How to Create and Print Custom Event Badges

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Are you planning an event? Would you like to know how to make event badges and print them? We’ve answered the latter question in this article. You’d also see tips on creating an effective event badge and what to look for in a printing service provider.

Uses of Event Badges

Event badges serve versatile and critical purposes, namely:

  • They can be personalized to carry the bearer’s name.
  • Event badges are great to denote VIP guests.
  • Full-color event badges are fashionable.
  • Event badges can promote your event or brand.
  • Event staff badges can serve identification or security purposes

What an Effective Badge Should Contain

  • Name of attendee
  • Job title
  • Organizer’s name
  • Organizer’s logo
  • Barcode or QR code that directs the user to an important webpage or as a security measure

How to Create and Print Event Badges

There are plenty of design programs that let you create event badges. Softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, and Corel Draw can be effective. Their drawback is that these programs require design proficiency and familiarity with their interface. Moreover, it’s tedious and time-consuming to design your badge from scratch. But if you use the above programs efficiently, they may be your best bet.

More accessible design programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint may need a bit of familiarity to use correctly. But with its free built-in and online templates, you can come up to speed with your design.

Alternatively, you can use Canva, the popular online design tool for non-designers. Canva is easy to use. The drag and drop interface provides a level playing field for non-designers who want quick but professional designs. In addition, the tool comes with several free event badge templates. But you must pay to access specific resources like fonts or images.

Once you are satisfied with your conference badge design, save or export your design in any popular format, PDF is the most common format. Then, with your event badge design intact, you are ready to print your badges.

Here 4 simple steps on how you can get started with printing badges for your events:

  1. Visit’s conference badges printing
  2. Fill in the short order form. First, choose the quantity and size of your event or conference badge. Then select other customizations you’d want on your badge.
  3. Proceed to upload your artwork to complete your order.
  4. Lastly, choose your preferred delivery method.

You’ll receive an email confirming your order. Afterward, an expert will review your artwork for free. You will also get free online proof to review your badges. You can make necessary changes to this proof as you will. Finally, your badge will be printed when you are satisfied with the proof.

What to Look out for When Printing Event Badges

What should you look for in a printing service provider? Of course, there are a host of companies that offer printing services, but if you care about your satisfaction and quality, you want to pay attention to these cues:

  • Experienced printing service

You want an experienced printing service provider. Do they have quality reviews from other clients who liked their services? Have they been offering printing services for a considerable while? You’d likely receive stellar services if you decide to use an experienced service provider.

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  • They offer a range of customizations 

For instance, if you want to print an event badge, you’d like to be able to choose the paper type to print on, the hole or slot style, and personalization such as attendee names.

  • Their services are affordable

While you want quality prints, there’s no doubt that some services can be unjustifiably expensive. Even if a budget does not constrain you, it’s a good idea to save money when you can. A printing service provider must be affordable. You should be able to save extra when you order your prints in bulk.

  • Fast delivery

When preparing for your events, time is sometimes the enemy. During these moments, you need a fast or prompt service provider. A printing service that’s time conscious can be a huge plus.


Event badges add a sense of prestige to your events and color the occasion. These tips can help you create a stunning and effective event badge that will impress your guest.

Have you used an event badge, and what was important in choosing one?