Planning Your Round-the-World Journey with One World Multi-City Flights



When it comes to exploring the confines of the globe, few things are as thrilling as embarking on a Round-The-World (RTW) journey. Planes have shrunk our world, and now it’s possible to traverse the diverse terrains of the earth with relative ease. One of the most efficient and effective tools for organising such a sprawling adventure is the Oneworld multi-city flight network. It hands globetrotters a nearly unlimited buffet of travel options.

As you work toward making your RTW trip a dream, here’s a little insight into planning your global voyage experience by making your epic journey with Oneworld’s multi-city flights.

What is Oneworld?

Oneworld is an impressive alliance of 13 leading airlines worldwide committed to offering top-notch services and a seamless experience across their comprehensive global network. These airlines fly to more than 1,000 destinations in upwards of 170 countries. The alliance includes carriers like British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

How Can Oneworld Make Your RTW Journey Simpler?

Oneworld offers an outrageously straightforward approach to make your RTW voyage simple and convenient. This tactic comes in the form of Oneworld Explorer – a product designed for extraordinary multi-continent travel.

1. Oneworld Explorer:

Oneworld Explorer allows you to delve into the network of Oneworld airlines, offering flights to a plethora of destinations in hundreds of countries. You can choose up to 16 different segments (flights) within your trip with an excellent user-friendly online tool—a personal tour conductor, right in your palm!

2. Customisable Routes:

With Oneworld multi-city flights, the complexity fades away. You’re free to chart routes as per your fondness. There is only one rule — you must start and finish in the same country and travel in one global direction — either eastwards or westwards.

3. Superb Flexibility:

Enjoy flexibility with your dates and destinations. If your travel plans shift, you can easily modify your schedule (although changes might incur extra fees).

4. Elite Statuses & Rewards:

Frequent flyers can strike gold with Oneworld member airlines; you can earn air miles on eligible flights, even hopping from one carrier to the next.

How to Plan Your RTW Journey?

It’s not every day that you plan such a massive escapade. Here are some steps that can guide your planning process.

1. Start with Why:

Determine the purpose of your trip. Are you hoping to soak up new cultures, satisfy the adrenaline junkie in your heart, or feed your culinary curiosity? Your interests should guide your route planning.

2. Sketch Your Route:

Use the Oneworld Explorer tool to begin at your home airport, go round-the-world and back home again. Remember, the direction should always be one-way, either eastwards or westwards.

3. Research Visas, Vaccinations, and Safety Tips:

Ensure you’re prepared for every aspect of international travel, from Visas to Vaccinations. Every country has its requirements; research well about these necessities for a smooth journey.

4. Accommodate Enough Downtime:

While cramming as much as possible into your itinerary is tempting, remember the importance of downtime. These breaks will keep you refreshed and amplify your travel experience.

Jet-setting across the globe, unfurling the layers of the world’s enigmatic charm with Oneworld’s multi-city flights is as thrilling as it might be. Consider this your guide when planning a world journey. Embark on this adventure and return with tales of enchanting escapades, fascinating cultures, and exotic cuisines. So why wait? Your world awaits!

Today, fold the map, stow it away, and instead, take the globe into your hands and wander where your heart wishes. Contact your local expert travel agent to help get your planning underway. And remember, whenever you want to rendezvous around the world, Oneworld is ready to fly you away!