The 7 Key Benefits Of Using Office 365 For Business

Benefits Of Using Office 365 For Business

Benefits Of Using Office 365 For Business

In June 2011, Microsoft launched Office 365 as part of its Microsoft Office product line. The service provided by Office 365 is subscription-based, which means that unlike the Microsoft Office Suite, you cannot purchase it through a one-time payment. Instead, users have to pay a monthly fee to access Office 365. Some of the core applications and services included in Office 365 are:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
  • Publisher
  • Exchange

Office 365 benefits explained:

Cloud-Based Service 

Office 365 is specifically designed for SharePoint Online sites and OneDrive users. Since it is cloud-based, you can work from anywhere if you have an internet connection. You can access the Office services (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from any device. Office 365 Business is especially beneficial if you are working remotely or have to travel a lot. 

Facilitates Collaborative Effort

Office 365 improves your teamwork and collaboration. All those who need to edit or contribute to a document (such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet) can simultaneously work on the same version. The changes made in the document gets reflected in real-time. You can provide your colleagues with direct access to your files instead of attaching them to a mail.

Availability Of Different Plans

There are many business plans available for Office 365. These plans offer several features and programs to suit the needs of different employees. You can also switch between business plans if you see that the requirements of an employee have changed. This flexibility ensures that you do not pay for something you do not need. 

Updating Services

When Microsoft updates the office services, the users of Office 365 can get access to the new version at the time of their subscription renewal. However, if you have already purchased the Microsoft Office Suite, you cannot use the updated version’s new features unless you buy a copy of the latest edition. 

Robust Security

Office 365 encrypts your emails and ensures that there is no data loss. If your employee’s mobile phone is stolen or lost, you can remotely erase the company information from it. Office 365’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) feature uses machine learning and analytics to alert you to suspicious behavior.

Subscription-Based Payment For Services

Because of this model, you do not need to pay a big lump sum amount. If you feel you will not require a service in a particular month, you can avoid paying for it by turning it off. 

Provides Essential Tools To Small Businesses

Office 365 offers many applications that can positively affect a business’s bottom line. The services are cost-effective and flexible. Some of the notable applications are:

  • Microsoft Connections
  • Microsoft Bookings
  • Microsoft Invoicing
  • Microsoft Listings
  • Business Center
  • Outlook Customer Manager

Office 365 also has Yammer, which is a social network for firms that aims to connect with the employees. You can use Yammer to make organization-wide announcements. On the other hand, you can use Teams to work closely with colleagues while working on a project. Teams have many features that help in document sharing and project management. 

Some Features Of Office 360

The Office 360 suite is hosted by Microsoft and not the user’s in-house servers. Office 360’s services are accessible online. You need to go online to manage your account. Desktop versions of some applications are available, which you can use to work offline. 

However, to sync your work, you need to reconnect to the internet.

Are You Planning To Switch To Microsoft Office 360?

Office 365 implementations can usually be executed within a few days. But if your business needs to transfer a large amount of data, the process might take longer. Office 365 implementation partners ensure that this transition is smooth and everything is correctly configured. If you want Office 365 for your business, you would need external help. 

IS&T can provide the right IT solution for your business. No two firms are alike; because of this, their concerns also differ. Switching to cloud services is a big step for companies. IS&T helps their clients determine which Office 365 subscription suits them the best. Their team would handle the company’s migration to Office 365 and ensure a smooth and easy transition. You can contact them today to help your business switch over to Microsoft Office 365.