Follow these 7 easy steps for NAATI CCL Exam Preparation at home

Follow these 7 easy steps for NAATI CCL Exam Preparation at home

Follow these 7 easy steps for NAATI CCL Exam Preparation at home

If you have been trying to find out the ways to prepare for the NAATI CCL Exam at home; you must have applied for SC 189, SC 190, or SC 489 Visa.

And you know the deficiency of PR Points can only be fulfilled by NAATI CCL Test. Or to be precise you have already y applied for the NAATI CCL Test and are finding ways to prepare for the exam at home.

For your NAATI CCL Exam Preparation, you need the best CCL Practice materials and a structured customized study plan.

And believe us, knowing why you are taking up the CCL test along with these two things is not a tough proposition.

Here is how you can begin:

  • Know all about the NAATI CCL Test.
  • Know the question types in detail.
  • Try your hands on mock test
  • Seek insights from the experts
  • Balance your preparation
  • Out-of-box preparation methods
  • Every time is preparation time

Know all about the NAATI CCL Test

The NAATI CCL Test is more than just two questions of 300 words answered in 20 minutes. Know all about it.

The NAATI CCL Test has two dialogues depicting the conversation between an English speaker and a LOTE speaker. (LOTE that you have selected). The questions are divided into segments of more than 35 words.

You must also know the CCL Test is assessed on two factors:

  • Language Quality (Competency)
  • Language Register (ability to translate formally)

The NAATI CCL Test is 90 marks with 45 marks for each question. To clear the test, you have to score a minimum of 29 in each dialogue and a total of 63 overall.

(Note: If you score less than 58; you will not be able to apply for a review)

And to achieve this it is necessary to know what you have to do in your NAATI CCL Exam preparation, but it’s also important to know what not to do. Here are the errors for which your score is deducted:

  • Accuracy – The information has to be accurate.
  • Distortions -You cannot misrepresent the information
  • Omissions -All information is important. Do not skip any.
  • Insertions -You may not have more than what is discussed in the dialogue. But keep it to yourself. Do not add any additional information.

The CCL exam result is declared in 4-6 weeks and is valid for 3 years.

Know the question types in detail. 

By now you must be knowing that the questions asked in the CCL Exam display real-life situations. But what if you knew the topics the questions are based on. Here is a list of the real-life situations from Australian Society:

  • Business
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Immigration/Settlement
  • Legal
  • Community
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Social Services

To practice for all of these topics you need the right CCL practice materials. Do not fall for the random questions that you may find over the internet. Get authentic practice material that can clearly help you with your preparation.

Try your hands on mock test

Now, when you know all about the NAATI CCL Test, its format, its assessment, its scoring criteria, and the topics that are covered in the exam; it’s the time you start your preparation.

But why start from the mark-zero; when you can take a lead?

Yes, take up a CCL mock test to Analyse your current skills level. It will help you prepare to fill the gaps.

Seek insights from the experts

With the mock test, seek the experts’ guidance. Know which are your weak areas that can create a problem and the strong points that can help you manage a score to clear the exam. It directs you on the right preparation way.

That’s enough unless you want to be sure about clearing the CCL Test with a decent score.

Pronunciation. Vocabulary, Oral fluency – all of these have created problems for the native speakers and can also give you a hard time.

Balance your preparation 

‘Build a strong vocab, and your job is done’ -if this is the advice that you have followed and are spending a lot of time every day to strengthen your vocab.

Sadly, you are in the wrong direction.

It’s not going to prove beneficial; as you must give equal importance to the dialogues as well. The Vocab and dialogue practice must go hand in hand; only then you will be able to know the right way to use them during your exam.

Out-of-box preparation methods 

Switching from the slang that you use every day to a complete professional language will not happen in a snap of fingers.

It will take time. Start speaking formally from the very next moment you read this.

And do not depend only on the CCL Practice materials. Think out of the box, try these tips:

  • Watch movies/shows in LOTE with subtitles to get used to translating.
  • Read articles from the newspapers related to the Australian Community.
  • Stay updated with the developments on the topics on which the questions might be asked
  • Record your speech to test and improve your pronunciation
  • Learn a word and write at least five sentences to get used to it.

Every time is preparation time 

Remember, every time is the preparation time for CCL Exam. Grab a habit of speaking in English even with the people around you. Share with excitement the translation for a word from LOTE to English or Vice versa with your friends or family.

You can also try your hands on CCL Tutorials mobile app to keep learning on the go.


You are good, but not a master. You cannot do everything.

Reach out to the expert tutors to get their guidance. Or you can even switch to Online NAATI CCL Coaching that gives you the assurance that you are preparing in the right way.

CCL Tutorials can be the right shot to help you clear the NAATI CCL Test.