How to Use Law of Attraction for Mental Health

How to Use Law of Attraction for Mental Health

How to Use Law of Attraction for Mental Health

Manifesting anything can be really troublesome if you’re going through any mental health issues. But, did you know that you can also use the Law of Attraction for Mental health? Here’s how you can heal your mind with the help of the Law of Attraction.

There are many people out there who’re struggling with mental health. However, you can also use the Law of Attraction to heal yourself. Keep in mind that seeking professional help is also necessary if you want to get better as soon as possible to keep on with your manifestation.

Now, if you already have been doing everything your healthcare team has recommended, but don’t see much improvement in your mental health, then you can try using the Law of Attraction to fight against your mental health issues.

Before we get to the point, we’ll tell you what exactly the Law of Attraction means.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is to believe that if you give out positive vibes, the universe will bless you with positive results. Likewise, negative thoughts and feelings will always result in negativity from the universe.

The LoA works around the belief that thoughts and feelings act as a form of energy and that energy can also be used to attract good things in life, including getting your wishes fulfilled.

The following universal principles of the Law of Attraction will help you understand it better:

  1. Like attracts like:

It means that similar things or similar people are attracted to each other. It doesn’t only refer to a person’s personality or their way of thinking, and you can also attract negativity if you’re filled with negativity yourself. The same goes for positivity. If you’re positive, you’ll most likely attract positive things and people in your life.

  1. Removing negativity to make more room for positivity:

The LoA is about removing all your negative thoughts and feelings to make more room for positive things to take root. A mind cannot be empty, and there always has to be something inside it. And that “something” should be positive thoughts instead of negativity.

  1. Focusing on the present:

The LoA also suggests that focusing on the present is of utmost importance compared to focusing on the past or future. It suggests using everything in your power to improve the present moment. While it is true that the present moment would sometimes feel hollow or flawed, you should always try to find ways to make it better.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the act of using the power of your thoughts to attract what you desire in life. It can be money, love, peace, health or anything else that you desire.

It is an act that requires complete focus and faith that if you really want something, the universe will trigger a chain of events that will lead you to your desire. Keep in mind that willpower and positive thinking alone aren’t enough to attract the things that you want in life. There has to be some sort of action you need to take to trigger the manifestation. You can check out some of the best meditation techniques that will help you become better at it.

You also need only positive thoughts to manifest something. Having negativity in your mind while manifesting can be dangerous and might attract something negative in your life instead. This is why you need to do meditation to clear your mind from all negativity. Meditation for manifestation will help you bring positivity in your life and clear mental blocks to help you with your creativity.

5 Tips to Use The Law Of Attraction for Mental Health:

Now that you know what the Law of Attraction and Manifesting is, you’re ready to move on towards using them to improve your mental health. We’ve put together some of the tips below to help you better understand how to use the Law of Attraction for your mental health.

  1. Acceptance:

The first and most important thing you need to do is accept that you’re dealing with mental health issues, and you will recover in time. If you keep blaming yourself and feeling down because of it, you will end up attracting even more negativity in your life.

Also, it is important to not force yourself to feel better instantly. You have to keep it balanced and not give up on yourself. You have to be kind to yourself and take things slow. Build yourself up to improve your mental health. Avoid things or people that make you feel sad or down about yourself, and keep your eyes open for things that make you happy.

  1. Know that you’re trying to attract positivity:

Keep your mind focused on the fact that you’re trying to attract positivity in your life. If your mind makes you feel negative all the time or you’re being depressed, know that your heart always only wants positivity for you.

Keeping this in your mind will help you improve your mental health over time, and you’ll start seeing the good in your life steadily. Your heart is always ready to and waiting for the rest of your body and mind to heal so it can attract even more positivity in your life.

It will also help you deal with the situation where you might think that you’re not using the Law of Attraction properly and help you take things slow as you recover.

  1. Meditation:

Meditation clears your mind and is insanely good at improving your mental health based on scientific researches. You don’t have to meditate for hours every day. If you can just meditate for five minutes every day, then that is more than enough.

With time, you’ll eventually start meditating for more extended time periods, which will help you a lot in the long run.

Meditation is easy. All you have to do is focus on simple things at first, such as inhaling and exhaling your breath. You can also try staring at a candle’s flickering flame. You don’t have to shut your mind off from negative thoughts from the start. Let it pass, go easy on yourself, and you’ll be fine.

Once you’re a bit more experienced at meditation and start enjoying it, you can also try to use some visualization techniques to better your mind, which will also bring feelings of peacefulness and calmness to you.

  1. Do some workouts regularly:

You don’t have to spend hours lifting weights or doing exercises. Just doing a small light workout is fine, such as going out on a walk, practising a bit of yoga, or anything that makes you feel better.

Doing a workout regularly will help your body come to terms with your heart’s intention of bringing a change to your mood and mental health. Exercising releases feel-good hormones that are excellent in making you more positive about yourself. It will improve your natural vibration and will help you with your manifesting.

Keep in mind that you’re doing this to make yourself feel better, and keep doing it regularly. Even doing a workout for like 5 to 10 minutes is good enough to start with.

  1. Take a break:

If you’re looking to elevate your natural vibration, taking a break is an effective way of countering the negative thoughts in your mind. Take a break from all the toxic people in your life that make you feel down about yourself and all the things that you don’t like to do. You should also take a break from social media, TV, and the internet since all these things can bring you upsetting news and the feeling of not being as good as the others.

You don’t have to do it all at once. Gradually distancing yourself from all this is an effective method of making yourself feel better. Keeping this in mind, you’ll eventually try to move your attention somewhere else whenever you realize that the internet is making you feel negative or if you’re spending too much time doing mindless browsing.

Final Thoughts:

Doing all the things above will help you improve your mental and physical health over time. Keep things slow and steady, believe and trust in yourself, and you’ll be good in no time.

Also, seek professional help. Counselling can greatly improve the chances of you getting better. It is also important to talk about how you feel to others. Understandably, you might not want to disclose anything as you might be feeling worthless and annoying to your friends and family, but talking to others is a great way to make yourself feel light. It is also fine if you’re journaling, but talking to others is a much better option.

Give yourself time alone to reflect. If you don’t feel like doing something, then ditch it and if there’s something that you want to do, then do it. Keep in mind that it is all about you in the end. You have to do what you feel like doing.

Going out is also a great way of dealing with mental health. Going to the beach or the park might make you feel better and a lot clearer to pull off your manifesting.

Remember not to panic or feel bad if things don’t instantly make you feel better. Give it time, and have faith in yourself and the universe. If you just believe in yourself and put in a little effort, you might become better in no time.