How To Hire A Qualified Fence Installer You Can Trust In San Diego, California

Home Fence

Home Fence

Sunny San Diego may be having you consider getting a fence installed on your little slice of heavenly real estate. Maybe you’re interested in a fence for privacy from pesky neighbors, or you would like fencing to keep a furry friend where they belong. Maybe you want a fence for aesthetic purposes.

Whatever your reasoning, adding a fence is an outdoor project that should be left to professionals. But what makes for a qualified fence installation? Look no further for our insight into how hire a qualified fence installer you can trust in San Diego, California.

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Do your research

The first step to finding a trusted fence installer is to research your local area. This can be by referrals from friends and family who personally had good experiences or doing an online search. Try looking up reviews at some of these websites:

  • Angi
  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau
  • HomeAdvisor

Referrals and reviews are the absolute best place to start when looking to hire someone you trust to install a fence in your yard.

Be prepared

It’s important once you have a few candidate fence installers on your list that you are prepared to answer and ask questions. Most importantly would be estimated timelines, estimated cost, and if their work comes with a warranty. Other important questions to have prepared include:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Who is performing the installation? Subcontractor?
  • Who will pull permits?
  • How do you handle obstacles (trees, large rocks, etc.)
  • Is everything included in the final cost? (gate, hardware)

Quality and expertise

Our next tip to finding a qualified and trusted fence installer in San Diego is to be on the lookout for quality materials, and expertise during your consultation appointment. A trusted installer will have insight for you on what fencing material is best for your specific needs, taking into account property terrain and individual desires. A trusted fence installer will also seek permissions from local county offices for relevant permits, rather than making you as the homeowner pull permit (or worse, not pull permit at all).

Protect yourself

Once you have gathered all the necessary information to make a decision as to who is a trusted fence installer for your project, it’s time to hire! Be sure to keep in mind projected timelines, and other information you collected (rather than focusing solely on price).

Once you agree for the work to be completed by a specific company, protect yourself! Have a contract that lists information you’ve discussed including cost, payment plan, timelines, and a list of names and contact information for who is responsible for what parts of the job. Also be sure to get signed receipts for any payments you make toward the project.

Finding a trusted fence installer is crucial to the success of your backyard project. We hope you’ve found these tips useful in your hunt for the perfect fence installer in San Diego, California.