Quick Games To Play Online When You Are Bored 

Quick Games To Play Online

Quick Games To Play Online

Boredom has a quick solution now. How about some games? 

There are junctures in our busy lives when we have to kill some time, but don’t want anything too time-consuming. It’s the moments like waiting for a bus, a boring meeting, and similar things. Here, you want to play something but don’t want to engulf your concentration completely into it. It’s just some light entertainment that you want. Instead of playing a full-fledged action game with a story, you can simply open a quick online game.

The World Wide Web is overflowing with quick online games. Game developers keep uploading these 2D game illustrations every now and then. You must have come across these games as pop-ups on your screen, but might not have tried. So, this would be a good time for you to try one of these games. Let me warn you, these quick online games are really addictive. I went in for research and ended up spending half a day playing some of these. Well, I am sure you have better self-control than me. So, here are some of the best quick games to play online when you are bored.


It’s a legend in the world of quick online games. QWOP is a very simple game where the goal is to successfully run 100 meters. The task is simple, your part isn’t. It is you who has to control the calves and thighs of the runner to make him run. Frankly, it took me a while to push him out of the start-line, but well, it was a good laugh that I had.

2. Clicks Test

Sometimes you just want to move your fingers without really thinking about someone judging your scores. You can simply open Clicks Test and start clicking. It will display your CPS (Clicks Per Second) after completion of the given time. If not anything, you would at least get good practice for bigger gaming tournaments.

3. Clash Of Clans PC

Clash of Clans for PC is an online, multiplayer game. It is one of the most popular games in the world because it presents players with a unique strategy to beat their enemies. They must collect resources, form defenses, and attack their opponent’s bases.

This is a popular mobile app for Android and iPhone users. In the game, players can build a base, a village, or a castle that they can defend from attackers. Players collect resources to build up their defenses and use them to attack other players.

Clash of Clans is a mobile game that allows players to raid and pillage with friends. It has been downloaded over 10 billion times and continues to be popular with players around the world thanks to its addictive gameplay.

4. Entanglement

If you are looking for something to play when you are stressed, Entanglement could be a nice option for you. The ultimate goal is to trace the longest path through the tiles you place. The tiles are generated randomly. But, you would get enough options to complete your goal.

5. Gridland

Gridland is a twisted version of a match-three game. Here, you can play in two phases. The day round is to match and gather resources. The night round is where you match and fight off invaders. Time progression is based on your moves. It’s a fun game with a little bit of cleverness.

6. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is one of the most popular clicker games today. It’s really basic. I won’t even have to tell you the rules. I bet you would get it the very moment you step in. The goal is to produce as many cookies as you can. That’s done by clicking a cookie. That’s it. These cookies can be traded to buy power-ups for task automation.

Final Words

Here, you have the rescuers for your moments of boredom. Do let me know which of these you enjoyed the most.