These Things Are More Important Than Your Standard Period Of Study



Standard study time is overrated. It is just a key figure that has very little to do with an interesting and valuable course of study. The problem is: Many students don’t know this and let this information dictate how they have to study.

The consequence of this is that our universities produce high-performing graduates who, on paper, can show a flawless course of study. But unfortunately, without interesting intermediate stations, without additional know-how, and without rough edges. A big monotony, without individuality but at least boring.

There are many things that are more important than adhering to the standard period of study and will bring you more happiness, satisfaction, and success in life in the long term. We have the most important points for you.

You Find Out What You Enjoy

Your studies are not a quick number for in between, which is only there so that you can just dust off a university degree. It is an important phase in your life and should contribute to your personal development.

During your time at the university, you will be faced with various challenges, and you will get to know yourself better. Use this time to find out what you really want and find your passion.

You Find Out What You Don’t Enjoy

Of course, the same applies the other way around: you will also have bad experiences while studying and think to yourself: ” That’s not for me.” or “I won’t do that again.” And also, you might come up with a solution right away. Like, for example, if writing essays is not your strong suit, you might suggest finding a suitable essay writing service for your needs.

But exactly these experiences are valuable for you and your future path. This is the only way you can narrow down what you want to do after your studies.

You Learn To Work Independently

Many courses are rigidly organized and have a tight course plan as a basis. You will be given a detailed description of what you have to do and how. If you manage to break out of this mass processing and get by on your own, you will become one thing: independent.

Many students and graduates neglect to work independently. They are good at execution but have terrible self-management. you do better!

You Gain Practical Experience

In order to be able to keep to the standard period of study with halfway passable grades, many students do without a part-time job or an additional internship. This makes the course a little faster, but it remains mostly theoretical.

In itself, that’s not a bad thing, because a course of study is academic education. Practical experience is not only helpful for your later career entry, but also a great opportunity for you to find out your own strengths and weaknesses.You Make Mistakes And Learn From Them

Quick question for you: Which people are stronger: the ones who have never encountered headwinds and for whom things have always gone smoothly? Or those who fell down in the meantime but got up again and still made it to the finish line?

Studying is a big learning process. And that’s where mistakes come in. All that matters is that you learn from your mistakes and move on.

You Build Up A Large And Strong Network

Relationships are at least as important as know-how. The higher you climb later in your career, the more important your network becomes. That’s why you should start building and expanding your network as early as possible.

Your studies are the perfect opportunity to do so. Because nowhere else will you get to know so many prospective decision-makers from your industry intensively over a longer period of time.

You Learn To Take Responsibility

If you dare to design your studies individually and take your liberties, you not only promote your organizational talent. You will also learn what it means to take responsibility for your actions.

You will have to make difficult decisions and you may make mistakes from time to time. But over time you will get used to it. The development will start in you that will make you an independent and self-confident person. And faster than through any rigid course.


Your standard length of study is not as important as you might think. Actually, it is not important at all, but nothing more than a political instrument to chase you through your studies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What has been left behind: you. You and your individual training. Don’t let the standard study period drive you crazy and put you under too much pressure. It is just a small metric and not a requirement that you must meet at all costs.