What Headlight Bulbs Do I Need?


What Headlight Bulbs Do I Need

Working on your vehicle can be a fun and rewarding experience. It is also a good way to save a little money. All you need to do is buy tools once then pick up the auto parts you need. Compared to paying for labor, it can be a serious saving. Changing your headlight bulbs is one such job that anyone can do. However, one challenge can be finding the right parts.

How To Identify Your Headlights Part Number

You can find the OEM parts number in your vehicle service manual. However, depending on the vehicle, you may not be able to buy the part anymore (at least not at a reasonable price). Plus, aftermarket options are often cheaper and better.

Another way to find the right part is to go to the website of an auto parts store like AutoZone. They have a tool that lets you look up the parts based on the make, model, year and engine (the latter doesn’t matter for headlights, of course). If you are uncertain about any of the answers, you can even look up your parts using the vehicle VIN. It is a very easy way to find the right headlights for your needs.

Ask an Auto Parts Store Near You

If you prefer the human experience, just head to an auto parts store near you. Most of the time, the associates are very friendly and will be happy to help you. Again, if you opt for a major brand like AutoZone, there is a high chance they will even have the part in stock. Plus, you can often order online for in-store pick up if you prefer that option.

Replacing Your Headlight Bulbs

Learning how to change a headlight is very simple. Keep in mind that the process may be slightly different depending on the car and type of lights. However, these are the general steps:

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. Find the right bulb. Most vehicles have separate bulbs for high and low beams. So, make sure you know which is which.
  3. Access the bulbs from the engine compartment by unscrewing the headlight bulb assembly. This is normally a quarter turn to undo.
  4. Remove the bulb. This could be like changing a lightbulb in some cars. However, in many, it is a complete assembly that you replace in full.
  5. Replace the assembly and tighten it in place.
  6. Repeat on the other side. You should always replace both headlights at once.
  7. Reconnect the battery and check your work. You may need to look closely since you will presumably be working during the day.

Replacing your headlights is easy. Anyone can learn to do it, even if you have never fixed anything before. Plus, the process requires basic hand tools at most (many cars don’t require tools at all).

Repair Your Vehicle Today

Repairing your vehicle is a good way to learn more about it. You will also enjoy the rewarding feeling of fixing your possessions. So, grab new headlights and fix your car or truck. You can do it all with a few parts from the local automotive store.