Why Apple Devices are Great for Gaming



Let’s face it, when it comes to dedicated gamers, Apple is rarely a brand that gets mentioned. Instead, you’re more likely to hear names like Razer, CyberPower, and a list of others before you think of Apple. Apple has made no particularly forceful move to market itself as the next step in gaming. As far as handheld devices go, Nintendo has the monopoly there right now with the Switch, and when it comes to games, mobile games tend to pale in comparison to the rich worlds and extensive narratives that PC and console games offer.

And yet, a lot of traditional console and PC gaming franchises are migrating over to mobile phones. Maybe this is the start of the mobile gaming revolution. Maybe all the little underappreciated indie games’ efforts are finally paying off and smartphones are becoming accepted as a legitimate form of playing. If so, why should you choose Apple? As mentioned, they haven’t exactly leaned into the gaming sphere. What do they bring to the table that other brands don’t? We explore in this guide.

Powerful hardware

The latest iPhones, iPads, and Macs are known to have very powerful processors and graphics capabilities that can handle even the most demanding mobile games. The A-series chips found in iPhones and iPads are specifically designed by Apple for maximum performance.

Additionally, the graphics are improved with Apple’s Metal graphics technology, which provides developers direct access to GPU hardware, increasing efficiency and allowing more advanced effects and rendering techniques.

Great game selection

The App Store has a huge selection of high-quality games in all genres, from big AAA titles to innovative indies. Apple Arcade also provides a Netflix-style subscription for premium game content. The App Store has over 300,000 games in total, from big names like Minecraft and Fortnite to indie darlings like Monument Valley and Stardew Valley. Additionally, a lot of console games are coming to the mobile world, including Activision’s Call of Duty, Rockstar Games’ GTA series, and Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift. There’s great diversity in genres, from action to adventure to puzzle games. Check out this free Mac games download page for more options.

Optimization for Apple devices

Games released for Apple mobile devices are specifically optimized to take advantage of the hardware and OS capabilities. This leads to smooth performance and great graphics.

Additionally, you don’t need to rely on jabbing your fingers at a touchscreen to play. If you prefer the feel of a controller in your hand, Apple has added support for popular Bluetooth gaming controllers like the DualShock 4 and Xbox controllers. This allows for more console-style control options.

Apple TV support

Mobile gaming doesn’t mean limiting yourself to a mobile phone with Apple either due to their famed integration capabilities. For example, the Apple TV 4K is a powerful living room gaming device, allowing users to play games casually on the big TV screen. It can also pair with controllers seamlessly for essentially a cost-effective console at home. Plus, users can “handoff” games between devices like iPhones and iPads for a continuous experience as they switch screens.


But the point of mobile gaming is that you can do it anywhere. The massive App Store catalogue can be played anywhere since Apple devices like iPhone and iPad are portable. Play on the road or in the waiting room, wherever you take your phone.

Social gaming features

If you’re someone who plays games as a means of hanging out with or making friends, Apple is the device for you. Games can leverage Apple’s gaming-focused social features like Game Centre challenges. Co-op and local multiplayer on the same console are also available on some games.