Top Three Features Of A Good Gaming Modem



Games have been an integral part of our lives from the very beginning. Though, the games played have changed a lot in recent years. We have taken them into our virtual worlds. The video games programmed today are intended to give you a very immersive experience. Another influence that has become an essential part of today’s gameplay is the advent of the internet. Most of the computer games today are programmed with a multiplayer mode. This is to give the player a feel of real-time gameplay. This makes the whole gaming experience more immersive. You can check an excellent article on the best gaming modems on the market.

You can make teams, chat with other players, work strategically to win games, play the games in real time, and much more than that. All of this needs a reliable and stable internet connection. One momentary disconnection of the internet and all your progress will be gone. You can ask any gamer today about this and they will tell you the significance of a stable and reliable internet connection during gameplay.

The features of a good gaming modem:-

1. Downstream and Upstream Channels

When you see the package of any of the modems/routers carefully, you will be able to locate numbers like 8×4 or 32×8 or other numbers there. It is nothing but the number of upstream and downstream channels capacity the modem has. The first number shows the total number of downstream channels that the modem comes with, and the second number represents the number of upstream channels the modem has.

This associate to the total amount of download data that your internet service provider can offer. The upstream value is much lesser than that compared to that of the downstream bandwidth, as both ISP(internet service provider) and end-users are more interested in the downstream (download) speed of data rather than the upload speed. But you need not bother about this issue much because unless you are subscribing/buying the top tier internet packages of your internet service provider, your modem/router can handle all the connection speeds. If you are buying a gaming modem go for 16 or more downstream channels in the modems as anything less than that is either just outdated or underpowered.

2. Download and Upload Speed

This is an extremely important feature of any modem/router you go for. This factor decides how seamless and smooth your internet gaming experience will be. For example, the advertised value like 600Mbps makes no sense to a lay person.

Generally, the number given by your ISP say 600 Mbps is always the download speed for data on the internet connection and not the upload speed. So 600 Mbps represents that you can download a maximum of 600 megabits per second of data from your internet service provider. The upload speed is always a lot less compared to the download speed (about a quarter of bandwidth compared to the download speed).

The high-speed modems look promising and very tempting but it should be understood that they cannot download at higher speeds than what your than ISP provides and that too what internet plan you have subscribed for. Therefore, if you buy a gaming modem/router of 600Mbps of internet bandwidth capacity but your internet service provider can provide only a maximum speed of 100Mbps then you can download with a maximum of 100Mbps. Similarly, if you have subscribed for a 150 Mbps internet plan then you can download only at a maximum speed of 150 Mbps regardless of your maximum gaming modem or higher ISP speed plans on offer.  But at the same time, buying a gaming modem with higher features is a good idea for the future as the internet speeds will always increase over time due to advances in technology.

3. ISP Compatibility

This feature will help you get to know whether you will get an appropriate internet connection from your internet service provider with the modem you are going with. This has more to do with compatibility. Not all modems are well-matched with all types of internet service providers. Most modems/routers are designed to be compatible with cable companies providing internet connection services.

This is done to make sure that all their products have specific compatibility so that they can upgrade the firmware easily. You have three simple ways to check the compatibility of your modem with the ISP to want to purchase an internet plan from. The the easiest way is to check the compatibility on Google, and then go to the official website of the ISP you are interested in to look for your modem.

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The second method is that you visit the website of the modem company (these websites are made only for this purpose) to check its compatibility with your internet service provider. The last and most reliable method is to call your ISP and enquire whether the particular model of the gaming modem you intend to buy is compatible with their service. Here you can get a definite answer.

The first choice you would have to make before purchasing a new gaming modem is: do you need a new router/modem because in most of the cases, you may would already have the modem-router combo and you may just need to upgrade the modem.If you choose to renew the entire setup you can do so if you feel it is necessary. You must decide which category you want to choose.

Obviously, the new router will come with the latest tech and speed capabilities.If you have a router that is and is providing you with a fast serviceand stable internet connectionand is not too old, then only going for the new routerwould not be a wise decision. Also, modern modems have universal compatibility, allowing you to choose the modem of your choice without worrying about the router compatibility.

You also have an option to go for a cabled router/modem combo, which is called a gateway. These are devices that are very easy to set up. They get internet connection signals through the coaxial cable and then transmit it wirelessly (Wi-Fi) throughout the house. But these are not recommended for larger areas. They are ideal for small houses and apartments.

You need the gaming modem to have a stable and smooth internet connection all the time. The best gaming modem is manufactured and designed keeping in mind that you have to be provided with a lag-free and smooth gaming experience. This piece of electronic hardware is designed to be used rigorously. This is because once it is set up, you should not have any concerns anymore and you should enjoy an uninterrupted and enjoyable gaming experience.