How to Kill Boredom in WoW Classic

How to Kill Boredom in WoW Classic

How to Kill Boredom in WoW Classic

Aspects of WoW Classic can grow tedious over time, so here’s some activities to keep you in the game. 

No matter how passionate you are about World of Warcraft, odds are you are going to get a bit bored at some point. After all, if you’re going around grinding your levels and racking up WoW Classic gold, then you are going to need something new to do to break up on monotony. If that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, then here are a few tasks you can do.


How effective roleplaying is when trying to kill boredom lives and dies by how imaginative you can be. You might already have an idea of a bit of lore or backstory that your character has, and you can let this imagination blossom in WoW Classic. You will find guilds and groups that dedicate themselves to roleplaying, forging their own journeys and adventures based on what they have come up with about their characters. As you continue to write your own story, the sky is the limit as to how far it goes.


In many an RPG game, we have seen fishing being implemented as often an optional pastime for the player to engage in. Whilst it is a beloved way of killing time for many, there is also an aspect to it in WoW Classic that makes it worth your while. It has been treated to quests and features in many an update or expansion and has as much purpose if not more than any other game of a similar ilk. If you are just looking to chillax for a while, or you want to make progress in a profession, then grab your gear and head over to the nearest fishing hole.

Explore the World

One advantage that WoW Classic has against the retail version is the way the layout is presented to you. In retail, you have a much more linear approach in which you go from one zone to another as you level up. Sure, this is a lot more convenient when you are trying to progress through the game. However, WoW Classic gives you more of an opportunity to stray off the main path, and take in some sights that you may have missed. There are hidden quests, treasures for your WoW Classic bags and much more out there waiting for you in the undiscovered lands. So why not take a bit of a detour and check out something that you may have missed before?

Starting your Own Business

This is a great activity that you can even tie into the roleplaying suggestion we mentioned earlier. Once you have a profession of choice, you can use your skills to start your own little business. Rather than just selling your creations on the Auction House or to vendors, you can recognize that players are actually willing to pay for what you are selling. So, if you are saving up for something special, then why not make the most of what skills you have? Get yourself over to a busy street and get your wares selling like hotcakes. There’s a lot to save up for in the game, so start piling up your own WoW Classic gold using your profession.


Alternatively, if you don’t fancy starting your own business then you could consider creating a guild. That said, businesses and roleplaying can also factor into this here as well. If you have a group of friends who you wish to go out and adventure with, then you could choose to start your own guild.

Imagine running through a raid with your comrades beside you in the name of your very own guild. There is of course plenty of endgame content for you and your guild to contend with also. If that isn’t really your style, and you would like to build on the previous business point we made, then a guild can also help with that. You get a lot of trade guilds in WoW Classic, which focuses solely on selling WoW Classic items.


There’s always the option of scrapping with another player as well in Player vs. Player combat. There are a number of unique and exciting ways for you to engage in PvP in WoW Classic. Whether you’re seeking out those who oppose your chosen faction or you’re recruiting friends to take on Stormwind, this is definitely a great method to cure any tedium you’re experiencing.

Taking the time out to enjoy some of the other content WoW Classic has to offer can be very advantageous. It will not only enhance your overall experience, but will also help you to overcome any boredom you may be experiencing, and keep you engaged in the world that the game has to offer you.

Have you tried out any of these WoW Classic activities to kill the boredom? Then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!