Equality under the system of laws and the context of George Floyd


Equality under the system of laws and the context of George Floyd

Why do we have the right to cast a vote in a polling station to opt for a government. For definitely they would be bringing positive changes in society and the whole process of administrative machinery will be working great. But what if the the civil forces, the forces of law and order, Solicitors Near Me and the powers that be, together with other official regulations in a particularized domain itself are racially biased from the surface will they be still providing you the abode of equality. When the law enforcement officers who helds laws in their hands are not able to keep the devoutness of others, what your ideas would be for such an administrative framework. Where the law enforcement officials, just bring out the sanctity of law, all publicly before you.

The arbitrary exercise of power

Do the states in the world bring out law specific and varying to the persons who have a change of color in their skin. Is it really in accordance with the fact that the legislature of one’s state orders the different bills for white and different for the black. Doesn’t the state of all renowned countries declare to arrest a citizen without warrant or ability to go under the courts to acquire the aid and to get the official power to make legal judgements from No Win No Fee Solicitors or any other legal executive. It equally does.

The principle of legal egalitarianism

The fact of the matter, that the USA government where the bills of rights were brought out. Along with the police brutality act with George Floyd is all before you which has just taken place on 25 May 2020. Where an African American in the USA was killed by using counterfeit banknotes of twenty dollars. Does the law of any state allow its law enforcement agency to kill a person for such an act of crime. For sure it was a crime and definitely deserves the ounce of punishment. But putting a knee on the neck continuously for nine seconds before the public where the police are being under the fact of observation in the media.

Every person has equal footing with respect to governmental authority

As a matter of principle, inequality on the basis of creed, color, status, the forces of law and order directly doubts the person who is not usually in the color as that of black. Police themselves make it all easy to perceive that they are more doubtful. Concerning the fact that they are not that much financially strong, their employment, and more importantly their population ratio.

 Rule by a dominant majority

We can see clearly that rules of majority is authority is being domineering in the world today where the minorities of specified groups based on color, creed, blood and religion can’t basically enjoy the right as that of majority. On the subject that, the seats of the majority are already higher in the system by which a state or community is governed and the head of state itself belongs from the higher status and basically they are the one who makes the law, appoints the positions for cabinet, administration and the jurisdiction.