Star Wars Wifi Names

star wars wifi names

star wars wifi names

We are providing best star wars wifi names because the truth is that the default names of the WiFi networks of our routers is not much attractive or good . Generic names followed by random combinations of letters and numbers without any personality type. In communities with many neighbors and several of them with the same operator, it can be difficult to find our wireless network. Luckily, we can (and should) customize the WiFi network. To do this, we will change the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​or name of the WiFi network along with the password. In the following article, we give you a complete compilation of original, funny, and funny names for your WiFi network.

Star Wars Wifi Names:

  1. Belkin’s Cloud City
  2. Embrace the power of the WiFi
  3. Docking Bay 94
  4. Looking for WiFi in Alderaan Places
  5. The Internet will be with you. Always
  6. Obi-LAN Kenobi
  7. Millennium Falcon
  8. LANdo Calrissian
  9. Luke, I am your wifi.
  10. Leia Organa SoLAN
  11. The last Wi-Fi
  12. It’s my Galaxy
  13. MosEisleyEscortService
  14. Surf, or surf not… There is no WiFi.
  15. Do. Or Do not. There is no try!
  16. Planer Wars
  17. The Last Jedi
  19. Fondy Fire
  20. Pretty Fly for a WI-FI
  21. Vicious Gang
  22. Chewie and his WiFi Maz
  23. Lan Solo
  24. X-Wing WiFi Fighter
  25. Oh my dear Internet. How I’ve missed you!
  26. Go Go Router Rangers
  27. Let the WiFi-key win
  28. Embrace the power of the WiFi
  29. Jar Jar Linksys
  30. OTTO

Best Star Wars SSID’s

  1. This Wi-Fi will be by your side, always
  2. I’m your Jedi
  3. The last Jedi
  4. Jar Jar Linksys network
  5. Let the network router key in
  6. Long time ago, Internet existed in a far far away router
  7. Error, cannot connect the network
  8. Luke Sky Router
  9. Delphi elite router
  10. Never tell me the odds
  11. Young stealer
  12. I’m wifi, I’m no Jedi
  13. This will always be a bigger one
  14. Unlimited router bandwidth
  15. My thunderous charge
  16. LAN solo
  17. Somebody save me
  18. We are home
  19. This one will do
  20. I Jedi you
  21. How liberty ones live
  22. Nutrons hi-speed router
  23. X-cats connection
  24. Solo- A starwar’s story
  25. The LAN strikes back
  26. In our experience, free does not exist
  27. Go go rangers
  28. Darth TyLANusa
  29. Captain LAN
  30. LANth_internet_maul
  31. LANgofett
  32. HoloNetwork
  33. Obi-LAN Kenobi router
  34. The network of no return
  35. Do or Don’t. Internet is no try

List of Cool & Clever SSID’s for Fans

  1. Trash monster LAN connection
  2. Millennium falcon super internet
  3. Jedi pro master
  4. Anakin Sky Router
  5. Wi-Fight internet wars
  6. Rey of wifi
  7. Uncle Owen best
  8. LAN lobot unlimited network
  9. Storm popper internet
  10. Internet Wing Fighter
  11. Han Yolo The Jedi
  12. Chewbacca net zone
  13. The emperor’s internet
  14. Credits will do just Wi-Fine
  15. Jawa router scavengers
  16. Wi-Fi internet walker
  17. Death Star Exhaust Wi-Fi Port Control
  18. R2D2 Serial port internet
  19. Belkin’s Wi-Fi cloud city
  20. Padme Amida network
  21. The knight of the night
  22. Clone trap
  23. Star destroyer internet
  24. The Hutt’s network
  25. Roger roger router
  26. Suck my internet
  27. LANdoCalrissian
  28. Sith apprentice
  29. Mace unlimited Internet
  30. KyLAN Ren pro-Internet
  31. Ewoks E-Wifi
  32. It’s my network galaxy
  33. GunGanForcefield Wi-Fi generator
  34. Savage oppress you network
  35. Surf or not, no Internet for you

Funny ‘Jedi’ SSID’s

  1. Millennial falcon internet
  2. Death bar network
  3. Wifi bomber zone
  4. Han connected Wi-First
  5. Like Wi-Fier
  6. Bahryn Meteorite
  7. Boscos_network
  8. Planer wars
  9. Free router world
  10. Storm tropper perfect connection
  11. The death star gunner
  12. GHz Kenobi network
  13. Wattowifidoin?
  14. Riding solo network
  15. The woo-key
  16. Ewokie talkies
  17. Sixth grade internet
  18. Mustafarian data miners
  19. Secret rebel wifi internet
  20. Endor fins internet
  21. Never tell my wifi
  22. BB-8 Internet
  23. Controller LT-319 Wi-Fi
  24. X-Wing express
  25. IGV-55 surveillance vessel
  26. Wi-Five standby
  27. A new wifi dawn
  28. Death star wireless network
  29. The phantom free wifi
  30. The profundity SSID
  31. Zeta class wifi imperial shuttle
  32. Cup of sugar network
  33. Full Wi-Fi bars
  34. Try my free connection
  35. Cave of evil wifi

But where and how do I change the name of the WiFi network?

It is possible that before entering to see the most original names that we can put on the WiFi network we should know exactly how we have to do the name change process. To do this, we must know a few things. First, the router’s configuration page, which is usually accessed through the classic IP (or some similar variant). We will have to enter that address in the browser and then the username and password that we must know.

Second, we must know that by the name of the WiFi network we mean the SSID, which stands for Service Set Identifier. The code consists of a maximum of 32 characters, most of which are alphanumeric. However, the standard does not specify it and we can use any other character. Therefore, the maximum length will be 32 characters including spaces.

What if I have two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks?

In the case of having two WiFi networks in a dual-band router, we can choose to combine the names. These are some ideas that we offer you:

  • Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down
  • Tarantino / The Blood
  • Rick Sanchez / Morty Smith
  • Joey Tribbiani / Chandler Bing
  • The worst Wi-Fi in the world / The 2nd worst Wi-Fi in the world
  • Searching / Not Found
  • WiFi for cat photos / WiFi for dog photos

Finally, we recommend not falling for provocations and avoiding provocative names that attract too much attention. Someone may be tempted to “pay you a visit” if you stand out too much. Of course, choose the one you choose, differentiate yourself from your neighbors and do not keep the default SSID for anything in the world.

Can the name of your WiFi put you in danger?

Surely there are few who have stopped to think if the name of our WiFi could put us in danger, or rather if it can be an important aspect in terms of the privacy and security of our network. It may be something fun for many and, at least, curious, but the truth is that there are different reasons why we should change the name of the WiFi.

The main reason is privacy. Although we may not realize it, the fact of using the name of the WiFi network that our Internet provider has established by default can provide a lot of information to those who try to get or steal important information through these types of connections. Specifically, it may be giving clues about the Internet provider we have and the router model used, being able to take advantage of any vulnerability or failure detected in that type of device.

In addition, if we put our name, surname, or that of our children, we will be giving too much information so that someone who can know us, like our own neighbors, know that this is our network and can even get our access password.

It goes without saying that the use of factory passwords can be exploited on many occasions, so it is convenient that, in addition to changing the default name of our WiFi with something not very descriptive and not personal, we also change the access password to the net. Of course, the password must be as strong and secure as possible.

Therefore, although the fact of changing the name of our network may be quite funny, we must not forget this type of recommendation and make use of a name that cannot endanger the privacy and security of our network, as well as use a password as strong as possible.

Changing our WIFI name regularly can go a long way to protecting our website from others who may be stealing our personal information and privacy over time, and can go a long way to keeping us safe online. If you have recently felt from time to time that your information has been logged in off-site, consult the Cyber Police whether we are now in danger and better protect our property. To thank the police for protecting our information security, consider giving the now hot custom police challenge coins, bringing the challenge coins with your message of thanks and the name of the officer you are thanking, which is the best way to inspire them in their work. Customize Now

You can also choose to hide the name of your WiFi

Changing the name of our WiFi can also be a technique to try to prevent other users from being interested in our connection and trying to steal it or connect to it. However, there is another option if what we want is to protect our WiFi, hide its name.

To make the SSID invisible and that our neighbors cannot see our network, we have to access the settings of our router and follow the steps shown below:

  • We access the router through its gateway at address from the browser.
  • We enter the username and password (by default it is usually admin / 1234).
  • We enter the WiFi settings. It will depend on the model of the router, it is usually an option with the name of WiFi, Wireless, or LAN.
  • Within the options of the SSID section, which we should find in the basic configuration section, we will find the option we are looking for.
  • This is usually a box with the name Hide SSID or Hide SSID.
  • We mark it, save the changes, and exit the router configuration.

From that moment the name of our WiFi network will be hidden from all those who are within reach and do a search. In addition to changing the name of the WiFi, this can be another technique if what we are looking for is to protect our network.