Texas Car Shipping: What are your Options?

Texas Car Shipping: What are your Options?

Texas Car Shipping: What are your Options?

Car shipping in Texas is a needed service that helps people and businesses move vehicles across the state efficiently. Whether you’re relocating to cities like Houston or Dallas for the summer, require your daily drive for your vacation, or need to transport vehicles for work, reliable companies are often present so you can have a safe and timely delivery. See info about auto shipping on this site here.

In Texas, many experienced companies specialize in car shipping. They offer different options, like open-air transport for regular vehicles and enclosed trailers for more valuable cars, depending on the preferences of the owners. You can find one that’s more affordable and efficient that’s going to cater to your needs.

What are your Options?

Promises Price Lock Guarantees

There are a lot of options where you’re able to lock in the price on the day of the booking, and it won’t change regardless of the demand. This just means that the company will handle the price increase which can be up to 20% higher than the original quote.

You can also get free car washes and excellent customer service with them, and they have a background of the best drivers. They don’t tend to cut corners as well when it comes to their drivers’ performance, and they make it easier for their customers to make insurance claims.

Great Network

There are also the ones that are available in more than 50 states and offer military discounts. They are carefully vetting most of their drivers, so it would be a seamless experience regardless of where the customers are shipping their cars from. Others are offering a gap coverage package where the customers are given at least two days to inspect if there were additional damages to their vehicles, and they can cover thousands of dollars when there’s a need for a claim.

Economy savers are also going to let thousands of their carriers bid for your job before the shipment date, which means that you can enjoy very low prices. These are excellent choices if you’re doing car shipping from Texas to other states. They can also give you discounted rates if you’re not in a hurry to ship your car.

Carrier vetting with their massive networks includes making sure that the drivers have undergone a background check and that they are registered and licensed. They also verify that the driver can operate and cross state lines and that they have the required authority to do so. Ratings should also be above 95%, and there should be insurance. Occasionally, customers may come across a bad apple in the industry and there’s a do-not-use list feature that’s available for those.

Reliable Companies

You can also call the ones that have been in business for decades with thousands of happy customers. They have 24-hour customer service with customizable packages. There are free cancellations when your automobile has not been picked up, there’s no need for upfront payment, and you can rely on them to offer you below-average prices.

All-inclusive pricing can also be a feature that they include, and there’s extra safe transit where they can offer door-to-door delivery without extra charges. Express shipments and guaranteed dates can also be possible, and they can also customize their offers according to your budget. After selecting the right carrier, below are some tips that can help you get a more hassle-free experience.

Preparing Your Car

Wash the exterior and clean out the interior to make sure any pre-existing damage is easily visible. Take note of any existing scratches, dents, or other damage. Document these with photos and written descriptions. You should also remove all personal belongings from the car, including electronics, valuables, and important documents. See info about removing scratches in this website: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-remove-a-scratch-on-your-car/.

Ensure that there are no leaks from the engine, transmission, or any other components. Disable any car alarms to prevent them from going off during transit, and make sure your tires are properly inflated to prevent any damage during loading and unloading.


Make sure you have the car registration and title are kept in handy, as the shipping company may require them. Verify your current insurance coverage and check if the shipping company provides additional insurance during transit. You also need to provide accurate contact information to the shipping company for easy communication during transit.

During Pickup

Conduct a final inspection of your vehicle with the shipping company’s representative present. Note any discrepancies and ensure they are documented. Sign the Bill of Lading because this is a crucial document that outlines the condition of your vehicle at the time of pickup. Make sure to review and sign it.

After Delivery

Upon delivery, inspect your vehicle thoroughly for any new damage. Document any issues and report them to the shipping company immediately. If there are any remaining payments, settle them as per the agreed terms. By following this comprehensive checklist, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free car shipping experience from start to finish.