Action1 IT Solutions

Action1 IT Solutions

Action1 IT Solutions

The Action1 cloud is available to users through the web console. The service allows you to protect and manage data from all computers and mobile devices on the same local network. Using direct queries without coding, a business manager can monitor the situation. Functionality includes collecting information in real-time, setting alerts and rebooting computers.
You can retrieve data from any equipment that is included in the local network. It doesn’t matter where computers or smartphones are physically located. Cloud architecture offers almost unlimited scalability. Therefore, a company that owns 10 or 1 million pieces of equipment can use the system.

System Overview

Action1 provides control and security for a corporate network consisting of many devices. Requests for information should be written in English without coding. In real-time, you can:

  • Learn about all recently installed or removed programs.
  • Track running processes.
  • Find out how many pieces of equipment are currently working.

The query result can be exported to the report in CSV or HTML formats.
The ability to deploy software remotely allows the leader or administrator not only to control the work of employees but also to correct current errors or perform other tasks. By query, you can filter equipment by OS version or process architecture.
Installing applications can also be made remotely. It is enough to indicate the location of the MSI file (from a network folder or URL) and its additional parameters. For complete control, it is recommended to set up an alert system. Managers can receive email newsletters when a new program is installed, or an employee has accessed a shared database. Several sample queries are already available when connected to Action1.

Bottom line

Action1 is a convenient cloud platform. The free test version can be used for any number of equipment in the local network. Some restrictions from the free version can be removed by switching to a higher tariff plan. This is a cost-effective solution for medium and large corporate networks.