5 simple tricks that will get you thousands of fans on Tik Tok



So you have started your Tik Tok account dreaming of instant fame and thousands of likes under your every post, but it is not happening? Don`t worry, just like every social media, getting fans on TikTok takes some time and effort. But there have to be some shortcuts and secrets! How come some users get armies of followers on Tik Tok, while others remain unnoticed?!

Good news – there are certain effective shortcuts. Even better news – we have analyzed tons of data and have prepared for you a list of the 5 most effective tricks that will help you get your army of fans of Tik Tok.

1. Benefit from popular music and sounds. 

Tik Tok is the first social media, where the sound feature plays a great role in the ranking of a post. In other words, Tik Tok does not only watch your content but also listens to it to decide whether your account has potential. Using a viral sound in your video automatically boosts your exposure even if the other factors like capture and photography are pretty mediocre. 

2. Post daily. 

This is especially important in the beginning when you only gain your auditorium. Tho more you post, the bigger are your chances to be exposed to potential fans and get recommended. This might seem pretty obvious and common for all social media, but such a dynamic platform as Tik Tok requires a constant and stable presence. So if you post once a week, then disappear for a month, then make 3 posts in a row on the same day and disappear again, don`t expect too much response.

3. Think of equipment. 

The times when you could post a grainy and bouncy video and get a certain response are gone for good. If you check out the Tik Tok gurus nowadays, they all take their posts quite seriously. From makeup and background to lightning and picture quality. Some people take it seriously and use professional camera tripods and cameras, take a lot of images, and learn how to edit videos like pros. Eventually, all these efforts pay off and you see those users getting thousands of fans on Tik Tok every day.

4. Collaborate. 

Tik Tok allows you to create duets with other users without even having to meet each other. This is a great way to get noticed by a wider auditorium and get more fans on Tik Tok fast. In the beginning, search for your unique style and practice with users who have more or less the same amount of fans on Tik Tok as you. After you get an impressive portfolio at your profile, it is time to reach out to Tik Tok gurus and ask for their collaboration and support.

5. Follow the trends. 

Tik Tok is all about viral trends and challenges. They appear almost every day, so everyone may find the one to shine in. The main idea here not to be lost in a crowd – although every challenge and trend has a certain pattern, try to create your video originally.

Of course, just like in any other social media, to get more fans on Tik Tok you should be original and inventive. But those things are quite obvious, so what is the point of discussing them again? And of course, hardly anyone has ever managed to become popular with creativity only and in a matter of a couple of days. 

Getting an army of fans on TikTok overnight is all about luck. For most of those who now have their super-popular Tik Tok accounts, it was all about hard work, dedication, and attitude. And some lifehacks of course. Seeing what they have achieved this hard work seems to be quite rewarding. Nobody guarantees that even using all our tricks you shall wake up famous tomorrow, but you certainly will one day. Boost your TikTok growth and buy tiktok fans from followersup!