analyzer. Also, figure out which frequency channel they are using to transmit data packets. Once you’ve singled that out, readjust your router’s channel to a frequency that is not being used by the nearby routers to prevent overlapping.

Protect the Network

Sometimes, your router may underperform because malicious software has made its way into the network and is corrupting data transmission. To rid your internet hardware of any such malware, spyware, virus or cyber-attack, simply install a tough-as-nails antivirus program that scans, detects and kills any contamination on sight. Also, try to reinforce your wireless network by password protecting the router, limiting access to Wi-Fi and getting your hands on the WPA, WPA2 encryption protocols.

Update Firmware

Many router manufacturers often release firmware updates to upgrade the quality of their internet hardware. These updates bring new security fixes, bug resolves, and additional improvements in the said model. That is why it is crucial for you to check, download and install firmware updates to modify your wifi router for home perfectly.

Perform a Factory Reset

One of the easiest ways to clear out a pathway for the router and give it a fresh impetus is by resetting the device. This step will allow the hardware to cool down, declutter and begin anew. Simply press the ‘Reset’ button for around 30 seconds or so, and observe as your router dials back to its default factory setting. After that, configure the wireless connection in a way you deem best and experience faster speeds. If you’re not up for resetting the router and like your current settings, then a simple restart will also work well.

Contact Your ISP

You’ve tried everything to patch up your router, still, the lag widens with each web search. This is where you need to consider that perhaps the problem lies with your internet connection itself, and not with your internet hardware. Plug a PC directly to a modem via the Ethernet and run an internet speed test. If the result shows a depressing figure, then you need to call up your ISP and inquire about the reason why your internet is not up to the par with what was promised. Your ISP may resolve the issue at the backend or propose to upgrade your package. Either way, talking to the provider will help in boosting connectivity.


Your router has a fundamental role to play in the overall wireless network of your home. Try the aforementioned quick fixes to refine the router’s performance and enjoy a seamless internet experience.

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