Tips to send moving announcements

Summer is the perfect season to move to a new home as weather conditions are best for bumping between the home and car when you are going through unpacking procedure. Moreover, there is no need to worry about getting off from your office or picking kids from school. As the summer season is already here, individuals are planning that what to do for their big move. You want to ensure that you are still receiving all the special holiday greetings, mail and birthday cards at your new location, so everyone needs to know your updated address.  

Here are the three main tips for managing your strategy for making the moving announcements in the best way. Let’s have a look at the best tips to send moving announcements to friends and family in the best way.


1.  Select the right template

To make the moving announcements, first and foremost, you must choose the right template. Are you planning to move to the city, to the suburbs or moving to the rural area? Wherever you’re moving, you could use the residence area as a motivation for picking your moving announcements. You can also use your favorite themes and colors to make the announcement attractive.

2. Decide to whom you send

Give the announcements at work ask your kids to hand these announcements at school. Also, email your moving announcement to the people in your contact list. It will help you to make sure that everyone receives the notification and you can update your information folder by doing this. Finally, don’t forget the people you have not contacted recently. They are probably not aware of their transition, so they will need to update.


3. Choose the time to send

Choosing the right time can be tricky to decide because you don’t want people to send an email to the wrong person. Depending on your preferences as well as your plan, you can decide the perfect time. If you wait to send the moving announcements until the move, there may be chances that your items may be shipped to the previous home. If you send the moving announcements before your big day, another family might get the email as well as the greeting cards. However, most of the people choose to send the announcements right after they move. Your friends and family will understand that you are making a move without any announcements. Waiting should therefore, not be a problem.

If you overlook to update the address of your new home with friends and family and you are living in the new home for some time, it’s never late to send them moving announcements in the best way. This gives you an excellent opportunity to send your moving announcement with the photo of your apartment. Take pictures of your family in the front garden and announce your movement in a trendy way.  Announce your movement in style and customize your housewarming invitations and moving announcements to make wonderful first impression.