Torch up to 800 Calories With These Water Sports

Water Sports

Water Sports

Summer comes with a lot of outdoor activities. Going to the beach or other water bodies is always on the bucket list for many people, and the good thing is that most outdoor activities play a key role in keeping people fit. But if you are a dedicated athlete, bodybuilder, or just a fitness enthusiast, you probably need to select your water activities carefully.

Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of the best water sports to burn over 800 calories. Read on and take notes.


Most people love swimming but hardly know the perks that come with it. If you have seen Olympic swimmers, you might be wondering how they manage to get shredded. The secret is in training consistently for many hours a week. According to health and fitness experts, swimming for an hour burns about 470 calories, so making it 2 or 3 hours will definitely surpass the 800 calories target. You do not need to be at the beach since home swimming can give you similar results.


Many people engage in kayaking for fun, adventure, and others use it as a transport method. However, this water sport has fitness benefits. It is a great cardio activity that targets the chest, heart, back, arms, and core muscles. Kayaking is even more fun when it is a competition by friends or family. This will ensure that you get hooked for a couple of hours to burn the 800 and above calories.

Rafting and Rowing

Rafting, also known as white water rafting, is an extreme water sport done in meandering and rocky rivers using inflated boats. Rowing can be done in still waters like a lake. Both aim at covering a certain distance within a certain time. Hence, participants do it as fast as possible. If you are a bodybuilder who has been using fitness gear from 120kgs, this is your best pick to utilize steroids. It burns more calories than any other water sport, so you can rest assured that you will surpass 800 calories.


Riding waves might look more like a skills activity than an exercise, but that’s wrong. Surfing requires you to coordinate the entire body and exert a lot of effort, not only in stretching the muscles but also in counter-balancing the force from the waves. Due to its fun nature, seasoned surfing enthusiasts spend hours in the water, which burns more than 800 calories. As a newbie, it is important to practice more, and probably you should start with water skiing, which is also another activity that burns calories.

Water Volleyball

One of the summer water activities that you should not miss is water volleyball. People primarily play this sport for fun and bonding. But the fitness benefits are far greater than you can imagine. It burns a lot of calories and participants do not even notice. If you head to the beach alone, you can request the locals to hook you up with open teams.


These are not the only water sports that burn calories. Water acrobatics, snorkeling, and scuba diving also do. However, the list provides simple yet effective activities for everyone. Choose one or more and start burning calories.