Why boosting in WoW became so popular?

Why boosting in WoW became so popular

Why boosting in WoW became so popular

The development of boosting services has never stood still. Until a few years ago, boosts were considered a dishonest method of playing, and in the eyes of many players, such services were perceived as cheating. Today, the market for boosting services is huge, and thousands of players around the world entrust their in-game progress to professional gamers every day. In this text, we will analyze the reasons for the popularity of boosting services, their types, and types, as well as the most common categories of services using the example of World of Warcraft. You will also learn how to choose the right boost and which stores you can trust.

Which boosting services can you trust? 

Among the wide variety of boosting services, it is very easy to get confused and tricked. For this reason, you should only trust reliable services.

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How it started 

Boosting is not a new phenomenon. In almost every online game, some players offered their services for completing various challenges for money. In WoW, these services expressed themselves in the format of the cooperative completion of dungeons and raids. The player paid professional gamers large amounts of in-game currency and became part of an effective boosting team that can easily carry this player through all bosses at any difficulty level. Over time, the variety of such services increased and the commercialization of this process became inevitable. It became clear that boosting was becoming an important part of the video game industry around the world.

Why do players need a boost? 

The main reason for the existence of boosting services is the enormous size of the WoW itself. This game can take thousands of hours of free time, and this waste of time may not always pay off. The game does not guarantee the best gear drop no matter how hard you try. A rare flying mount has such a low unlock chance that even a week of playing with the sole purpose of obtaining it will not bring you any results. Many players prefer to either avoid such time-consuming activities or completely quit the game and go to other projects. In the latest Shadowlands Expansion, the number of complex gameplay mechanics and the required amount of farming of various resources and currencies has only increased. The popularity of boosting has also increased accordingly.

There are many different categories of boost services. Like the game itself, they can be divided into two main parts: PvE and PvP boosting.

PvE boosting combines many different gaming activities related to Player-Versus-Environment content. Especially popular are dungeon and raid boosts at high difficulty levels: heroic and mythic. Performing mythic dungeons and raids is one of the most expensive and at the same time demanded boosting services. Since a successful walkthrough of these instances at high difficulty levels requires a huge amount of free time and strong nerves, not all players are ready to complete them. Boosts help many players in this situation. Completing instances takes less time, the efficiency reaches 100%, and you can get various rewards without much difficulty.

In addition, PvE boosting is popular because it simplifies the process of leveling and gearing a character. For those who often create twinks, the boost becomes salvation from the monotonous and long-boring questing process. Now the preparation of a new character takes no more than a few days and significantly saves the nerves and energy of the players.

Boosting, which can be classified as “collectible”, is especially popular. There are countless transmogs, mounts, toys, and other rare collectibles in WoW. Some of them are so rare that they are considered to be legendary. And boosting services help to obtain these legends.

PvP boosting is the second kind of useful service. PvP has always been perceived by many players as incredibly nervous and difficult to master in WoW. The PvP community is considered “toxic”, and finding a reliable team takes a huge amount of extra time. However, PvP is not losing its popularity. The reason for this is a huge number of different rarest awards, for each of which players are ready to fight to the bitter end.

PvP is presented in several variants. World-PvP is the least popular and practically never occurs in the modern retail version, despite BFA’s attempts to revive this element of the game. Players prefer battles in 2×2, 3×3 Arenas, as well as Battlegrounds – a special PvP mode in which teams of 10 people fight each other. The reason for the popularity of PvP boosting lies in those characteristic elements of these activities that have already been listed: the difficulty of PvP and the value of the PvP-related rewards. Boosters are ready to reach any amount of wins in any chosen game modes, farm conquest, and honor points and improve ratings to necessary positions.