Stars In Coin Master – What They Are & How To Get Them



There seems to be a lot of inquisitiveness about stars in Coin Master. Many beginners want to know what their significance is and how to get them. Before getting into the details, let me tell you that for each item that you build in a village you get a star. And for building each of these villages you need coins. You can check out how many coins you need to build each village by visiting Coin Master Village Cost List here.

For information on stars in Coin Master and how to get them, read on…

Why Do You Need Stars In Coin Master?

Initially stars in Coin Master did not have much of a significance except for the leader board. However, things seem to have changed when the new Cards for chests feature was introduced into the game.

As far as the leader board is concerned, the player with the most stars appeared at the top and the one with the least number of stars featured at the bottom. In order to check ou where you stand in comparison to your friends, your countrymen and other players around the world, all that you need to do is open the Menu in Coin Master and Click on Leader Board.

Furthermore, with the launch of Cards for chests features, it is not possible for you to trade your duplicate cards for chests and the number of stars that your duplicate cards bear, indicate the number of cards that you need to trade for chests.

How To Get Stars?

There are a couple of ways to get stars in Coin Master and here are some of those:

Build Items in Villages

One of the most obvious ways to get stars in Coin Master is through building items in villages. For each item that you build in a village, you earn 1 star.

Get A New Card In Your Collection

The second way to get more stars is by getting a new card in your card collection. This actually happens when you buy chests. I must mention here that the worth of cards varies between 1 and 5 stars. In other words, the minimum worth of a card is 1 and the maximum is 5.

Upgrade Your Pets

The last and final way to get more stars is by upgrading your pets. For each upgrade, you qualify for a number of stars. The more you upgrade your pets, the more stars you are likely to get.

Are There Any Benefits Of Stars In Coin Master?

It is but obvious that more stars help you climb up rankings on the leaderboard.

Apart from that, the more stars you collect, the better your chances are of getting missing cards.

Moreover, where players play as a team, the owner of the team might set a required number of stars as a threshold to qualify for being a team member. Thus, you might have to get a set number of stars to be a part of the said team.

Other than that, the number of stars you have just show your rank in Coin Master.

How Many Stars Do You Have?

I am sure by now, you want to check how many stars you currently have. In order to do so, just go to Menu and click on LeaderBoard to find out where you stand!