Is Life Possible Without Smartphones


Is Life Possible Without Smartphones

Life basically does not have direct connections with technology as in the form of smartphones. Basically as we share most parts of the technological innovation through this medium. But the question of possibility without life, in apparent way it is somewhat bewildering. But somehow not straight to the point without an intermediary. Life will absolutely be fine without smartphones because we all know the basic requirements for life is food, water and air and not the other way around. The question here is what and how much life possibly be affected without smartphones. Concerning the matters where people are already enormously addicted towards smartphones, a whole lot of businesses are working over it. Moreover now it is a source of earnings, education and telecommunications. The answer to the context can be determined through this text.


Telecommunication is what you first notice about any mobile phone. The very primary motive of making phones. To subside the duration of time which was taken to deliver a single piece of message with enormous waste of time and money. We had taken possible calculations whether we could survive on the obsolete methods of delivering messages through pony express. Concerning today’s conditions where we cannot afford a delay of mere seconds in delivering messages from person to person within the same building. There might be a delay in sending all the important letters and messages to the all important officials. And for those who waste their all precious time on the phones while doing nothing good but the unconstrained conversation for all that matter.

Net pay

There are a vast number of people including men, women and children doing their jobs on online platforms. If Smartphones will simply dissipate from our life things were certainly not going to stay that way as it seems to be. The great ratio of population will be having great sums of intricacy. Smartphones here are a major part of the job description for any respectable citizen. The idea to take out mobile phones here is out of the question, and none would stand this point on their own concord, none at all.


It is the very smartphone who has brought fun and entertainment into our life. It was the very smartphone which was only capable of making you jovial out of desolation. The most and another fundamental unit of any smartphone is its service to entertain its users. Today there are thousands of people from kids to olds who merely buy their phones for the sake of entertaining purpose. Where today we can see the highest possible chipsets available in the Honor Mobile Phones providing you augmented reality. Here in the case of entertainment we might presume it does not hold a great importance here in this medium.


Today in this period of time, dozens of phones are being launched every single course of time for further information on the matter check out the website of Mobile Mall Bangladesh. But again the question, where life would be possible. For some people it clearly is. But again there are those whose addiction is perplexing where they spend most of their time on variousĀ  collections of pages on the world wide web, taking stories from the highest most efficient phones like Vivo Mobiles and continuously posting day to day on social media accounts.