How to Find an Audience on TikTok? Top-5 Ways of Promoting Your Account



Anyone who is into TikTok sees millions of popular clips daily, and some of them have millions of views. It can be anything from a dancing tutorial to a short video with a cute pet. How do people get such popularity? Schemes are different from ones for Instagram or Twitter. In this article we will give you some ideas to try on your personal TikTok account.

1 – Interact with Your Audience

This aspect works the same way in most social networks, and TikTok is included too. You should reply to comments, share videos and put likes on them to get noticed. Some companies answer every comment they receive there, and the TikTok algorithm values this kind of activity. An engagement level will rise soon after you start doing this.

2 – Make a Collaboration with Another Tiktoker

You can get more followers and views if you establish a partnership with other tik tok-bloggers from your niche. Your audiences have the same interests and many followers would like to subscribe for another person with a similar topic to discuss. Try to partner not with your competitor, but with someone who’s niche is far enough from you.

3 – Promote Your Channel

You can use different ways of gaining popularity on TikTok. Promoting your channel with free TikTok followers is a common practice and a pleasant cheat. If your channel has a large number of subscribers, it provokes even more interest in your content. Viewers will be excited to understand the reason for your popularity. In fact, fake followers bring real ones!

4 – Post As Often As Possible

TikTok’s algorithms don’t work the same as ones in Instagram or other social media. On TikTok, you will never get banned for posting ‘too much content’ like on Instagram. The more content you produce – the more popularity you receive. Large companies like Netflix post about 5 to 8 videos every day, and it is still not the maximum for this social media.

5 – Watch Out for Trends

TikTok is connected tightly with trends. Its about dancing movements, music, jokes, etc. You don’t have to create original content all the time. All you need is to interpret what others have done already and perform it in your unique personal manner. Don’t forget about adding hashtags and effects!

As you see, you don’t even need a large budget to gain popularity on TikTok. Many helpful activities require only your patience and an ability to catch the best trends. Use our ways and make your blog a true star!