5 Online Marketing Trends You Should Embrace for 2020

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Both big and small businesses are now taking advantage of online platforms and experts like fredericton seo to market their products. But even with an online presence, every business needs to innovate as best practices continue to evolve. More advanced strategies are being developed and introduced. And companies can only remain significant if they cope with these trends.

This 2020, here are online marketing trends you should keep watch for to boost your business’ reach and engagement. Apply them, and you will reap excellent results.

1. Chatbox Grows more Relevant

What is a chatbot, by the way? It’s a software program that allows the interactions of website visitors and customers. An example is found in the Citation Audit and Cleanup website. When visitors inquire on a website, the chatbot naturally answers their questions in real-time. To guide web traffic, find out what they’re searching for; chatbots use either verbal interactions or chat windows.

While it may be technical to start and manage a chatbot, it is way more cost-effective than hiring a person to monitor and communicate with visitors. It also renders your website more personalized, thus, more engaging for visitors. That gives you a higher chance of converting them into raving customers.

2. Private Messaging Apps Take Off

As 2020 draws nearer, more and more companies will start transitioning their focus on how to use private messaging apps more effectively. WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat of smartphones, as we know them, are rapidly gaining popularity. So instead of merely relying on old-school emails, companies are adopting these separate apps and private messaging groups.

3. Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

If you’re familiar with Alexa and Siri, which provide excellent customer care and citation audit and cleanup, then you should know that they are examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies are now taking advantage of this innovative strategy to make business operations efficient. After all, AI can work like humans. It can combine different features such as chatbots and voice assistants to find the answer quickly.

4. Increased Application of Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Whenever you browse through your social media page, and irrelevant and persistent ads keep on popping, you would sometimes feel annoyed. You might even do everything you can to get away from that brand. That’s a situation which many online marketers are trying to address. The critical practice is to send tailored messages as studies show that 36% respond and buy the product using such a strategy.

5. Personalize

To date, only a few companies are using some form and level of personalization to boost their online campaigns. Amazon, one of the world’s biggest conglomerates, is doing just that. By analyzing customers’ behaviors and promoting products based on assumptions and the user’s past purchase history, Amazon effectively converts prospects. That’s primarily how personalization works.

Studies now show that personalization is the future of digital marketing.  Even customers expect that. In 2020 alone, it is expected that at least 90% of online marketers will start using marketing personalization in some shape or form. By 2021, the same studies reveal that there will be a steep increase in fully personalized websites.