An Extra Pair Of Watchful Eyes: The Best Affordable Wi-Fi Security Cameras For Your Home 

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

When it comes to protecting your kids, spouses, loved ones, and hard-earned property, you are ready to splurge and pay any extra for the additional layer of security. You are not alone in this laudable desire, and we all spend generously to be sure that our locks are reliable and security cameras can catch the slightest hint of trouble found on your property.

But serviceable equipment does not obligatory cost a fortune, and in this article, we will briefly review really good but affordable cameras you can buy for your home protection in Australia. If you just want to skip the trouble and hire someone experienced and locally established to do the job in your neighborhood, we provide the best professional and inexpensive security camera installation Albury Wodonga Region can offer on So drop us a line or give us a call and we will do the rest. Now back to our ‘digital eyes’ topic.

Anker Eufycam 2

One of the widely approved security camera options out there so far. Its downside is that it records only when prompted to do so, so if you need the video of your premises to be recorded all round the clock, you’d better opt for something else. Yet, it streams video 24/7 and sends sound alerts when a stranger is detected, so you are in control of what is going on anyway. You will need the HomeBase to use the camera and store the videos, but the gadget is included in the package. Otherwise, this camera needs no subscription, has a year-long battery life, and can withstand the ugliest weather conditions. 1k resolution is enough for non-business purposes, so we can recommend it as a cheap and workable solution for your needs.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Google wants to be indispensable from our daily lives, and its line of security cameras confirms that its intentions are serious. The Nest family of cams is pretty OK for a majority of uses, and Nest Cam Outdoor is a great competitor in the security field. It is weatherproof, features high-quality imaging, and can be fine-tuned to monitor only specific areas. The only downside to this camera is that its fixing system is nothing more than a magnet. So if an intruder decides to take it as a souvenir, they definitely can. But you will know for sure who stole your camera, with the face being visible in hi-res if this fact provides any consolation.

Swann Spotlight Outdoor

The camera makes a bargain since it has a Wi-Fi connection, 1080-pixel lens, and double spotlights that come on as soon as any motion in the surveyed area is detected. This feature guarantees deterrence of unwelcome visitors and allows making videos in color and high visibility even at night. The downside is that video recorded is stored in the cloud for 7 days only. So if you need it for later watching, download it and store it somewhere on your own devices. It also needs to be plugged in to work, so plan its location close to a free socket.

Dahua Full HD IP Dome Camera 

One of the most traded cameras on the market, and for a reason. It offers a high resolution of imaging, resistance to bad weather conditions, and a solid casing that prevents any outside intrusions into its work. The camera can manage night-time recording at a distance of up to 160 ft and can switch between recording modes of 2 and 4 mp. If you need additional options, look for a camera with inbuilt mike. Recorded video can be stored on a hard drive or a micro SD card inserted right into the camera. The device may lack fine-tuning and customization available in Nest, but it is an affordable and reliable solution for monitoring your yard and front door day or night.