SaaS as a new standard for companies



The way that the earth changes so fast make everything adjust for good, counting every business in the world. The internet makes the old-fashioned way vanish because commonly is not really as comfy as the new method to do things. It is a matter that the most part of the companies adapted to the world demands, which are something easy and understandable. for that, the old corporation’s model is getting old and needs some fresh air. Hosted software has changed the way organizations procced.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an advanced path to use new setup that makes a better development when you introduce to work; when using that, a lot of choices come into your way, and you just have to pick one that goes along with your intentions. Most of those big companies that right now rules in the charts took the risk and tried SaaS. Today, the bigger of them are the new mainstream, and we will talk about them.

The companies that made it around the Software as a Service

You may know all the corporations that are about to be mentioned, in so many things they reached to the top of the internet, turning themselves into the must have of every single person. Without more explanation, let’s start to mention them

  • Spotify

It is a music streaming supply that became the most valuable of all who propose the same goodness. Possessing a huge file of tunes and almost every composer who exists, it has been at the head of the demands in the music’s industry, having millions of supporters per month but also an amazing number of musical pieces. Spotify is now day working in almost a hundred countries around the entire world, always using the SaaS methodology.

  • Dropbox

The Dropbox’s concept is easy to get; it is a document hosting service being an extension of the company below the name Dropbox, Inc. It has a valuation above the US$ 10 million in the current times. As a fact, it’s considered one of the best investments in the actual era. The service includes managing files in your personal cloud, document’s synchronization and some other things. You can use this service in almost any electronic devices including phones, tablets and computers. In this moment, Dropbox is an excellent way to save your private intel and because of this is also the most trusted documenting app in the market.

  • Gmail

This is probably the most used of all the ones mentioned before, this is because Gmail is now being used as the better and newer mail service, demoting the traditional mail services, and let’s be honest, receiving mail using your computer or smartphone is way easier than going to your mailbox and checking out what’s new. Created by Google, the open beta was introduced in 2004 for a five years period and started being in the public domain on July of 2009. One of the most important features, is that Gmail filtrate the non-wished mail from the important by using an algorithm that has been improving year by year.

This are only some of the most successful SaaS companies, they put the parameters for the new ones, maybe your company can be the next most valuable in the internet, you only need an idea, and your dreams can become true.