How To Clean Ceramic Cookware Efficiently?

How To Clean Ceramic Cookware Efficiently

How To Clean Ceramic Cookware Efficiently

Ceramic cookware is the alternative to regular non-stick cookware. People prefer buying ceramic cookware over non-stick cookware because of their benefits over such a small investment. One of such benefits of ceramic cookware is that it does not have any harmful and toxic chemicals.

Being made up of non-toxic chemicals and materials, ceramic cookware is best to use for cooking purposes. Many people face problems while cleaning ceramic cookware and feels that they will corrode the surface of the cookware.

Ceramic cookware must be cleaned with following certain precautions ensuring the safety of the material. In this article, we will be discussing how you can clean the ceramic cookware efficiently and how you can adequately take care of the cookware.

Cleaning The Cookware

While cleaning, you have to ensure that you do not damage the surface of the cookware. Cleaning has to be done safely to ensure that the quality, not the cookware, is not affected. Follow the steps given below to clean the ceramic cookware efficiently.

Follow regular cleaning with the dish wash

You need to wash the cookware regularly to ensure that the food does not stick to the cookware. Using a dishwasher is the best option to clean the cookware. While cleaning with cookware, you need to ensure you are a using the dishwasher that is compatible with your ceramic cookware. Before buying a dishwasher, make sure that you check the label for the compatibility.

Also, abrasive cleaners can destroy ceramic cookware. Cleaners such as steel and nylon should not be used for cleaning ceramic cookware. You can immerse the cookware in the fish wash for some time to remove stubborn stains. You can clean them by hands to prolong the life of the cookware.

Removing Burnt Food

While cleaning cookware, normal stains can be removed with regular cleaning using dish wash, but it can be a hectic task to remove burnt food. Soak the cookware in hot water for at least 30 minutes. This will also the burnt food to be removed later easily. Sometimes the burnt food may not be removed by soaking the cookware for then you need to use vinegar to remove the burnt food. Vinegar is a weak acid but can destroy your ceramic cookware if used in the large amount.

You need to mix vinegar with water when using it. Take a cup of vinegar and mix it with 4 cups of water. The mix should be boiled for 3-4 minutes. Now allow the solution to cool down. After the solution has cooled, take a non-abrasive sponge cleaner and use it to remove the burnt food that has stacked to the pan.

Using Baking Soda To Remove Stains

Apart from vinegar, baking soda has been used for the effective cleaning of cookware. Baking soda does the same work as though the vinegar. The only difference is that baking soda is less abrasive than vinegar. If you fear than vinegar might damage your ceramic, then you are on the safer side with baking soda.

To clean the stains, sprinkle some baking soda over the ceramic cookware and allow it to sit on the stains for half an hour. Make sure that while you sprinkle the baking soda, the cookware is wet. Now that you have left the baking soda to let sit on the cookware scrub then pan. Scrub the pan in a circular motion. Use a brush with soft bristles to scrub the pan so that it does not damage the ceramic cookware.

Remove the Stains properly. Now that hot water and rinse the cookware thoroughly with the hot water.

Drying The Ceramic Cookware

Dry the cookware after you have successfully cleaned it to ensure that it is not wet that when you use it next time. Take a towel used for cleaning dishes and used to dry out the cookware.

Taking Care Of Ceramic Cookware

Taking care of ceramic cookware is essential to increase its lifetime. With proper care of the ceramic cookware, you can ensure that is quality with not degrade over time. Follow these steps given below to ensure that you are taking proper care of ceramic cookware.

  • Clean the cookware before the first use. You should never make the mistake of using the cookware before washing it. When unpacking the ceramic cookware, you should know that the cookware has gone into various process to ensure safe delivery. Ongoing such processes, dust particles and germs get stick to the pan. Washing the cookware before the first use ensure that the cookware is safe to use.
  • Never let cookware be wet for too long. Allow the cookware to dry after you have washed it. You can use a dish towel to make sure that you do not leave any scratches while you dry it.
  • Use proper spoons and spatulas. It is crucial to make sure you are using non-abrasive spoons and spatulas while you cook food. Mixing vegetables requires spatulas. If spatulas you are using are made up of abrasive material can damage the surface of the ceramic cookware. Therefore, it is advised to use wood, silicone or plastic spoons and spatulas while you cook food with ceramic cookware. Avoid using any metal spoons. Also, a knife can damage the cookware if used.
  • Use oil to protect the surface. Oiling the surface can protect the surface from sticking of food. Oil does not allow food to stick on the surface of the cookware, which can later be easy to clean.
  • Cook on medium temperature. Cooking on high temperature can speed up the process of cooking, but it can also cause the food to stick on the surface of the pan. Cooking on a medium temperature ensures that the food does not stick to the cookware.
  • Before washing the cookware, make sure that they are cool. Never make this mistake of washing the ceramic cookware as soon as you have finished cooking. All the ceramic cookware to cool down and then wash it.
  • Store the cookware away from all other cookware. Keeping your ceramic cookware on top of any other cookware can also cause it to scratch. Therefore, it is recommended to store them at a separate place.