Corporate uses for saddle stitched booklets

saddle stitched booklets

saddle stitched booklets

The digital media has taken the world by storm. It offers a host of advantages for everyone. Yet, that does not decrease the significance of conventional printing. Digital printing has made its mark on the corporate world, owing to its superior quality and budget-friendly costs. However, for ensuring the reputation of the corporate world, the use of conventional printing is of utmost importance. Of late, saddle stitched printing has thus gained much popularity. Here, we elaborate on how it is beneficial for businesses.

Industries that benefit the most

As already mentioned, printed content is crucial for corporate uses, some industries particularly gain immensely from it. These are the fashion industry, automotive industry, hospitality, and home improvement. All the above-mentioned businesses require offline communications. Trade shows, corporate events, are great platforms for advertising your business. By making use of the saddle stitched booklets, it can captivate the attention of the prospective reader. For more details, you can visit

Saddle stitches add perfection

Before organizing any trade shows or corporate events, you need to send out invitations. With the help of saddle stitched booklet, the readers will love the eye-catching booklets and thus making them interested to attend the event. Saddle stitching involves inserting staples into the spine of the booklet to make them appear alluring. These saddle stitched booklets offer the corporate houses a great platform for showcasing business information.

Cost-effective solution

Saddle stitching is an effective method for securing files into a single document, and it is in practice for centuries. However, it was only in recent times, the procedure has been perfected. Presently, some of the pioneer printing companies have experienced staff and the necessary infrastructure offering corporate houses with quality printed materials. Now, businesses need not invest in the perfect binding for a thin booklet. Generally, books with less than sixty pages are the best option for this type of stitching.

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Applicable for a wide variety of documents

Applicable for a wide variety of documents

Saddle stitching can help corporate houses to cover a wide assortment of applications. Apart from booklets, saddle stitching is also effective for making brochures, flyers, and manuals. Thus, businesses are preferring saddle stitch over the other type of binding processes. Saddle stitching is however not a suitable option for books with more pages, as they will not fold properly. Furthermore, corporate houses should also ensure there are no images or texts on the edge of the paper or near the spine. By chance, if these are present, it should be taken care of in the early design stages itself.

Saddle stitching adds a professional touch

By opting for saddle stitching, you are all set to offer the readers a booklet that appears extremely professional. Furthermore, when you bestow the responsibility of stitching to a good printing company, they will make it look even better. Usually, these printing companies have state-of-the-art presses that lead to producing sharp, accurately reproduced images, keeping their natural colors intact. Undoubtedly, when you circulate saddle stitched booklets, you can expect to send out the right message for your business to the readers.

Options of various sizes

Depending on the type of industry, the requirement of the size of print material can differ. Saddle stitching offers you the flexibility of choosing from five different sizes. While A4 remains the most popular option, if the need arises, you can also choose from A6, landscape, portrait, and 210mm x 210mm square options.

Use a wide variety of paper

The ultimate idea is making your booklet presentable. Saddle stitching lets you choose from a wide range of papers and finishes. So, if you are in need of a premium uncoated paper, or silky and glossy paper, saddle stitching is possible for all these variants. Similarly, the weight can also range from 130 gm to 350 gm.  Corporate houses can also choose heavier paper for the covers. If you laminate the cover it will offer extra strength and durability. Lastly, do not forget to check out the dazzling paper range from some of the top printing professionals.

A few points to remember

After learning the all-round advantages of saddle stitched booklets for corporate uses, you might want to test it right away. Before contacting a printing company, here are a few important tips to keep in mind. Remember, saddle stitching is done after folding the spreads. So, ensure the final page count is in multiples of four. It is also essential leaving a margin between the text and the center of the page. It makes it easier to read the content.