8 Best Web Designer Skills to have in 2023

Web Designer

Web Designer

Are you starting your journey as a web designer and willing to be an aspiring one? Then you must check out these best Web Designer skills to up your game as a Designer.

Now, the demand for Web designers is gradually increasing in the industry and businesses. The reason behind it is the growth of the internet. Every companies or organizations need a website to reach its target audience and to increase its sales and engagement.

Apart from it, having a website help businesses earn the trust of their customers. Therefore, creating an appealing website becomes very important. Now, to make such website designs, companies always hire or look for skillful web designers to fulfill their needs.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to use ready-to-use design kits like Figma UI Kit. The pre-built design component will help you to design your app quickly.

Now, before we directly head on to these Web Design skills let’s understand the importance of having such skills in more detail.

Importance of Web Design Skills

In this competitive era, everyone website owner wants their website to look professional with a good User interface. From a business perspective having a good website design not only gives a competitive edge but helps in conversion.

Therefore, if you have web design skills in your jacket you will open many gates of opportunities for yourself. It helps you to understand how the website is built and how they work. Furthermore, you will understand the value of a user-friendly website and how to make one.

Apart from it, accruing web design skills can also help you to start your entrepreneurship journey. You can use your web design skills to create a better website, your user-friendly platform, or owing a web design company.

Not only this, but you can have more opportunities waiting for you when you learn web design.

  • Get Job Opportunities
  • Freelance Work
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Better Understanding of Websites
  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills, and many more…

Web Design Skills

As you have understood the importance of web design skills, let’s directly head on to the best web design skills without wasting any time.

User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) Design is one of the most important parts of designing a website. To explain, UX Design is the process to create a website design that is easy to use and provides a relevant experience to the users. In addition, to create a product that gives out a delightful experience while using it.

Now, when you’re working on large projects like designing a website then you need to have clear UX fundamentals as it will help you to design user-friendly websites that have a clear workflow, good interaction, a clear pathway to reach the end user goals, and many more.

Apart from it, having UX design skills will enable you to create better solutions by providing good UX design using your user research and implementing them in your projects.


Now as a website designer, you must know that HTML and CSS are important things in designing a website. HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to put content on your web page and provide structure.

Where CSS means Cascading Style Sheets used to design your content and how it will look on your web pages, in addition, you can manage your text colors, and styles, change the background, and many more.

The reason we have added this in Designing skills is that as a web designer when you are aware of using HTML/CSS, you can create browser-friendly user interfaces. You can create for any medium you want.

Look, it is not necessary to be a Pro in HTML/CSS but knowing the fundamentals of how CSS and Markup work can help you a lot to grow as a Web Designer.

Talking about HTML/CSS we recommend you check Bootstrap Admin Template. As a web designer, when you check these templates you will learn many important things like HTML/CSS code structure of web apps, user-friendly interface, good design, and many more.

The Principles of Design

From a designer’s perspective do you need any art class to draw simple things? No right. It’s a basic thing that you already know. Similarly, there are some design principles that you must know or need to establish as a web designer.

Web design has its rules, such that the content, navigation, and visuals should work together. This makes the foundation of a good website design. In design principles, you will get to know how you’re aligning your text, the use of hierarchy, contrast, balanced design, etc.

The basic method of learning the principles of design is to start designing. The more you design the more you will enhance these principles.

Always remember that learning this web design skill will help you to make a great design for any kind of project.

Basic SEO Concepts

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) falls under the digital marketing department. It means optimizing your website to rank higher in Search engines. Now, as a web designer, you must know the basics of SEO and how it works.

There are many factors that can affect the ranking of the website it can be the content of the site, the performance of the website, mobile friendliness, and many more. Therefore, knowing the fundamentals of SEO will help you to create SEO-friendly websites.

There are two types of SEOs which include On-page SEO and off-page SEO. A web designer needs to learn the basic difference between on-page and off-page SEO.


When you’re working with a website or web page you will come across using text. It plays a very significant role to let your users get engaged with your web pages and improves the overall User Experience.

Therefore, to inform your users and to increase the readability of your text an understanding of Typography is a must. Furthermore, it helps to make a visual impact and enables to easily communicate with the users. The styles of your fonts, colors, and the hierarchy will be deciding factors in whether your viewer will respond or not.

Due to the involvement of Text-to-Speech your web pages are being translated by the screen readers. That means your text is going to be scanned based on the hierarchy of your content. They will consider the usage of your h1, h2, h3, and h4 tags and so forth. Therefore, knowing Typography will give you a good grip on your content.

In Web design, the skills of using effective typography can make a big difference to get user engagement.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

If you want your web design to stand out from others, then you need to have this Web Design skill. In general, creativity is required everywhere. But, when it comes to web design then you will find lots of space for creativity.

In this competitive market, competitors are getting an edge over its customer through creative and faster websites. You will find websites using creative ideas to make the website more interactive. If you look at the websites of trusted brands you will find this trait.

When you’re a creative thinker as a web designer you will be able to make applications that will achieve user goals. Furthermore, you will be solving the problems of your web design creatively.

Now, to be creative in web design all you need to do is learn as much as possible. Be more active in the community, stay on top of the trends, learn from others, and many more.

Design Tool

As Sandwich is incomplete without bread, a web designer is incomplete with a web design tool. There are many web design tools out there that are used by web professionals. For instance, you can check Adobe, Figma, Sketch, Mockplus, Wix, Framer, Webflow, and many more.

In these, you will find browser-based tools as well as software based. As you will start your hands on some of this software you can go to other web design skills like animation. In animation, you can go for software like Motion or After effects.

Apart from it, every software has its unique features and points. For eg: Figma is good for prototyping whereas software like Webflow and framer are good at designing websites with very less or no code. In addition, we recommend you use famous design UI Kits to quickly design responsive web apps

Moreover, you can not master every tool but, you can master some. Therefore, choose a tool that you’re more comfortable using it.


As a web designer, you need to be a persevering person as it will require in every stage of your career.

The reason we have added perseverance is this list is that it is very important for new web designers to have this skill. In this competitive world where everyone is competing to be the best, you might get end up comparing your work with others.

As a web designer, designing a website can be a very long and complex process. You will face many challenges and to face them you need to have patience and determination to face them.

In the process, you will get many revisions and iterations, and it’s important for a designer to have the persistence to see the process through to the end.


So here are the Web designer skills one should consider acquiring, to be a successful web designer. Now, you do not have to learn all these skills from day one, you start learning them slowly.

Also, we recommend you start hammering those parts in which you’re weak. For eg if you’re good at your principles of designing but lacking behind code then, you can start learning HTML/CSS.

Apart from that, keep having your hands on doing it more practical. Make it ‘Learn-Implement-Repeat‘ this will help you to learn things faster, as watching only figma tutorials won’t make you an expert until you try it.

Lastly, always be an open mind and have a space for improvement to sharpen your skills. It will surely help you to go higher in your career.