5 Best Free Microsoft Word Alternatives for Students to Try

Not everyone is fond of Microsoft Word. From the overly complex settings and regular menu revamps, it’s hard to get used to this multi-tool software. If you are in the mood for a Microsoft Word alternative, you are in for a treat.

We compiled a list of some of the most practical free alternatives to Microsoft Word to help get the job done. But, best of all, there is no learning curve! Here are our picks for 2020.

Top 5 Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

In the last couple of decades, writing software has come a long way. Multiple tech companies have created premium-quality software that can easily compete with MS Office. These are what we call the free alternative to Microsoft Word. They’ve been designed to boost productivity and effectiveness, particularly for long projects.

Let’s see the ultimate Microsoft Word alternative choices currently available.

But make sure you download and install these alternatives from the official websites otherwise you may install a adware program accidentally and those are harmful for your system. Some of the adware programs are potentially viruses and you’ll have to follow an uninstall guide to get rid of them.

Laptop HD Pic

Laptop HD Pic

1. LibreOffice Writer: For Those Looking for Something Familiar

– Similar features to Word.

– Open-source platform.

– Supports .docx & .doc file formats.

With LibreOffice, people get a very similar product to Microsoft Word. James Green, writer from academic writing service Paperell.com, changed Microsoft Office to this one – “The interface, format support, style, and no cloud feature makes it quite like the Word software. Thus, it’s easy to get used to.” The only major difference is that this app is a community-oriented platform.

Developers and users collaborate to create the ultimate experience. The user’s opinion is a top priority, which means there is plenty of opportunities for LibreOffice to grow. So, if you are looking for a familiar free Microsoft Word alternative, this one might be it.

2. Google Docs: For Those Who Value Simplicity

– Stores your documents in the cloud.

– Can be accessed via a Google Account.

– The document can be shared with anyone.

Google Docs has long been the go-to choice for those who haven’t downloaded the Microsoft Word software. It’s easy to access and free to use. Plus, if you hire websites that write papers for you, the professional writers can use Google Docs to record or apply changes in real-time.

You can share the link to your work or PDFs and edit that document with whoever you like. Google Docs has all the basic features you would expect. It’s efficient, convenient, and practical.

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3. Apache OpenOffice Writer: For Those Who Are Not too Fond of the Ribbon on Word

– It has its personal document format.

– Can support .docx & .doc files.

The ribbon in Microsoft Word is not that popular. Many users have complained about it. If you want something that will simplify the whole writing experience, this app can help. It’s basically a throwback to the early 2000s. The interface is pretty standard, not too messy, but with enough features.

People can use it to edit complex documents; however, it’s not the best pick for online collaboration. Overall, it’s a solid Microsoft Word alternative with its own set of benefits.

Typing in Keyboard

Typing in Keyboard

4. WPS Office: For Those Who Want Free Cloud Storage

– Users can open multiple documents at a time.

– 1GB company cloud storage.

– Excellent for collaborative work

This one is a practical MS Office counterpart. It provides some handy tabbed viewing with a bunch of other features. While it isn’t as complex as Word, it has all the features you would expect of a free alternative to Microsoft Word. It allows cloud storage, supports various file formats, and has all the useful features you might need.

5. Etherpad: For Those Who Prefer to Edit Online

– The document remains online.

– Ideal for real-time edits

Not everyone wants to test their luck and work on documents offline. To reduce the risk of loss and misplacement, many turn to online editing. Etherpad is an excellent online editor where you can work on the document with other people. If you’ve hired a website that writes essays for you, you can ask them to use this document editor and monitor their work. It’s a great option for collaborative work, and it’s very handy for sharing your content.


As you can see, there are many apps and software that can easily replace the MC Office Word. You can get some amazing features and even collaborate with professional writers. There is very little these alternatives can’t do. Which one did you like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.