Mobile app marketing strategies to follow in 2019

One of the problems that a business faces after the development of the mobile app is its introduction to the world. However, the introduction is not the only problem that your mobile app might face. In the world where people are much discriminating about the apps they install and uninstall, its success hinges upon whether your app is able to stand out from the crowd or will it be a failure that does not provide any positive experience to the customers.

The competition of the mobile apps in the market means that marketers need to stay updated on the regular changes in the market and act with strategic marketing plans to open new gates for better opportunities for a business.

Here are some marketing trends that a marketer should follow for the successful introduction of the mobile app.

Defining app page of the app

Landing pages are one of the greatest tools used to motivate an individual to navigate your website or app store to download your app. Design a creative landing page for your website to compel the users before launching your app.

However, one thing to remember is that the easy your landing page is to navigate the better attention it will get.


Once you have defined your app landing page and developed your app, you are ready to start with your content marketing strategy. You can start a blog where you can share the latest updates and upgrades in your app or write on your businesses core services. This will make you an expert in your field, creating hype about your mobile app, boost your business’s online visibility and develop the interest of the users towards your mobile app.

Blogs are a place where you can communicate with your customers and share your experiences in the form of engaging written content. They’ll feel like a part of the process, and you can benefit from their feedback as they interact with the post.

Use social media

Adding social media in your marketing strategy is a great way to engage the target audience. Using social media to promote your app is the best way to get the attention of the audience through discussions focusing on the problems of the client.

Other than that, you can use animation video services to post engaging videos on YouTube or other social media sites. Moreover, you can connect with influencers on these social media sites to promote your app and request their followership for the app as well.

However, the key strategy is to make yourself to be significant for the customers to make the customer click on subscribe by posting original content. Be inventive in how you engage with the audience.

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E-mail marketing

Blog posts and social media websites can help you in adding to your subscription list which later can help in e-mail marketing. It is a perfect way to promote a business by sharing product details, updating the customers on upcoming events and getting in touch with your audience by sending birthday mail, requesting feedback and other such ways.

An example of it can be that of Uber or Careem, one of the fastest growing apps on the user base. All you have to do here is to click on a button, and you get a ride to wherever you need to go. The app such as Uber and Careem are very simple to use and requests to subscribe as well as ask for feedback through e-mails.

Build a community

Get in touch with the people who have already purchase your app and ask for their feedback. One way of getting known at the app store is to have more positive feedback about your app than your competitors.

Other than that you can build your own community by adding to Facebook groups and forums which can help your app to be popular and you can get an opportunity to know the uses of your app. The more you are able to contact with your audience, the better the chances you get to increase the user ship of the app.

Approach the audience with a video

Using animated videos for marketing an app can engage the audience on the emotional level. A video of 30 seconds telling about the hows and whys of your app and can grab the attention of the audience with a compelling call to action.

You can use animation video services to communicate with your audience through the screen and persuade them to download your app. Once you have created the video, you can post them on various social media platforms to promote your app. Moreover, animated videos can also serve the SEO purpose of the business. You can add keywords related to your business and link them to the app store.


Introduction of the app to the world is not enough. It needs to be promoted with outstanding marketing strategies to gain visibility. You need to remember that the user pays attention to details and the more visible your app is, the more chances it has to be downloaded.