How Smart Office Design Will Increase Workplace Productivity.

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home office

Your workspace’s design can influence how your employees focus on various tasks and how they do them. You can increase the business output by merely altering the office design. A great office design should focus on creating a positive environment to improve the focus of the employees.

1. Desk and Chair.

Workers who use an office sitting at a desk for many hours and hence it’s good to have features that promote their health. If you ignore these factors, you will end up straining your employees and make them stressed. When using a desk chair, feet should rest flat on the floor or a footrest. The chair should recline slightly to avoid lower back pain. It is your responsibility to ensure that the distance between a computer’s screen and the users’ eyes is 24 to 36 inches. The top of the computer screen should be even with the eye level.

To have a smart office, consider purchasing adjustable chairs so that each employee can set the chair to a proper height. You can apply riders on your office desks to adjust monitor heights because different employees have varying heights. The use of auxiliary keyboards helps to keep hands and wrists comfortable when typing.

2. Lighting.

Employers may experience adverse impacts if they work in a poorly lit office space. People may experience fatigue, headaches, irritability, and eyestrain when they sit in dark or poorly lit offices. Darkness may also cause depression in some people.

Poorly lit office spaces can harm employees. People may experience eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, and irritability when they sit in dark areas. Darkness can even lead to depression in some people.

A smart office should be fitted with exceptional lighting fixtures to provide enough lighting. It’s advisable to use natural light bulbs whenever possible

3. Colors.

Unknown to many, color can have a significant impact on how the human brain functions. If you pay attention to colors in an office, you can improve the employees’ moods and productivity. Although blue is known to make people feel more productive, avoid using one color predominantly. Instead, you can install floor tiles in a blue pattern and paint the walls blue. Encourage your employees to bring personal items that have inspiring colors to the office and add elegance to their workspace.

4. A Variety of Areas.

In most cases, workers are likely to use the same desk all through. However, someone always feels more productive when they change the work areas. Having other office amenities within your business, such as breakout rooms, lounges, conference rooms, and lobbies, will make employees more productive. Employees increase focus and concentration when they move around the office while working.

5. The Power of Nature.

The surrounding of any office has a profound effect on their productivity. The shades on the office windows should remain open to allow the office occupants to glimpse the outdoors. Nature-themed pictures painted on walls as part of décor makes an office more habitable. Adding plants is another excellent idea to help employees feel more comfortable in the office. People will feel happier and more productive if you include live plants in the office.

6. Noise Level.

Too much noise can negatively affect your employees’ productivity. High noise levels distract employees and make them anxious. This diverts their focus and concentration. You can provide noise cancellation headphones or play white noise to keep off ambient noise.

Office design is vital for the productivity of employees in any office. A smart office is meant to help employees feel empowered or energized to work.