Caring For Your Furnace This Fall



Our furnaces are like the hearts of our homes.  We depend on them to keep our homes and families warm and run smoothly, not to have to worry.  After a long summer of not being put to use, it’s not the best idea to assume that your furnace will still work.  Either debris build-up, or mechanical failures, may have occurred and could put your entire home at risk.  To avoid fires, cold weather, and an expensive fix- here’s how you should be caring for your furnace the moment fall slips in.

Check filter

Check your filter!  Although it’s advised that most homeowners change out their filters every three months of use, this number depends on how many irritants are in the air.  If you take a look at your filter and it’s nearly clean, you can wait longer.  If you have pets, use your fireplace, or live in a dustier area, you’re more likely to need to replace your filters often.  Take a look at your filter before starting up your furnace for the season.

Clean Vents

Clean out your vent and furnace.  Remove any debris or dust that you may find, and ensure the surface is completely dry afterward.  This action helps your filter last longer and will ensure that nothing gets into your air that might be an irritant.

Check for Drafty Windows

Check your home for drafts.  If any areas always seem colder, check the doors and windows near there to see if they’re leaking in cold air.  This step will help you save money and cause less strain on your furnace.  You can detect these drafts’ location by using the candle technique, where a flicker of the flame on a candle can show from where a draft is coming.

Go Over Changes In Electricity Costs

If your electricity bill has gone up this fall, but your usage is the same, there may be something wrong with your furnace.  Take the time to rule out any leaks or drafts, check that your rates haven’t gone up, and then check to make sure your furnace is running correctly.

Test Run It

Before the temperatures drop and you find yourself in desperate need of your furnace, please give it a test run to ensure it works well.  Run it for long enough to ensure it can raise the temperature a degree or two, and check your vents to make sure nothing’s wrong.  If it works just fine, you could be set for the winter!  If not, then there’s one more step you need to follow, so you don’t have to go looking for real estate.

Have a Professional Visit

If your furnace isn’t running correctly or want to be extra careful with the upcoming winter, call a professional.  The best time to do this is before the temperature drops.  This idea is the reasoning behind checking out your furnace early.  The longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive it’ll be to get a repairer to your home.  Check your furnace before the weather turns, and you won’t have to wait in long lines while your home freezes.