7 Tips that get you added Advantage in Apex Legend Gunfights

Tips that get you added Advantage in Apex Legend Gunfights

Tips that get you added Advantage in Apex Legend Gunfights

Out of many battle royale games out there, one game that took the gaming world by storm is Apex Legends. Initially released in 2019, it didn’t take more than 72 hours to acquire a whopping 10 million user base. Now, being the best in such an enormous crowd is undoubtedly very difficult, isn’t it?

Battle royale games can seem daunting at first for new players, and why not? The untamed speed you need to keep your spot in the game can be pretty intimidating. Even if you are good at other skills in Apex Legends, like strategizing or helping your teammates, the most crucial thing necessary for your victory is your ability to fight and kill.

Most of the time, Apex Legend Cheats help a lot in the game but knowing some other techniques certainly isn’t a bad idea. A little experience from other games like PUBG or Fortnite might help, but Apex Legends differs in many ways from them.

So, here we are with some tips that might be advantageous for you in Apex Legends and will help you survive in the game!

  • Always have a Fresh Armour: 

Every time you pick armor from the loot boxes of your opponents or teammates, it will give you a new and complete damage reduction. The essential tip here is, while in the match, after beating an opponent, if you know that their teammates are near, try taking armor from the death box instead of healing yourself as for one, the protection can be essential, and two, it will take you much less time. After taking the advantage, you can continue with your fight.

  • Focus on Movement:

Apex Legends give you an entire space to allow smooth movement and flexibility, and one should certainly take advantage of it. Always keep on moving. This will let you keep a safe distance from your enemies that may have crosshairs on you from far away. Always moving while looting or going from one fight to another is an excellent idea.

  • Choosing Right Enemies:

Some novice players start firing as soon as they see a movement, without paying attention to their position or range. This is a big mistake. It would be best if you never shot at opponents until you were sure that you could kill them. This will give them a chance to react and beat you that might have otherwise been difficult. So, choosing the right enemies in a game is very important unless you want to give away your position.

  • Reloading:

In an intense gunfight going on in Apex Legends, there are many times when you will have to reload your gun. This can be a chance for your enemy to shoot at you. Hence, it is advisable that every time you reload, try to crouch and turn around. This will shift your opponent’s target from your hitbox, which will be challenging to shoot and give you enough time to reload.

  • Crouch Strafing:

This may be just an extension of the previous topic, crouching. Though it is good to crouch and strafe in gunfights, it is not good to repeat your positions. It can make your actions predictable to your opponents, and they will try to shoot at those points only. Try to use different mechanics during the fight, which will keep your enemy on edge.

  • Complementary Weapons:

The time-to-kill in Apex Legends is relatively high, which means that you will have to shoot an entire magazine with continued firing to knock an enemy down. Hence, it is better to keep 1 or 2 complementary weapons with you, which will cause you less time to reload your gun and shoot. You can simply switch to another weapon and continue your fight.

  • Your Position:

In Apex Legends gunfights, players are always looking for a chance to knock down their enemies when they are unaware, without giving them any chance to counterattack. Giving away valuable information like your position to your opponent by making unnecessary noise or firing guns aimlessly can easily give away your chance of survival. Even if you call for a Lifeline package, do so when you have a good cover while also noticing the approaching opponent.

So do you think you’re ready to face the competition and bring out the best in you with these 7 tips?