102 Free Offline Android Games (Without Wi-Fi or No Internet) To Download and Play

102 Free Offline Android Games To Download and Play (Without WiFi)

102 Free Offline Android Games To Download and Play (Without Wi-Fi) and No Internet

While it is true, there are many no internet games and free offline Android games you can play without Wi-Fi. The Android games category has been remarkably optimized in recent times, mostly due to the launch of gamer mobile phones. Therefore, they have offered better productions to their users from the Google Play Store, completely free solutions that suit all tastes.

However, on many occasions, users find various titles that are completely dependent on the Internet connection to run, which is not at all attractive for users, given that the vast majority look for offline alternatives that can work anywhere and at all times, without even having Wi-Fi or the use of mobile data. These games are called no internet games or no Wi-Fi games for Android.

Given this, it is valuable to have applications on hand that do not need an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play them and enjoy them to the fullest. Therefore, from this post, we want to introduce you to the best games available in the Google Play Store, so that you can download and install them on your Android mobile and you can run them at all times to your liking, without spending mobile data or using Wi-Fi.

List of the 102 best free offline games to download and play on Android tablets and mobiles

To know many alternatives that suit your tastes and that manage to cover the broadest possible variety, we have made this complete list of 102 game applications that run perfectly without an Internet connection on your mobile or tablet, free no internet games are most popular because of free access without internet or Wi-Fi data connection.

 1 – Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

It is one of the best-known entertainment applications worldwide for not requiring an Internet connection, which adds several game modes (timed levels, drop mode, order mode, target score, etc.). With this, it provides you with an excellent experience. Also, they give you the option to spin the daily booster wheel to find a great prize.

 Download “Candy Crush Saga”

2 – Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

This game for children without an Internet connection and play free no internet games is in the Arcade category and guarantees total fun because you will have to run as much as you can and to that extent, completely dodge the trains that are going towards you. Therefore, if you have a minimum carelessness, you will lose. You also have to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh run away from the grumpy inspector and his dog. It also has spectacular high definition color graphics that allow you to enjoy a better experience and you can do incredible stunts by just sliding your finger across the screen.

 Download “Subway Surfers”

3 – Angry Birds Classic

Another of the best entertainment options to play without the Internet, is this application that is located in the Arcade category and deals with the survival of Angry Birds is no internet game that is at risk because of the greedy pigs that steal their eggs at all times. In this sense, you will have to take down the defenses of the pigs through a variety of powers of each bird, in a total of 15 original Angry Birds episodes, with more than 680 levels to play without rest. It is a free app with integrated purchases.

 Download “Angry Birds Classic”

4 – The Sims ™ FreePlay

The Sims ™ FreePlay

The Sims ™ FreePlay

This no internet game is another best options for the children and young peoples of the house to enjoy without an Internet connection since it allows you to create unique sims and customize them to the point of dressing them elegantly. You can also build spectacular houses and give it the life you want. Additionally, the game asks you to complete exciting missions and thereby unlock new places in the city. In short, it is one of the most popular simulators on the Google Play Store.

 Download “The Sims ™ FreePlay”

5 – Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty

This is best free no internet games, it is located within the category of card games, and it is also a good option that the little ones in the house play offline with the greatest pleasure. Thus, it refers to a tactile control game in which users must overcome any ingenuity and manage to survive those who want to overthrow them. Additionally, you can find real challenges with which you have to achieve specific objectives established before each new reign to unlock other cards.

 Download “Reigns: Her Majesty”

6 – Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

It is one of the no internet game with the highest number of downloads in the Google Play Store because it is a perfect option for the entertainment of users of all ages. Thus, it is an app that combines adventure and action because you must face legions of zombies and try to defeat them. You can also grow robust plants, take a trip through space-time, and refer to the ” travel log ” with missions created especially for you.

 Download “Plants vs Zombies 2 Free”

7 – Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

It is a no internet game that is part of the renowned ZeptoLab series “Cut the Rope” and is based on the adventures of an adorable green creature called ” Om Nom “, who is fascinated by candies. Within the no internet game you will be able to cross through more than 160 levels that take you to all kinds of environments and in them, your only objective will be to get candy.

 Download “Cut the Rope 2”




This is also other no internet game you can play offline without WiFi, it is a game that does not require an Internet connection to run and is completely free. Thus, it is an adventure alternative with absolutely interesting game dynamics and a unique atmosphere that makes it one of the best solutions on the Play Store. In it, you will basically have to discover what is happening in a forest full of trees and picturesque beings, where you will find various obstacles and traps.

 Download “BADLAND”

9 – Oddmar



Although it is an app that initially requires an Internet connection to complete the download of the total information from the platform, it is no internet game and works offline. This game invites you to immerse yourself in an epic Viking story represented with an animated comic, in which the protagonist is Oddmar. This character has problems in his village because the other characters do not respect him. Therefore, you must help him discover all his powers to prove his worth.

 Download “Oddmar”

 10 – Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest

It is usually one of the favourite non online games apps for the little ones to play without an Internet connection. In this non online game, your favourite pokémon have become cubes, and thus, with your cubiform friends, you have to go out searching for treasures inside Rodacubo Island. You can also forge alliances with Pokémon and form an ultimately winning team. But all in the shape of a cube.

 Download “Pokémon Quest”

11 – Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium

It is a paid app, but very cheap because it only costs 0.59 US Dollars. The game is a simulation and allows you to turn a tiny village into a tremendous medieval empire with a buoyant economy and pleased citizens. Townsmen Premium has memorable characters that day after day, take care of their usual tasks, and integrate an optional military function that adds soldiers and bandits. It even contains various scenarios and challenging tests that you must meet.

 Download “Townsmen Premium”

 12 – Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

It is a game located within the adventure section and ensures total entertainment in offline mode, which many users love. It focuses on a crime and mystery story that is set in the year 1987. It also has a vast and strange world that you can explore in your way; it also adds five playable characters that, if you wish, can work as a team. Additionally, it provides two forms of play (casual and complicated).

 Download “Thimbleweed Park”

 13 – Geometry Dash World

It is within the Arcade category and in addition to being an ideal option for users looking for entertainment alternatives that run without an Internet connection because it is the no internet game, it is an extremely entertaining game. In this sense, it adds many levels and music to set the experience, it provides you with missions daily and by winning them, you get valuable prizes. It also allows you to customize your character and has a practice mode to optimize your skills.

 Download “Geometry Dash World”

 14 – Fruit Ninja

This non online game without an Internet connection or WiFi is considered one of the most addictive apps in the category of action games, which tries to cut fruits and not cut bombs to be victorious. It has several game modes to offer more entertainment and variety (classic mode, Arcade mode or Zen mode). Also, it contains mini-games with which you can test your mastery of the game and achieve a better experience.

 Download “Fruit Ninja”

 15 – Minion Rush: Gru – Despicable Me

It is an no internet action game that guarantees a lot of fun without connecting your device to the Internet because this is fun offline games free. Thus, it has more than 900 million players who enjoy the excellent adventure that the app offers. Among its main peculiarities, you can find options within the platform to run with your favorite minions and get disguise cards or embark on an unbeatable adventure. Additionally, you can collect costumes by completing certain game levels and wander through iconic areas in 3D environments inspired by this world-renowned movie.

 Download “Minion Rush: Gru – Despicable Me”

 16 – Trials Frontier

In the Play Store, you get it in the category of racing games, being an application preferred by many children and young people to enjoy offline. On this platform, you can compete against players worldwide and even dominate the global leaderboards for each track. It also has multiplayer modes, offers more than 250 unique tracks and offers more than 15 bikes that suit all tastes. It should be noted that the gameplay is based on the physics of the Trials series.

 Download “Trials Frontier”

 17 – Ice Age Village

You can play this no internet game application without an Internet connection and thus enjoy a fun journey through the great Ice Age universe. The game’s main objective is to build a new home for adorable animals that live there, such as raccoons, monkeys, sharks, and even dinosaurs (there are more than 200 animals). This means that it is an app that has been designed for the whole family and inspired by movies of this type. Additionally, you can participate in fun events within your village, compete to build the best of them, and even visit your friends’ villages.

 Download “Ice Age Village”

 18 – Plague Inc.

It is one of the best games without an Internet connection or WiFi, which mixes an experience full of strategy and simulation simultaneously, being terrifying and realistic at the same time. In this sense, it can be said that its entertainment is so perfect that it completely absorbs its players and was even awarded as the best game of the year in 2012, counting like this, with more than 200 million plays.

 Download “Plague Inc.”

 19 – Evoland

It is located within the category of role-playing games that, in addition to being an extremely inexpensive alternative (0.99 US Dollars), can be run offline. As you progress throughout the game, you will have to unlock new technologies and new game systems and you will see some increasingly optimized graphics. Additionally, you can discover a great variety of evolution from retro actions in 2D to other battles and fights entirely in 3D. Currently, this app includes localization to Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

Download “Evoland”

20 – Minecraft

It refers to an adventure game through which you can explore infinite worlds and build whatever you want. In other words, the app gives you options to build from the simplest house to the greatest castle that may exist. Additionally, it offers add-ons with which you can customize your gaming experience and has multiplayer options to enjoy with more than 10 friends on various platforms , regardless of the place or time. All this, with the possibility of running it without WiFi or mobile data connection

Download Minecraft”

 21 – Lifeline

It is an adventure game that, in addition to working without an Internet connection, does not broadcast advertisements and does not present purchases within the app. Lifeline focuses on a story against all odds, where you must make life and death decisions. Also, it is a story in real time where any action can have a great impact. But it allows you to complete some routes to restart the story and unlock new levels. This, for only 2.29 US Dollars.

 Download “Lifeline”

 22 – Defender II

If what you are looking for is an incredible strategy game that runs without an Internet connection, this is one of the best options. Since, the application presents many new features where you must defeat waves of monsters that attack your castle and hit hard, move very quickly and never give up. Defender II contains two game modes: local mode and battle mode.

 Download “Defender II”

 23 – Magic 2015

You find it within the category of cards and it ensures a net entertainment experience, free of charge and without integrated purchases. Additionally, it has the competence to run without mobile data or WiFi and is the ideal solution for all ages. It even has a very detailed tutorial with which people can achieve the best trading card strategies in the world. It also allows you to customize your deck with hundreds of cards and challenge your friends with the multiplayer mode.

* Note: This game is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

 24 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers

It is a completely no internet game and fun free offline games or strategic game that consists of tower defense with a large number of well thought out decisions. Of course, supported by reinforcements, frozen bombs, devastating medieval missiles, meteor attacks, etc. Likewise, it presents more than 18 tower capacities, with more than 40 enemies that have unique abilities and a total of 11 legendary heroes that you can select as your champions and thus train all their capacities.

 Download “Kingdom Rush Frontiers”

 25 – XCOM: Enemy Within

With a price of 5.49 US Dollars, this game tests your strategic spirit and immerses you in a great adventure in which you can investigate a new alien technology to improve the capabilities of the agents that belong to your group. In this way, it includes new weapons with a team that have an additional tactical advantage, but will have to overcome enemy threats that are based on two other alien types with very specialized skills. It also adds multiplayer maps.

 Download “XCOM: Enemy Within”

 26 – Stickman Tennis

For tennis fans, a best Android games without internet is here and this is usually an addictive game due to the realistic experience it guarantees, with a surprising atmosphere and completely simple controls to handle. Thus, it allows you to play a quick game or if you prefer, complete the tourist season of this game against 100 different opponents, you can also enjoy it. In addition, it has automatic or manual operation, presents 64 different tournaments and adds 5 levels of difficulty.

 Download “Stickman Tennis”

 27 – PBA Bowling Challenge

It is another fun games that don’t need internet is interesting sports game that you can download from the Play Store and thus enjoy competing against the big names in PBD Bowling. All within a wide variety of places that make the experience more attractive and you can even place the app in multiplayer mode so you can challenge your family or friends in real time. It also contains options to play quick games and in career modes. As if that were not enough, it includes around 30 different balls with unique statistics.

 Download “PBA Bowling Challenge”

 28 – Fishing Paradise 3D Free +

A game that works without an Internet connection and works properly with no internet and falls within the sports category. This is practically based on building and managing your own fish farm and, in addition, it allows you to travel to exotic places. Among its most important peculiarities, we find that: You can play it for free and earn coins to unlock new objectives and new places, it exhibits 50 different species of fish, it enables multiplayer tournaments, etc.

 Download “Fishing Paradise 3D Free +”

 29 – Deus Ex GO

It is a novel turn-based logic no internet puzzle game that unravels a mystery set in the future. Thus, you must prevent guards, drones, turrets and other enemies from reaching you. In this way, it has more than 50 unique puzzles and emits special events to play in mishap mode or put your greatest logical ability to the test. Among other features, it has a level editor to create your own in the puzzle workshop and even share them with the community.

 Download “Deus Ex GO”

 30 – Lara Croft GO

It is another solution that is located in the puzzle category and when run offline, it is an application preferred by many young people. This game is turn-based and thus presents an adventure that transports users to a forgotten world that existed long ago. Therefore, you must explore the ruins of the ancient civilization and discover the most hidden secrets. It is worth noting that this game has detailed graphics and a very attractive soundtrack. In addition, it presents around 115 puzzles divided into 7 chapters.

 Download “Lara Croft GO”

 31 – World of Goo

With many awards and recognition worldwide, this amazing game ensures complete entertainment. Thus, an application downloaded by many Android users, in which they must go through mysterious levels and as they increase, the experience becomes dangerously beautiful enjoyment. Since, the game is adding new puzzle areas and the creatures that set the game belong to them.

 Download “World of Goo”

 32 – Hitman GO

Another entertainment application that falls into the category of puzzles. Thus, it is considered as one of the best turn-based strategy games with highly detailed scenarios in the form of mockups. During the experience in Hitman GO, you will have to solve challenging puzzles that test your best skills as an assassin and in addition to this, it presents various types of enemies that show very lethal behaviors.

 Download “Hitman GO”

 33 – Monument Valley

We continue with the category of puzzles, this being an application in which you must manipulate impossible architectures and try to guide a princess through a vast magical world. With this, you will be taken on an unreal journey with very geometric constructions and it features a brilliant minimalist three-dimensional design that includes optical illusions, palaces and temples from all over the world.

 Download “Monument Valley”

 34 – Monument Valley 2

It is the sequel to the previous game, but with the distinction that you will not have to guide a princess, but a mother and her daughter through magical architectures where you will discover impossible paths together to puzzles of another level. The interface of this app is very subtle and sophisticated, so you should not stop trying it as it is also a deep and intelligent offline game.

 Download “Monument Valley 2”

 35 – The Room: Old Sins

The app provides a world based on tactile exploration with very challenging puzzles behind a captivating story. In addition to being a game that runs without an Internet connection or WiFi, it has many interesting features. Whether it is the ultimate puzzle option where as you advance, you will know a more convoluted scenario than the previous one and it has very intuitive touch controls, as well as a fast and simple design, automatic saving in the cloud and a very dynamic soundtrack.

 Download “The Room: Old Sins”

 36 – The Room

This is an interactive puzzle that surrounds you in a purely mystery game with only paying 1.09 US Dollars to obtain it and enjoy it without connection to mobile data or WiFi. In this way, it provides an excellent tactile 3D scene with realistic graphics ideal for mobile devices, one-finger controls, a variety of levels with a lot of mystery and an extremely attractive design.

 Download “The Room”

 37 – The Room Two

As the name implies, it is the second part of the aforementioned game and therefore it is also based on an interactive puzzle with a tactile 3D scene. One of its differences lies in the download price because it costs 2.29 US Dollars. Now, highlighting its most important details, we find that The Room Two has a very natural touch control that it seems that you are touching the surface of each object, it presents highly detailed 3D elements, as well as realistic 3D scenarios.

 Download “The Room Two”

 38 – The Room Three

With a higher price (5.49 US Dollars) and ideal for the children of the house to enjoy it without an Internet connection because it is no internet game, this other class of The Room has been awarded as the best British game of the BAFTA in 2012, for which it presents a large number of downloads in the Play Store. Thus, it encourages you to show your skills to solve puzzles and pass different tests through “The Craftsman”, a mysterious character. The controls of this app are very intuitive too, it presents complex objects, it has an improved hint system and it is available in several languages.

 Download “The Room Three”

 39 – Rayman Fiesta Run

It is an adventure and absolute fun application, which can be the ideal alternative for the young people of the house, especially since it is played in offline mode perfectly. As its name implies, the application shows a world of parties that you must overcome from jumping through cocktail umbrellas, punching the pitañas, stomping the limes, etc. Additionally, it has more than 75 levels to dance the night away and you must defeat three great bosses to reach a fearsome island of great interest throughout the experience.

 Download “Rayman Fiesta Run”

 40 – Crashlands

It is another adventure game to enjoy anywhere and at any time, due to its offline peculiarity. Crashlands shows a completely magical, different and even crazy world, where you will dive to unlock more than 500 levels that allow you to learn some secrets of the experience. For this, you must have a lot of ingenuity, agility and the best skills to defeat the enemies that arise. The app, in general, is very intuitive and is obtained by canceling a total of 4.49 US Dollars.

 Download “Crashlands”

 41 – Limbo

It refers to an adventure game where you must use your imagination a lot to successfully complete all the levels it contains. Thus, it is a very curious platform game where you even have to climb trees, move boxes and various activities that you cannot even imagine. All this, so that the protagonist manages to rescue his sister who is trapped. It has a price of 2.30 US Dollars.

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 Download “Limbo”

 42 – Rayman Jungle Run

It is another no internet adventure game with a price of only 2.99 US Dollars, which runs without an Internet connection on any Android device. In this application, you can enjoy the best graphics to have a better experience, it has a wide variety of worlds to discover as you progress through each level and it also adds new powers to unlock depending on your performance. Additionally, it contains very exciting music and 100% optimized touch controls.

 Download “Rayman Jungle Run”

 43 – Thomas Was Alone

It is about a curious rectangle called ” Thomas “, which you must help him to decipher the mysteries of his existence in an absolutely strange world. All this in a long journey with a total of 100 levels that increase their difficulty and interest in passing them. Around its key characteristics, we highlight that it offers you 20 additional levels for you to play with young Benjamin, in search of the Fountain of Wisdom. In general, this game is totally minimalist and in the Google Play Store, it is priced at 4.59 US Dollars.

* Note: Not available on Android anymore.

 44 – Teslagrad

It is also another adventure game that combines puzzles with 2D platforms that have action elements where magnetism and electromagnetism with the key aspects to advance throughout the experience that runs without Internet or WiFi. The application features a young man armed with the old Testament technology and integrates various mechanisms to unlock and advance.

 Download “Teslagrad”

 45 – Typoman Mobile

It refers to a offline puzzle game that takes place from the adventures of a character who struggles to find the best way in a dark and hostile world. In addition, the game allows you to wield the power to alter the world by creating, changing and destroying words. In this sense, it also adds options to solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with very attractive graphics. The atmosphere of the game is completely surreal and the best thing is that it is a free application in the Play Store.

 Download “Typoman Mobile”

 46 – Samorost 3

Basically, it is an exploration, adventure and puzzle app that can be classified as the most attractive and spectacular point-and-click adventure found in the Play Store. Thus, he tries to track a space gnome that uses all the powers of a flute with magic to be able to travel through the cosmos and locate the mysterious origins of such an instrument. In addition, you can meet alien worlds that await many colorful challenges, surprises and many creatures.

 Download “Samorost 3”

 47 – Machinarium

This no internet game without Wi-Fi game has the ability to run without an Internet connection or WiFi, is a graphic adventure where the objective of the users will be to solve a series of puzzles that can be related to the outside world and are solved from the fun point-and-method -click. Also, the platform uses a hint mechanism so that each player knows what to do to progress quickly in the game. It has a cost of 4.49 US Dollars.

 Download “Machinarium”

 48 – Terraria

In this without internet game, each world is different and you can venture to the last corner of the Earth to defeat all the evil bosses that cross your path, either on the floating islands of the sky or in the deepest levels of the underworld.. It has multiplayer options, with which up to 4 players can be included, but making use of WiFi, and if you play it alone, you can do it offline. The app presents more than 1,360 recipes to create weapons, more than 450 enemies that you have to challenge, more than 30 pets and more than 20 bosses.

 Download “Terraria”

 49 – SoulCraft – Action RPG

This free no internet game which is action game for Android devices is considered one of the best for the enjoyment of any user and especially, for having the ability to run offline. In it, you will have to fight for the torch of hope and be a legendary warrior throughout the journey. It should be noted that it is a freemium app and has five different game modes in excellent challenges, also including combat options, time trial, hell gate, fights with final enemies, etc.

 Download “SoulCraft – Action RPG”

 50 – ZENONIA 5

Free games I can play offline and also you can find it within the category of role-playing games and it is an offline game, free and with integrated purchases. In this alternative, you can play while each action sequence is synchronized around your reflexes and reactions. In addition, it has four types of US Dollars (Berserker, Mechanic, Mage and Paladin) that display special moves and unique skills. The application allows you to customize, equip and level up with a hero and thereby explore new worlds and various challenges.

 Download “ZENONIA 5”

 51 – Oceanhorn

This game allows you to embark on a great adventure in the sea and explore various islands of the unexplored seas, thus being a world full of dangers, secrets and even puzzles. This whole story combines impressive 3D graphics and very interesting game mechanics, full of action and adventure. It also has the ability to withstand more than 10 hours of play, mastering the art of the sword along with magic and you must look for ancient objects to help you on your mission. However, the device requires 1GB of RAM to support the app. I have shared almost all free offline games for Android.

 Download “Oceanhorn”


Within the category of role-playing games, you can get this application by canceling a total of 16.99 US Dollars. Although it is a cheap alternative for many users, it is worth downloading for the great fun it guarantees along with the ability to work without an Internet connection or WiFi. Final Fantasy IV has marked the appearance of the augmentation system that has the ability to transfer abilities from other characters to help users in battles. It also contains voices on the scene of events, emotional characterization, a new map system that adds an element of discovery to the game and music player. This is a free games to download and play offline, you can download from Play Store.


 53 – Fallout Shelter

It is a simulation no internet game, in addition to being offline, is also free and is easily available on the Google Play Store. Which is part of the Fallout video game series and the user’s main objective is to build and manage their own nuclear shelter. Either protecting it so that its existence is not disturbed by the dangers of post nuclear life and supervising it so that it becomes familiar with the residents and leaders one happy morning.

 Download “Fallout Shelter”

 54 – Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

It is the second part of the renowned minigame Dumb Ways to Die, which has aimed to amuse all Android users through the most “stupid” deaths imaginable. So, this other application comes to walk you through a completely Olympic game that is based on stupid deaths and above all, you must avoid it. Currently, this application is freemium and the final championships of the game must be paid for.

 Download “Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games”

 55 – Alto’s Odyssey

It is a completely free no internet game, in which you will immerse yourself in a majestic and unexplored desert, together with Alto and his friends. Thus, a perfect sandboarding trip that will reveal incredible secrets. Best of all, you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you want because you don’t need an Internet connection or WiFi. Among its best features, we find that this app is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, but it is not required to have played one to enjoy the other. Likewise, it is a very attractive game because it focuses on reaching 180 objectives using intuitive controls and it also allows you to explore biomes from the dunes to the temple city with unique visual effects.

 Download “Alto’s Odyssey”

 56 – Alto’s Adventure

Before Alto’s Odyssey, Alto’s Adventure was published and was fully approved by audiences of all ages. The experience in this game is unleashed on the placid snow in a mountain village, but as time passes, you will embark on an endless snowboard odyssey. In this process, you must rescue uncontrolled calls, jump over ravines, grind rooftops, etc. Also, they provide you with various combos to maximize your score and speed, you must put your skills to the test to pass 180 goals and it contains very interesting weather effects.

 Download “Alto’s Adventure”

 57 – Traffic Rider

Another option to play offline “non data games” is this application from the racing category that is free, but adds purchases within the platform. In it, you must drive a motorcycle that rides in a much more detailed game experience than other alternatives, to keep emotion, fun offline games free and simplicity on the surface. Thus, it has a camera with a first-person view for greater enjoyment, it contains 29 motorcycles to select from, it has a career mode with more than 70 missions to complete and the environments show variations of day and night.

 Download “Traffic Rider”

 58 – CSR Racing 2

It is a novel racing option that sets a more hyper-realistic graphic standard and thus, you can enjoy a car festival with many capabilities. Taking into account that it is a free application and can be played without an Internet connection. This game has full customization because it allows you to create the interior of your car to your liking and select the paint, the wheels and the brake calipers. Additionally, it presents the most innovative and sophisticated cars that you can get in an app.

 Download “CSR Racing 2”

 59 – Does not Commute

Within the category of racing games of Play Store, you can locate this application that works without connection to mobile data or Wi-Fi, this games you can play without internet is a most beautiful thing. Thus, it refers to a strategic driving game where you travel around a small old town that plunges you into chaos with many elements that are crossed (dozens of vehicles, school buses, hot dog cars, sports cars, etc.). In view of this, you must plan in advance what to do and you even have to discover the characters that this town hosts and even its secrets. It is a very interesting application.

 Download “Does not Commute”

 60 – Beach Buggy Blitz

This app without an Internet connection is free games no internet which is ideal for the children of the house, allows you to play no internet game and drive a hot-rod buggy and users must be very careful because everything will take place in the unexplored depths of a completely mysterious tropical island. You can even find secret caves, ruined temples, sun-covered beaches, misty swamps, and erupting volcanoes. As more levels are completed, you can unlock new vehicles and improve performance.

 Download “Beach Buggy Blitz”

 61 – Hill Climb Racing 2

With its important feature of running without an Internet connection, we present you this entertainment alternative of the racing category, where you must explore various environments with achievements, attend live competition events, customize and give your vehicles the greatest style, as well as improving the engine, the wheels, among others. It also has options to form a team and compete alongside it in all races and has more than 14 exclusive tuning parts, in addition to various types of vehicles (more than 16).

 Download “Hill Climb Racing 2”

 62 – Earn to Die 2

If you are a lover of the zombie environment, this game is ideal for you. Since, you will have to drive a car between a zombie apocalypse because your way to reach the goal will be full of cities invaded by these individuals. What is definitively summarized in that you will have to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive in your car. In this sense, the game has a story mode that is completely extensive and features multi-layered levels where your only option to get out is to smash the zombies.

 Download “Earn to Die 2”

 63 – Angry Birds Go!

It is also in the racing category, being a more animated option because you can compete as a bird or pig in a three-dimensional world. If you make use of the campaign mode, you can put your skills to the test in amazing races and thanks to this, manage to unlock exclusive rewards. On the tracks of this game, you will run into all kinds of unexpected obstacles that will make the experience much more fun and interesting. It even has a local multiplayer mode to compete with whoever you want in real time and without having an Internet connection, which is the best of all.

 Download “Angry Birds Go!”

 64 – Asphalt 8: Airborne

It can be considered a racing game with greater variety, since you will have at hand machines never created to drive, ranging from motorcycles to cars. With which, you will make tours around the world full of the highest existing speed. One of the things that most attracts the attention of this application is that it emits new engine sounds with the best quality for aural immersion and also allows you to customize your cars in the best style.

 Download “Asphalt 8: Airborne”

 65 – Bike Race Free: Motorcycle Racing Games

It is a free application with integrated purchases that manages to run without connection to WiFi or mobile data and has many downloads in the Play Store. In this way, it is considered an addictive racing game with excellent features, such as: tournaments of all kinds, competitions against millions of players in multiplayer mode, add an individual mode to optimize your skills, it has simple and intuitive controls and, in short, guarantees total fun.

 Download “Bike Race Free: Motorcycle Racing Games”

 66 – Brothers in Arms 3

It is achieved within the Arcade category and basically deals with clashes with brave soldiers in multiplayer battlefields that resemble World War II. In this sense, the experience includes around four maps to enjoy and master, as well as two game modes to start training your skills (against all or team deathmatches). Additionally, as the game progresses, you can unlock new allies and turn them into veteran soldiers to boost your damage, among many other options.

 Download “Brothers in Arms 3”

 67 – Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

It is based on an action game that, in addition to being free, can be run without an Internet connection or WiFi, perfectly. Within the experience, you can find a wild frontier and explore a new world located in Arizona and Oregon, which is full of mysteries, challenges and surprises that will leave you addicted. It also has 40 missions of various types that you have to complete and allows you to unlock up to 19 weapons and 8 horses that will help you face everything you need in this adventure.

 Download “Six-Guns: Gang Showdown”

 68 – Swamp Attack

It is also based on an action game because you must defend your cabin in the swamp, because of some animals that have gotten out of control and are attacking it without any measure. Therefore, in addition to everything, you will also have to survive against the attacks of completely evil zombie creatures. This app presents a multiplayer mode that exhibits more than 300 different levels and 8 episodes that contain quick missions to enjoy the best possible action.

 Download “Swamp Attack”

 69 – Zombie Age 3: Shooting Walking Zombie: Dead City

This is a completely interesting game and free no internet games which is alternative that gathers very savage zombies with deadly weapons and also features unique heroes. In short, if you are a lover of this type of game, with this application you can enjoy a great massacre of zombies in various ways. For more fun, it has a cooperative game mode with your friends, add more than 20 characters that have the best abilities, provide incredible and infinite missions to complete and the classification is made worldwide.

 Download “Zombie Age 3: Shooting Walking Zombie: Dead City”

 70 – Gangstar Vegas – Mafia game

It focuses on a story full of adventure, fun offline games free and intensity that is generated within the City of Sin, that is, in Las Vegas. As its name implies, it is a magic game that ensures a lot of action, where you have to shoot rival gangs and even steal cars, participate in exciting races. In short, it contains 80 missions that you must complete to be victorious and with practice, you will be able to improve your skills to perfect your robberies, better control the cars and sharpen your aim when shooting.

 Download “Gangstar Vegas -mafia game”

 71 – Into the Dead

Free, with integrated purchases and executable without an Internet connection, this no internet game, action game is another of the best options to enjoy on your Android mobile or Tablet. Basically the game immerses you in a terrifying world of a zombie apocalypse, in which there are not even second chances. Therefore, you must move as quickly as possible, to protect yourself and stay alive always. Among its particularities, we find that the app emits surprising images with the best graphics and high-quality and intense sounds to make the experience more exciting. It also allows you to challenge your friends and thus meet various records.

 Download “Into the Dead”

 72 – Hitman Sniper

It’s free and adds in-app purchases to give you a more complete and engaging action-packed experience. With the character of this game (Agent 47), you will have to transform yourself into the best silent assassin and enjoy the most real and intuitive sniper experience. In this way, you must complete around 150 missions and 10 different contracts in order to discover many secrets and new opportunities. Additionally, the app presents 16 weapons that you will get by eliminating targets.

 Download “Hitman Sniper”

 73 – Shadow Fight 3

It is also no internet action game that admits players over 10 years old ; who will be able to immerse themselves in the shadow world that is on the brink of a great war and, after all, the main objective of the adventure is to achieve the eradication of dangerous energy, because not everyone is satisfied with this situation. Inside the application you will see modern 3D graphics with totally realistic animations and physics. In addition, it provides you with a large collection of different weapons and equipment, a huge world map through which you will travel, and themed events with interesting rewards you can also play offline.

 Download “Shadow Fight 3”

 74 – Hungry Shark World

With the possibility of playing it without an Internet connection, this game is based on controlling a shark that is located in various oceans and consumes everything from fish and birds, to whales and humans who swim peacefully in the sea. Thus, it contains intuitive tilt controls, which means that you can control the shark just by tilting the device. You can explore huge open worlds, go on frenzied missions (over 20) to score high points, and hunt prey of all kinds. It is a free application with integrated purchases.

 Download “Hungry Shark World”

 75 – NOVA Legacy

It is based on a console experience on mobile that exemplifies the first episode of the NOVA saga in 3D. Thus, the protagonist of the game is a hero who has been summoned again to use his armor in a fight against the enemies of the forces of the Colonial Administration. In this sense, the application puts your skill in multiplayer battles to the test, and if you take your score to the highest, you can reach your destination quickly.

 Download “NOVA Legacy”

 76 – Temple Run 2

It is no internet action game, with integrated purchases and the possibility of running it without an Internet connection. In it, you will have to do over and over again jumping, turning and sliding acrobatics along dangerous cliffs, forests, mines and zip lines ; to the extent that you escape from a feared character. As the experience progresses, you will find new obstacles, more power-ups, many achievements and special powers that give you more abilities. Also, the graphics that Temple Run 2 exhibits are really beautiful and attractive.

 Download “Temple Run 2”

 77 – ZigZag

It is an addictive and very striking arcade, in which all users must focus on controlling a small black ball with which they must try to get as far as possible, thus going through a maze that contains dangerous corners, so you can not neglect you not a bit. Although it is a simple alternative, it really is not easy and this application is completely entertaining. In this sense, the main objective of each game is to make the greatest number of turns and go as far as you can to also obtain colored crystals with which you acquire more points. This game can be enjoyed offline.

 Download “ZigZag”

 78 – Ridiculous Fishing

It is an application that shows and encourages you to carry out a peculiar way of fishing. In this way, you must help Billy, the protagonist of the adventure, to move around in his boat and return home with a good catch on hand. For this, you have at your complete disposal chainsaws, guns, toasters and other utensils to achieve this task. Of course, they also provide you with a hook to cast it and catch all the possible fish and then shoot them with the gun. This means that you must be quite skilled and strategic to win. Additionally, it has a large number of weapons and objects to unlock to have a better experience and everything, from anywhere and at any time because it does not require an Internet connection.

* Note: This game is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

79 – Freeze! – The escape

This is a purely no internet puzzle game that, in addition to being a free application with integrated purchases, can work perfectly without mobile data connection or WiFi. Basically, the dynamic consists of transferring the protagonist of the adventure to a specific point in each level and making him escape from the cells in which he is kept locked up. In reference to the number of levels, it has around 25 and has three other different worlds that you can enter if you pay for it.

 Download “Freeze! – The escape”

 80 – Worms 3

It has a value of 3.99 US Dollars and is a new turn-based game, in which battles take place between worms that are armed to the teeth and willing to do anything in order to defeat the enemy. In this application you have to conquer more than 27 missions only for one player and it has four new themes that are the beach, farm, sewer and a ghost garden. What’s more, if you wish, you can activate the card mode and modify the beginning and end of each turn through strategic cards.

 Download “Worms 3”

 81 – Smash Hit

The no internet game app is based on a first-person shooter game, where you have to throw iron balls against many types of surfaces and especially those that are made of glass. This, in order to break them and find all the possible points. It is a very attractive and easy option to execute, because you only have to press the screen on the places where you want to launch the iron balls. Each game of this game ends once the balls are finished and therefore, it is necessary that you do not throw one after another without thinking and thus lose the shot for it. It has more than 50 different rooms and a total of 11 graphic styles that you can enjoy without an Internet connection.

 Download “Smash Hit”

 82 – Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX

It is an action game and a Premium app with a cost of 3.29 US Dollars that you can get on Google Play. Basically, it tries to manage the actions of a protagonist who is in charge of stealing cars, in a completely retro atmosphere where more than 60 missions and 40 different challenges are developed that guarantee total fun. It even presents a section to practice your aim with more than 25 weapons and different powers. This game also features the ability to run offline.

 Download “Retro City Rampage DX”

83 – Lumino City

With a price of 4.99 US Dollars, this non online games without an Internet connection is one of the favorites by many Android users, located within the adventure category and focuses on a puzzle adventure-created entirely by hand with paper, cardboard, miniature lights and motors. Among its main characteristics, we find that it is considered an application that shows a beautiful and unique world to explore. In short, it allows you to play with real objects in each scene, it provides electricity to the game houses using lemons and your ingenuity, etc.

 Download “Lumino City”

 84 – Crossy Road

It is an no internet game arcade game inspired by the classic Frogger, which presents the ability to run without a WiFi Internet connection, thus being an ideal alternative for the whole family. In this sense, app users must guide an animal so that it can cross various roads that are full of traffic and many dangers. To handle the protagonist of the adventure you must press the screen by pressing said animal and it will jump forward, now, so that it moves to the sides you simply have to slide it and that’s it. Luckily, it is a completely free solution that adds purchases within the app, if you wish.

 Download “Crossy Road”

 85 – Jetpack Joyride

It is arcade and action at the same time, in which you have to worry about directing Barry through a large laboratory complex, through his jetpack that has been stolen from the scientists who work with said character. In this sense, as you collect the coins that are distributed throughout the stage, you will be able to buy other more spectacular vehicles and enjoy a better experience. In addition, it is important that you have your reflexes on the surface to survive all the obstacles shown in each level (electrical barriers, missiles, laser beams, among others).

 Download “Jetpack Joyride”

 86 – Implosion

Introducing the ability to run without an Internet connection or WiFi, we recommend this third-person action game option, in which players have to control one of the few survivors of a global cataclysm and thus face the creatures of the apocalypse. Bearing in mind that the app’s control system is very traditional because it has buttons to move left or right in order to dodge and also to make special hits. However, it is not a completely ideal app because it must be downloaded only on devices that have from 1 GB and you can only play the first six levels for free.

 Download “Implosion”

 87 – Leo’s Fortune

This no internet game is very striking because it adds all the ingredients of the classic platforms, but with really impressive graphics that all users love. In this sense, the application is based on the story of its protagonist Leo who has his treasure scattered throughout all the adventure scenarios and along the way, it is very easy to stumble upon traps and physical puzzles that you have to solve to be victorious. on each level. It is considered a perfect application for the whole family, which does not need Internet on the mobile.

 Download “Leo’s Fortune”

 88 – Threes!

It refers to a free application that is based on no internet puzzle game, and is also very strategic because players must move numbered tiles on a four-by-four-square board. In this way, the aim is to find the chips with the highest possible numbers to obtain the victory. Regarding the mechanics of this game for Android, we tell you that you only have to slide your finger across the screen to make all the tiles move in the same direction and at the same time, you will have to make sure to suggest a new tile in one free position of the board.

 Download “Threes!”

 89 – Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

It has a price of 8.99 US Dollars and is considered one of the best role-playing games of all time that has been optimized for use through a Tablet. This game punctuates the story of Gorion’s adopted son who, because of some assassins who try to end his life, his tranquility is affected. Therefore, you must work to find those enemy characters and eliminate them ; which will not be easy at all. This application that you locate in the Google Play Store, works without an Internet connection.

 Download “Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition”

 90 – Cook, Serve, Delicious!

For all lovers of cooking and of this type of environment, it is a completely interesting and even addictive application, above all because it has the great advantage of running anywhere and at any time, as it can work offline. In this game, you will have to manage as well as possible everything related to the operation of your own restaurant. Taking into account that, you need a lot of agility and speed, since the app tests your reflexes through all the difficulties it provides throughout the experience.

 Download “Cook, Serve, Delicious!”

 91 – Cut the Rope FULL FREE

This game is ideal for the enjoyment of boys and girls, as well as free and runs without an Internet connection or WiFi. In this way, it has more than 750 million downloads worldwide and presents great support, excellent graphics and a very intuitive interface. With it, you will have to catch all the candies you want with the help of the protagonist monster and in that way, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting levels that will leave you wanting more. Being a total of 425 levels to overcome that are in 17 packages.

 Download “Cut the Rope FULL FREE”

 92 – Punch Quest

It is a non online game of speed, action and fun that is based on getting as far as you can, starting from various obstacles that you must dodge nimbly and you cannot allow your enemies to reach you. If this is the case, you must destroy them with punches and to jump, you have to replace the usual button with an “uppercut” button that raises the character for a second to give a better blow. So, everything consists of surpassing levels and unlocking new ones, where they also allow you to customize the characters to your liking.

* Note: This game is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

 93 – SoulCraft – Action RPG

If you decide to download this app from the Google Play Store, you will enjoy a three-dimensional action game, in which you have to control one of the seven angels selected to defend planet Earth. In this sense, the main objective is based on facing the demonic hordes and ending them as much as possible. At the beginning of the adventure, you will only have a huge two-handed sword, but as you level up, you will be able to equip yourself with powerful hammers, axes and many more items to achieve better results. As well as the other solutions, this one can be executed without an Internet connection perfectly.

 Download “SoulCraft – Action RPG”

94 – Sorcery! two

This is a role-playing game in which you have to act as if you were a knight by following each of the orders and directions they give you. Therefore, it is essential that you are very focused and also read a lot to better understand the plot of the adventure. Additionally, at the same time that you make sure with each tip, you will have to act in various battles within a turn system that transform the experience into a more addictive and fun one. Especially if you are one of those users who love the medieval style.

 Download “Sorcery! two”

 95 – Asphalt Nitro

It is a racing game that has a great variety of cars that you can select to have an experience totally adapted to your liking. Taking into account that apart from this, the application also offers a large number of game modes, as well as many circuits to play them whenever you want, because it is an application that runs without an Internet connection or WiFi. Even in some sections of the application, you can tune your cars and add improvements or change the paint. In other words, it supports great customization.

 Download “Asphalt Nitro”

 96 – Swordigo

Another RPG in two dimensions, which perfectly adds action elements and platforms to offer a more optimized experience, along with control adapted to mobiles and Tablets. During the adventure, players will be able to visit cities where in addition to interacting with the other inhabitants, they can find new missions and buy new objects. If you want more action, you can also dive into dungeons in which you must fight against different enemies and to increase the experience, you have to win all the battles. Having swords of all kinds and effective spells at hand to keep you from being defeated. This app also runs without an internet connection.

 Download “Swordigo”

 97 – Dark Sword

As the dark dragon has closed the door to the sun, everything has lost the light in this game and right at that moment, is where the real action begins. In this sense, you will have to defeat said dragon and save the light, that is, your mission will be to prevent the creature from closing the door to the sun and be able to fight it. For all this, you can ally with characters from the Sanctuary of Light and test all your skills in more than 150 levels that increase the difficulty, but can be played without connection to WiFi or mobile data.

 Download “Dark Sword”

 98 – Pixel Dungeon

With four character classes available, players who choose to download this application can select any one of them to go as far as possible in an adventure set in a dungeon that is full of traps and terrible monsters. For this, each user has the competence to control a warrior, magician, thief or hunter; making use of the abilities of a certain character that they choose and of course, making the most of them. This game runs offline and features a very modern control system.

 Download “Pixel Dungeon”

 99 – Monolithic

It is a very interactive puzzle game, in which you must concentrate on building a tower with completely difficult shapes to carry out. It also includes 3D puzzles with a great minimalist style. In addition, it features controls to quickly position all shapes, rotate them to the indicated position and place them in the correct place, to be victorious. It is considered an ideal game for the whole family, very relaxing and the best of the case is that it can be played without having an Internet connection.

 Download “Monolithic”

 10 – Hoplite

In this no internet game, the users must control one of the mythical Greek militiamen who will have to stay in dungeons full of enemies and very bad characters. Indeed, you must try to get as far as possible and if necessary, kill the enemies who want to attack you. It is considered a very traditional and even strategy game, which has controls to move easily and, also, to have excellent skills such as jumping, the correct use of the spear, etc. It also runs without the Internet on Android devices.

 Download “Hoplite”

 101 – Duet

It is harmonic arcade non online game that is based on controlling two colored balls that are located in opposite directions and are synchronized, so that they can move simultaneously as soon as you press the screen of your Android device. That way, the only objective will be to get the two balls to arrive safely at the end of each level, so you must concentrate on turning them correctly while moving. This game has a total of eight chapters and each one of them has five levels, maximum. It is considered a very interesting app to enjoy without spending mobile data or using WiFi.

 Download “Duet”

 102 – Dungeon Cards

To finish this complete list of the best entertainment solutions for Android that can be run without the Internet, we recommend enjoying Dungeon Cards, which is a card roguelike, where you will have to control an adventurer and in a way, be able to get the most Possible gold in a dungeon. As for the game system, it is completely simple because they will show you nine cards on the table, in which one represents the character you are handling and the other eight cards can be weapons, coins, potions, chests or even traps or enemies. Therefore, you must be very precise.

 Download “Dungeon Cards”

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