Reasons Why TikTok Is Becoming So Popular

It is more popular among Gen Z and gives insight into what it means to be growing in the digital world. It is safe to assume the popularity of the app will skyrocket in the coming year, it currently has 50 million active monthly users and it is predicted it would reach 1.2 billion at the end of 2021.

Why TikTok is so popular?

TikTok allows doing everything from social commentary and memes to makeup tutorials and dance. The popularity of the app has reached an extent that the audience who are not on the platform can’t ignore its content as it has proliferated across apps like Facebook and Instagram.  Every user on TikTok aims to be on the ‘for you’ page or wants to get TikTok likesfor being able to monetize the content.

TikTok has transformed the online dance culture and its continuously growing popularity with each passing year, it was the 2nd most downloaded app in 2019 and became the first downloaded app in July 2021. The article sheds light on the ever-increasing popularity of the platform.

1.   The app enables young users to create content that otherwise would not be possible to create on its own,

The app comes with a plethora of features, you can create a masterpiece that otherwise would be impossible to make on its own. The app is a powerhouse of amazing filters to magical effects. Not to mention the unlimited option for background music. If you are not good at lip sync, the app still gives you a choice to make your video entertaining and fun.

2.   The app helps spread the message of health workers, doctors, and nurses

Apart from all the SOPs and restrictions, different countries still cannot contain the spread of the COVID-19. During the tough time, TikTok played a key role in spreading the message of health workers, doctors, and nurses about the risks of contracting the virus, why they should wear a mask, and also break down the inaccurate information about the vaccine. There were thousands of people who documented their vaccination on this music app.

3.   TikTok is more famous among a younger audience

The app is still undiscoverable for people aged 25 or above, the majority of users on Facebook are 40 plus while Instagram is famous for users aged 20-40. TikTok’s popularity has grown so much that it’s made the app extremely competitive for the people willing to make a name on the platform. In case you want to stand out from the app, you should either buy TikTok likes or know the hacks to get most of the TikTok tools. As stated above, a new report claiming the active users will reach 1.2 billion at the end of 2021, and with this in mind, you should always consider creating some engaging and fun video and employ both organic and inorganic ways to boost the content.