The Growing Demand For Educational App Development In This Covid-19 Era

The pandemic that started in China has now taken over all over the world. It is a tough time for every business sector, including industries, manufacturing, health, and various other businesses worldwide. People are struggling for their survival in this crucial time. Hence, some businesses have started growing online during this pandemic. One of those sectors is online education app development. 

Yes, the Covid-19 has caused the shutdown of all the educational institutes across the world. Almost 1.2 billion children are out of school now. As a result, education has shifted to e-learning, and the teaching sector is now running through digital platforms. Online learning takes less time and is proving to be a great way to achieve an education. 

Like the world’s best app developers, App Developer in Dubai are also putting all their efforts into creating unique mobile apps for educational institutes. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the growing demand for educational app development in this Covid-19 outbreak. 

The Growing Demand For Educational Apps:

The education sector is also severely affected by this pandemic. As the institutes are now closed, online education and e-learning are in huge demand. Every other institution has opted for digital platforms to arrange online classes to provide their students with a great learning experience.

Therefore, the demand for educational apps has been increased. According to a study, the demand for educational apps will rise even after the pandemic gets over. People will adopt this new way of e-learning in the future, and these apps will become a part of our lives. 

Using such mobile apps is so beneficial for both students and teachers. Below we have some critical aspects that make these apps advantageous for everyone:

Video Tutorials: The teachers are using video tutorials for teaching their students. It is a great way to record lectures that can be easily seen by students. It provides ease and comfort in the learning process. They can continue their studies by learning through these videos that are created using an educational app.

  • Online Classes:

By using an educational app, the teachers can create an online classroom. All the students can join the class, and it will be like a virtual classroom. This way, they can conduct online classes daily. It is one of the most effective ways of online learning in this pandemic. 

Various apps, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Whatsapp, and Facebook Video calls, are being used for his purpose.

  • Online Assignments:

Assignments are an essential part of education. Through educational apps, teachers can assign online assignments easily. Students can also submit the assignments through these apps. This way, education will continue without any hindrance.

  • Group Chat:

A group chat feature helps students and teachers to stay connected with each other. Communication becomes easier with these educational apps. Parents can also ask about the performance of their children through this platform. 

  • Notifications:

Educational apps also have a feature of notifications. Through this, teachers can send notifications to their students to remain updated about their online classes, holidays, and other schedules of tests and exams, etc.  

  • Performance Report:

All the students, teachers, and parents can record students’ performance through these apps. You can create online reports through these apps. It can have a record of grades, attendance, remarks about the overall performance.

Ending Notes:

During this Covid-19 pandemic, mobile app development has helped people in various sectors. Developing an educational app is the need of time. These apps have various benefits regarding online education. This is why the demand for these apps is increasing day by day. So, if you are willing to have such an app, you can contact an expert app developer, such as