5 Marketing Strategies Utilized by Top Real Estate Agents

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Just like in any other business understanding the right strategies and how to use them is key to succeeding in the real estate industry. The right marketing strategies will help you attract new customers whilst retaining your current ones. Getting potential clients doesn’t just happen by chance.

It would be best if you were very strategic to filter out distractions and target the right people to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re wondering how you can connect to your audience, improve your sales and improve the value of your brand, the following information will be pretty valuable.

Social Marketing

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According to statistics, approximately 82% of Americans use social media, and the number is expected to increase. Therefore, if you aren’t using social media marketing for your company or services, you’re missing out.

Even big and already established brands have invested in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and or TikTok to reinforce their marketing campaigns. The good news is that this form of marketing is much cheaper compared to traditional methods, such as advertising on TV.

The key is finding a proper way to entertain your audience while creating brand awareness. When it comes to this form of marketing, consistency is critical. Ensure you dedicate enough time to post and interact with your audience daily. And whenever possible, address the     m by name.

Remember, listening to them is the only way you can know about their preferences. Furthermore, ensure that your content is both fun and educational to watch. Your audience should be able to manage your content without feeling that they being blasted with a sales pitch in every post or video.

Find a clever way to advertise without making it so direct. According to studies, incorporating video content will boost your engagement by up to 10 times. Ensure that your videos are quality, detailed and short.

However, keep in mind that the length can vary depending on the platform. For example, viewers on YouTube expect longer videos than on other platforms such as Facebook. Don’t forget to ask your customers to give a review.

Email Marketing

Contrary to what most people think, email marking isn’t dead. According to statistics, more than four billion individuals use email worldwide, and the number is set to increase.

Different from social media where anyone can view and like/comment on your post, people on your mail list have actually subscribed to get your content.

That implies that they are either looking to buy property now or in the near future. The trick is to come up with your own email list instead of buying one. Although you get a bigger audience by purchasing a list, most people might not be interested in your content.

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In the end, they might end up unsubscribing or making you as spam. Since you already have most of your client’s information, use that to your advantage. Whenever you send them any content, make sure to address them by their names.

Again, don’t forget important days such as birthdays and holidays, and if you can, offer discounts on such occasions. Since research shows that approximately 47% of emails are opened by phone, ensure that your content is mobile-friendly.

Charitable Marketing

Getting involved in your target community through charity is a great way to attain good PR and gain exposure. Besides, here you can get content for your social media audience.

According to research, more than 86% of consumers want to know how a brand contributes to bettering the community and the world in general. If your brand still is small/young, you could post on social media to see if anyone is willing to volunteer and support the event.

Remember, you don’t have to start big. Even small events such as giving to a children’s home or food to the homeless can boost the reputation of your business.

If certain local business groups organize an event, offer to participate and get an opportunity to network and build a rapport with like-minded people/brands. By joining local business groups such as the chamber of commerce or B and I, you get an opportunity to learn from people who are already successful in the industry. In some cases, you might get their recommendations.

Sending Postcards

Don’t underestimate the power of postcards. It’s a great way to show your clients that you care and appreciate their contribution to your business. Who knows, you might be lucky to get one back. Since very few people send postcards, your brand stands out from the crowd. In fact, the most common direct mail formats used by marketers in the US are newsletters & postcards at 66%.

Furthermore, they are versatile; hence you can use them to announce a sale/offer or introduce a new service/product. Sometimes, tracking your social media leads/sales can be pretty challenging.

However, since you know how many postcards were sent, you can easily tell the offers which gave you the best response making them practical for target marketing. Besides, this way, your competition won’t be able to know about your offers as they would with traditional forms of marking or social media.

Host Client Events

By now, you probably know that word of mouth is one of the most successful forms of marketing. Several studies have found that people tend to trust personal recommendations more than any other form of marketing.

When your clients market your brand to friends and family, you will most likely get potential and loyal clients. And by these events, you make them feel more valued, which helps you develop a more loyal client base.

The most important thing to remember during this event is that it’s not an opportunity to market your brand. You want your clients to know that they are more than a source of money to you.

If at any point someone is interested to learn more about your services, express your gratitude and promise to create time later to interact with them and explain everything they might need to know. Don’t forget to give out your business cards.


Most important, remember to be patient with yourself and celebrate the small achievements. Growing your brand takes time. It doesn’t just happen on a single day. Learn from others in your industry(competitors), and whenever necessary, partner with them.