Breaking the Glass Ceilings – 12 Real Estate Marketing tactics for 2020

12 Real Estate Marketing tactics

12 Real Estate Marketing tactics

Marketing is the fuel to make any business flourish, and with the increasing trends of social media, every prospect of online marketing is also evolving. It is high time to filter out your specific plus points and help your business to grow through marketing those points to the core. Especially with real estate marketing, 2020 will be boiling with a greater number of agents who are grinding to grab online leads. To stand out from the rest of the competition, you need to create a unique value proposition and marketing setup for your target audience.

Following are the few latest tactics that would help in boosting your marketing: –

  1. Create Multiple Landing Pages

Having a single landing page for all your lead generation on the website or any platform is an old norm, it might be wise to have multiple landing pages, including:

  • A home value landing page: First page that any visitor will land exuding the home value of your brand.
  • A free content landing page: Creating this page will help visitors with free content of your product through an eBook, PDF, etc. that might grab visitors’ attention.
  • A home search landing page: Creating this page will facilitate users to search homes in their desired area.
  1. Keep it Simple and Clear

Any content about your brand online should be short, crisp, and precise. Length bores people. The crispier the content, the easier it would be for the audience to grasp important information regarding you.

  1. Adding Value by Marketing Value

Providing customers with small marketing pieces ensures their consistent value. For example, sending them emails with information about different updates on the tax law or investment properties will make your stay in their top-list, and they will view you as their go-to agent for all things related to the real estate business.

  1. A Set Strategy for Follow-Up Gesture

Mainly, a personalized one. Ensuring that your customer receives a personalized follow-up, mainly through calls or personal notes, really goes a long way. This not only leaves the customer supremely happy but also ensures that they become loyal to your Company in the long run.

  1. A System for Tracking

A perfect system of tracking goes a long way for your businesses. Ignoring the tracking of results may lead you to the ignorance of the assessment of what is working and what is not. What is important is that you invest in a real estate CRM that helps you in your lead generation activities and keeps your database and logs. An assessment after a specific interval to check the number of leads and referrals you have generated, over a specific time and graphing what you need to adjust for achieving a success growth are some important steps to make your business prosper. These assessments can be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Online Campaigns and Video Marketing

Unlike texts, videos are known to have a greater impact on the human mind. Especially, promo video templates, i.e. a short, crisp, and high-quality video containing important and engaging information and videos of your property can go places. With the use of various video making and editing websites and apps like InVideo and Vimeo, creating videos have turned out to be the easiest marketing task. You can post these videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube with the appropriate content for the target audience.

  1. Creating your Website with Messenger Bots

2020 is the year of Messenger bots, as it is a sure estimation that they would be used the most this year than ever. That is a green signal for you to start the exploration of various ways and methods to leverage from this amazing medium.

  • For booking appointments – Bot platforms have a special feature allowing you to sync your own calendar with them, It facilitates an easy booking for a free consultation or set up a time for productive talk.
  • Pre-qualifying a website visitor – Another feature acts like a time saviour for both, customers and you. It allows a prequalification of a website visitor and directly directs them to a landing page of their interest.
  • Offering addressed marketing materials – For example, bots can begin with a triggering question like, ‘What are you looking for?’ which would give you some info about the customers.
  1. Usage of Google Affinity

Google affinity are the clusters of users grouped by Google under specific interests or past behaviour. This also means that in 2020, you can cater to a segment of people looking for the purchase or sale of real estate by a keyword like- ‘your area real estate’. These would benefit your google ad campaigns 2020 by ensuring better results on search results.

  1. Host a Professional Event

Arranging events, seminars, or various broker events are always popular and garner a huge set of audience. These help in drawing people from across the spectrum of your industry and gives your properties the required exposure. It further facilitates and allows you to meet new people. Hosting professional events like these allows you to engage with people and form constructive relationships with potential prospects, which you would not be able to do otherwise, online.

  1. Get Remarketing!

When you try to re-target someone or some business who has already engaged with your business, it is called remarketing. Under this, you also want to make sure that you re-target a set number of people who frequently visit certain pages on your website. One of the great methods or tools for remarketing the usage of Facebook ads. For that, you just need to ensure that your website is loaded with Facebook pixels.

  1. Asking for Testimonials

As a businessperson, you should believe that every person is your future customer. And, it is a known fact that people rely on other people more than they rely on you as a company. Asking for testimonials from other customers and creating a good review base for your business is the best investment in your customer asset.

  1. Handling your Portal Listings

When it comes to online businesses, your portal listings will always be on the top list for the primary online marketing campaign for attracting potential buyers. Keeping it updated and ensuring its high visibility in specific categories and subcategories makes it stay on top of the list and hence, promises better business opportunities.