Prank Call Apps You Will Need in 2020

GogoCall- Power Button Call

This entertaining prank call app has superb features which are not only great for practical jokes but also extremely effective for getting out of tight situations. 

GogoCall will let you escape even the most dreary circumstances like unnecessary business meetings and bad dates in a way that’s so realistic nobody would suspect a thing.

So what does it do exactly? This Prank Caller app lets you make an incoming call that’s scheduled by you at any time; the call is entirely bogus of course so when you pick up there will be nobody on the other side.

That’s the beauty of it. Since calls are imaginary, you can pretend to have a conversation with anyone about practically anything.

Scheduling an incoming call is not only useful but extremely convenient, follow these easy steps. 

To begin, enter the person’s name, contact number and image you would like for your fake caller. It’s best to give a phoney caller an identity, so pranks appear authentic and avoid potential suspicion. 

Once you have customized your fake caller, click the power button six times button to receive an incoming call. The incoming call will then be activated even if your screen is off or the phone is locked, so it appears that call was never anticipated. 

If you wish the phone call to be someone from you know, GogoCall also enables you to select a contact from your contacts list. 

This app is also unique in contrast to most prank apps downloadable today as it doesn’t have any advertisements. Prank apps sometimes are uninstalled due to the many unwanted ads bombarding phone screens.

GogoCall conveniently does not require an online connection so incoming calls can be achieved anywhere, making this handy to produce fake calls in almost any scenario.

Ownage Pranks

The cleverly built app reminds us why prank calling with our best buddies has been one of the funniest things that we could do. In fact, it’s been going strong for centuries (since the late 1800s believe it or not).

The Ownage Pranks app has over 100 strategically written pre recordings showcasing humorous characters originating from their famous youtube channel with fresh new concepts. 

Some of these prank scripts include ‘Nose Complaint’, ‘Cat Facts’ and ‘Naughty Phone Survey’. 

How does this work?

First, choose a pre recording from the many available in the app taken from apps like tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Whatsapp etc. Taken from Food Ordering app etc. If you’re looking for a particular type of prank, you can browse through their several prankscript categories.

Afterwards, select your choice of contact and call them. Once the call begins the automated pre recording will play, making your friend believe it’s a real person on the line. 

Phone calls are compelling as pre recordings can adapt to real-time dialogue and respond at the correct times, in fact, conversations generally go so smoothly that pre recordings can be almost interchangeable to an average person making a call. 

Its speech recognition technology AI can comprehend key-words and detect silence, knowing precisely when to react and play the pre-recording.

Calls are also recorded so you can share the fun with friends and family afterwards, their online community called ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ allows you to submit prank calls and regularly features its best entry’s. 

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

We all know prank calls can be hilarious and receiving one from time to time from buddies by the same token isn’t a big deal.

However, if it’s come up to a point where prank calls have become tedious and just downright annoying, i.e. calling in the early hours of the morning every day, then you need to download Call App: Caller ID, Call Block & Call Recorder. 

This app excels as it can not only block spam calls from potential prank callers, but it can also identify caller IDs. CallApp does this by performing a reverse lookup when your phone rings and immediately recognizes a caller’s phone number. 

Identifying Caller IDs allows you to trace the number enabling you to efficiently find out who the potential suspect is without any effort. Furthermore, if you do not recognize the number displayed, it will take a step further and provide facebook pictures which will match the caller ID in the app’s identity calls page. Calls are also automatically recorded whether its an incoming or outgoing call. 

Another useful feature is its Incognito mode, like incognito mode on Google Chrome, this will hide all your calling activity. When you make a call, all records of you making it would have been erased leaving no evidence there ever was a call.