6 Things To Check Before Choosing A Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

Wi-Fi Smoke

Wi-Fi Smoke

What can be one of the most dangerous accidents at home or office? Probably a fire. Fire is so dangerous because it spreads so fast and sometimes people do not even have any idea that there is a fire just next to them. Therefore, people have always tried to avoid fire accidents. And in order to do so, smoke detectors are being used for a long time. Basically, these devices can sense smoke which is typically an indicator of fire. These smoke detectors are connected to a fire alarm control. Therefore, whenever it senses any smoke, it sends a signal, and thus the alarm rings to make people aware.

Now, there are smart smoke alarms. Let’s think of them as Wi-Fi smoke alarms. Basically, these smoke detectors use Wi-Fi or similar connections to connect to the smart home hub or simply to the smartphone. Thus, you will be able to control the machine through an app on your smartphone. The best part of this is, in case of any false alarm (for example, you burnt your food while cooking) you will be able to turn it off easily.

Investing in such a system is absolutely worth it. Because it will be warning you whenever there is a possible fire around you. Therefore, we certainly need to look after a few things before buying such a device.

  1. Power Type: You have to check whether you want a hardwired detector or a battery-powered setup. The good thing about the first setup is that you do not need to change batteries frequently. On the contrary, the downside is that it will not work in case of a power outage whereas the battery-powered setup will in this case.
  2. Alarm Type: In this case, you have to select between photoelectric and ionization. A photoelectric smoke alarm is to capture smoldering and slow-burning fires whereas an ionization alarm is to detect a fast-burning alarm. The best option is to find one with both systems.
  3. Warranty: The smoke detector should obviously have a good warranty period. It is preferable to replace the old smoke detector once every 10 years.
  4. Inter-connected units: This one is very important. The alarms should have good coverage and cover the entire area. Also as we are talking about Wi-Fi smoke detectors, the units have to be connected so that people on this side get the warning of a fire on the other side.
  5. Insect Protection: In many cases, insects usually go inside the alarm and do harm to the device. You should certainly check whether your device has a self-insect protection system or not.
  6. Other features: This may include escape light features. In case of a power outage, this escaping light will help you to get out of the building easily. LED strobe lighting is helpful for hearing impaired people. Also, a combination of normal smoke and carbon mono oxide detectors are better so that we get the idea of the danger level around us.

Now, there are many smoke-detector alarms in the market. The more features you seek, the more the price gets. Then again, there are some smoke detectors which are actually very efficient and the price is lower than others as well. For example, you look at the ‘X-sense XS01-WT’ model. You will get a real-time notification in your smartphone. It continuously checks its battery life and Wi-Fi connection to maintain its efficiency. It also has an upgraded photoelectric sensor which increases the alarm sensitivity.

Like this one, there are various alarms to check. Certainly, if you want to set up a digital system in your house, this should be your very first choice. This investment is absolutely worth it.