How to know about what is the best printer with the cheapest ink?



The one question that encountered in the mind of every person who is thinking of purchasing a new printer to fulfill their printing needs. We all want a product that will cost less for purchasing and also inexpensive for long term usage.

The laser printers are expensive to buy, but it will cost less than inkjet printers to run for a long time. But when it comes to the requirement for printing color images infrequently, then the inkjets are the best option. In the present time, there is nothing to worry about purchasing and stocking the printer inks and toners that will turn to be unused as the Sell Toner company buys those unused inks and toners for a great price. In this case, there will be no waste of money anymore.

It is because the color laser printers are often higher priced than monochrome. So now, the question is when one requires an inkjet printer, then which model will cost them less for maintaining and ink replacement.

We all know that the new set of ink cartridges is often more expensive than purchasing a new inkjet printer. But all the models are built as per different ink consumption levels. While some models use a considerable quantity of ink drops to produce a printout, there are still many options available in the market, which are ink efficient.

Apart from this, some of the little efforts can make an inkjet printer ink efficient. If you also have a requirement for an inkjet lexmark printer, then you are in the right place to research. We will help you out from this critical situation by giving some best ink efficient inkjet models options and also some tricks to make the printer most ink efficient. Let’s have an entertaining discussion!

Usage of ink cartridges is longer or not?

The cost of ink cartridges is high. Therefore, a considerable number of printer users are attracted to laser printing technology. Thus it becomes a challenge to the inkjets manufacturer to rebuild their image in the minds of their users. And for this, they have launched some best ink efficient models of the printer to save their potential customers as much as possible. But apart from the latest models, some tricks are also available in the manual guide of the inkjets printers, which can help users to use ink cartridges for an extended period. The smooth skills to save ink and to make your printer model best for cost saving is discussed below.

  • Always use the reasonable fonts :

The chunky and bold fonts require more ink to transfer onto the sheet. Sometimes, a user tries to apply various fonts in the bold form to get an attractive look to their documents, whether the file didn’t require those fonts. But only to get some catchy looks, the user will spend more ink to print that file. It is wrong and will lead to an empty ink bottle soon. Thus one will have to use reasonable fonts to save the ink.

When you have a requirement to use chunky and bold fonts, then it becomes your priority. But when the file doesn’t require, then it is good to use Arial or times new roman font style.

  • Use the low-quality setting:

Sometimes, we print some documents only to save hard copies. In this case, the user can use the draft mode printing to keep the ink. The draft mode allows the printer to spread fewer ink drops onto the paper and makes an accurate image.

The fonts will be a little dull but accurate enough to read. Therefore when you do not need some print outs to prepare a presentation, then it is good to print in low quality. The settings for draft mode are available in the printer properties that one can find in the control panel app in windows software.

  • Check before printing :

It is essential to check the file once before hitting print. Most times, the user didn’t check the margins, scaling, and other required settings before printing the document. Thus it leads many times to wrong results. In this case, the print out becomes useless.

So it is good to check once or even twice the print settings before giving the printing command. That will save the ink and the paper as well. One can check the print settings and for other things related to print out from the print preview option.

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  • Clean the clogs :

The ink cartridges have a lot of chances to get clogged. It is because of no use for a long period and also for the excess ink drops from the nozzle. When the cartridges got clogged, the nose spread the required ink, but the clog didn’t let them transfer onto the sheet. In this case, the ink gets wasted.

Therefore a little effort to clean the print heads and the nozzles can make ink cartridges last longer. There are many kits and products to clean your printer.

  • Use black ink as much possible :

The ink cartridges of various colors can produce black color, but the black ink won’t develop multiple colors. Therefore, one can use only the black ink cartridge first to provide the black and white print outs. When the black ink cartridges get empty, then use the other tank for printing. This effort will enable the ink cartridges to last longer.

So, whenever you have to print black and white images, then always use black ink instead of using multiple colored ink cartridges. One can change the settings for only using black ink from the printer properties that appear in the control panel app.

  • Convert file to PDF :

The PDF files use less ink to transform onto the sheets instead of JPEG and others. It is because the PDF files are of less size and reduce the quality of the document. Therefore when one prints a file that consumes less memory size and low-quality images, then they will be able to save ink.

There are several apps available on the Microsoft store or also on Google to convert the file. This little effort can make the cartridges last longer.

  • Avoid unnecessary pages :

When you have to print a web file, then avoid the unnecessary pages. The web files always hold some pages that are worthless to print or use. Thus one can edit the settings for eco-friendly pages to avoid them. Apart from this, the web files also consist of many high-quality images and graphics. Therefore if possible, then print those in low quality, and one can also print them by using the only black in.

These are some facts that make a printer best for the cheapest ink cartridges. All the users must try these tricks to make their decision right for their printing purpose, or even when going to purchase a new printer, keep these tricks in their mind to save ink and money as well.

Now step forward to see some of the inkjet printers with cheapest ink cartridges or uses less ink to print:

1. HP office jet pro multifunctional printer- model no. : 6968

The printer uses two different cartridges of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors. These two ink cartridges can produce 825 pages without the requirement of replacement.

2. HP office jet pro 9015:

This HP printer uses four different ink cartridges for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors. The black ink cartridges can print 2000 pages, along with that colored ink cartridges can quickly print 1600 pages.

3. Epson expression ET 2750

The monthly duty cycle of the Epson printer is up to 3000 pages, so do not need to worry about overload taxes. Apart from this, the black ink cartridges are the potential to print 7500 pages, and the page yield capability of colored cartridges is 6000 pages. That makes this model really ink efficient.

4. Brother MFC-J805DW:

If you desire a printer with affordable price and cost-efficient, then this brother printer is a perfect option. It uses the high yield ink cartridges that are LC 3033 and LC3035. The LC3033 is capable of printing 6000 black and white images, and the LC3035 can produce 5000 color images.

5. Canon PIXMA G5020

The canon printer is best for printing color photos as each colored ink cartridges can print 7700 pages with a full bottle. The black ink cartridge can produce 6000 pages without the requirement of replacement.


It is a good thing to think about saving money as much as possible. The printing tasks are standard in each office and for the homes as well. So, you all have to use some best tricks to lessen the cost of printing.  The above discussed easy skills will surely help you to use the ink cartridges longer.

We said earlier that the less purchasing price of a printer is not enough to consider it as a cost-efficient printer. The maintenance costs, ink replacement costs, and repairing needs also affect the printing cost. Therefore it needs to choose a printer that will cost you less for long terms use.

We have also delivered some best options for ink efficient printers. The above-discussed models of the printers are best with the cheapest ink cartridges. One can choose any of them to lessen the printing cost and to fulfill all their printing needs.