How to Manage Negative Facebook Reviews and Recommendations

Facebook’s reviews are essential features. It allows you to connect Facebook’s reviews. Also, it helps people to know about products and services. Facebook reviews drive visitors to your website. 

A customer feels good when they get the answer to reviews on time. Usually, Customer becomes ready to try your service. Most of the Customer want super-fast feedback from a brand. Bad reviews will spread negative impact on customers. However, you may help your Customer to explain in short. 

Any business must have a rating between 3 and 5 stars. 87% of customers believe so before using them- Review Taker Report 

In reality, It is impossible to have all ratings are positive. Your business must go through Negative reviews as well. 50% of customers want a response from a company within seven days. Negative reviews need replies promptly. 

facebook reviews

So, let us discuss how to deal with negative feedback on Customer. Managing Facebook reviews is easy if you are expertise. Talk to your Customer politely. Try to understand their mood and choirs sensibly.  

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How to Handle Negative Facebook Reviews 

Feedback Of negative reviews shows your concerns on customers. Usually your feedback to your customer show you do respect and realize their experiences in real.

However, reply to negative reviews in short. The Customer feels that you sympathize with their poor experience.

Set auto responder for Facebook reviews for the instant it works effectively. By setting this, you will never miss a single review at all.

Usually, people are ready to hear your thoughtful reply. They wait for response 4 to 10 hours after posting negative reviews-Sprout Social Study. Initially, to tackle negative reviews, do two things. 

  1. Set up Facebook Page to send notifications once you get a review.
  2. Set up an Auto Responder that will reply instantly with a custom message.

After receiving a negative review, you have to focus on customer expectations. Make them feel good and secured offer them to fix all the issue they asked. If possible, send a personal message to show you are sorry.

Please give the Customer a discount to your Customer a discount offer for the next purchase. Indeed, it is the best way to amend all your problems. You can go a long way with your customers.


Reasons for negative Facebook reviews

If you have a very close look at negative reviews, you will find the reasons behind it. Let us find the reason why the Customer goes through bad experiences. 

  • Services and Products does not come as customers expect.
  • Some undiscussed confusion may arise from your offers 
  • Lack of sincerity from customers service end. 
  • Experience with delay delivery. 
  • Customer may not be happy with your price comparatively. 
  • Not explicit any instruction or the user manually with delivered products. 

We will learn how to respond positively to 1 star Facebook review. A dissatisfied customer will always tell normal things about your poor service. However, it is equally important to learn how to deal with them. So let us see how recommended response empathizes. 


Do not do these things to manage negative reviews

Usually, you cannot delete negative reviews from Facebook accounts. So, be careful while doing these. Besides, it might cost you a lot and harmful as well as contradict Facebook rules. However, positive and negative reviews on Facebook make both are significantly important to respond. 

  • Never report negative reviews to Facebook’s Community Standards. 
  • Disable ratings and reviews on your Facebook page. If you do so, you will lose both negative and positive reviews altogether. 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has an adverse impact if you turn off the review page. 
  • Ban Customer who gave a negative review. 


8 Amazing Hacks to respond to Negative Reviews on Facebook 

Almost half of your Customer will leave reviews, no matter how it is. So, use it to implement a reputation marketing strategy for growth of a business. 

  1. Correctly recognize the Customer’s concerns carefully. 
  2. Express your compassion for a miserable experience.
  3. Give greeting and thanks to them for providing time on reviews. 
  4. Apologize politely for the upset caused. Motivate them and offer them to make things fixed soon. 
  5. Provide a discounted offer to welcome Customer back next time.
  6. Carefully avoid business name and place in the reply. It refers to bad impression search engines.
  7. Turn negative reviews into positive ones technically.
  8. Answer to reviews as soon as possible to handle your Customer with care. 


Bear in mind, on timing delivery and responding customer queries is essential. However, Facebook review submission will be coming every time. Nonetheless, do not get panic for this instead reviews quickly. 

Additionally, this help let your customers know how attentive and careful to their thoughts. Nevertheless, do try to set aside some time in the review section. The average consumer expects to get reviews to answer with 4 hours.