Top 5 Freelance marketplace to Start Online Career.

Freelance marketplaces are also known as outsourcing marketplaces. It is a proven fact that the distribution of resources and talents is not equal. There are some places which have plenty of support, but they lack in talent to utilize those resources properly. Again, some places are blessed with a lot of skills. But in the absence of proper support, these talents are futile. Exact matching of these resources and abilities is known to bring about high business results, and it can be possibly achieved through outsourcing marketplace.

The prime jobs of freelance marketplaces are to provide freelance projects for professional purposes. These virtual marketplaces function through websites which bring buyers and sellers of freelance projects together. These global markets match the resources and talents from across the world and provide lots of earning prospects to people who want to make fast bucks.

The functioning of a freelance marketplace is quite simple. Buyers and sellers of freelance projects are first required to select any of the freelance marketplaces that have a wide reputation and excellent business prospects. Then, they are required to create their profiles on their chosen websites. The pattern of the seller should include information regarding the range of services which are on offer. It should also include a sample of the works to be provided, rates and other details related to the provider. Here is the top 5 freelance marketplaces.

1. Upwork is one of the fresh free online job markets. This site is a blend of two of the most popular oDesk and Elance markets. Here the freelance employee can discover almost all types of jobs online. There are two types of jobs. One by the hour and the other one at a fixed price.

2. Fiverr

In my opinion, is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces on the Internet. Here the freelance needs to post a gig with all the clear instructions it can provide. If the customer is like this, he can begin ordering with 5 dollars. Then the customer can quickly get high-quality work at a low price. This is why this site is getting more and more popular every day. (Check more Review about Fiverr on Fiverr Reviews)

3. Freelance is another independent marketplace on the Internet. Here the freelance writer can get data entry work for high-level programming projects. There are thousands of clients and freelancers around the world. The new independent freelancers can quickly get the required jobs from here.

4) PeoplePerHour is an excellent platform focused on freelance web projects. If you are an article writer, the digital marketer, the graphic designer, a web developer, a SEO specialist, or even anything you like to work with the pursuit at the time. PeoplePerHour is worth checking out. Here you must post every hour and customers will buy this and pay you according to the set price. You can also find more online jobs for teens.

5) 99design

This is a marketplace for the freelance designers, its lets people compete in the design contests and also get comments as clients choose their best with high pay. It is an excellent way for gifted designers to show their skills and make big money.

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Characteristics of Top Freelance Marketplaces.

Online freelance platforms continue to give freelancers a chance to find jobs. In the same manner, the websites allow clients to get work done within a short period. Quality of service continues to rise as freelancers compete to get the attention of the clients. However, the freelance websites continue to increase. It becomes difficult for freelancers and clients to decide on the platform that gives the best service. On this website, we help you understand the features and characteristics of the best freelance websites. This might help you point out the freelance website that will provide the quality of service you desire.

Job Categories

Different clients need different types of work done. For instance, one client might want to find freelancers who can offer extra classes for children. On the other hand, another client might wish to a masseuse. Therefore, it becomes essential that a freelance website provides a wide range of services. The clients and freelancers can browse through the list of available professions and find a category that suits their needs.

Communication Channels

Efii provides you with a client’s or freelancer’s contacts in case you need to converse about specific details of the job. You must have a method of communication with the client or freelancer. The communication channels should be private and secure. It should be smooth and easy to use. You should have a way to contact the client through the platform.

Customer Care

A freelance marketplace should always be available for use. In cases when a particular feature fails, you should receive immediate help. Clients and freelancers should have a method of contacting customer care representatives in case something fails. Customer care service should always be online. Also, the customer care representative should provide information that is relevant to the problem. The solution provided by the representatives should help deal with the issue at hand.

Ease of Access

Accessing the freelance website should be easy. Most online platforms have mobile applications. These mobile applications allow freelancers and clients to operate and manage their accounts using their mobile devices. Therefore, the freelancers and clients can quickly post jobs, request jobs, interview for jobs, submit assignments, and provide reviews. Although this is the simplest method, freelancers and clients should also have easy access to the platform using web browsers. The platform should run smoothly and handle all the functions correctly.

Ease of Use

New clients and freelancers sign up to the platform each day. These unique sign-ups do not know how to use the application. However, the platform should be easy to use. This way, beginners can quickly get what they want. New clients can post jobs and hire freelancers easily. The freelancers can also find jobs that are relevant to their skills and communicate with the clients about the same.


A freelance website should not bring complications while you are handling work, especially if the work is urgent. You have to ensure that you use the platform with all the necessary functions and features. The user interface should be smooth and friendly to new and older users.