Patnitop Places to Visit



Patnitop is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Udhampur district near Srinagar for its scenic beauty. There are many places in Patnitop where you can go but follow is the list of top Patnitop Places to Visit:

Nathatop: It is a very beautiful place for those who want to admire the beauty of nature as it is covered with lush green places. You would also find it surrounded by snow-covered peaks of mountains that make it the best to visit. You can enjoy skiing and paragliding to have a thrilling experience during your visit to Patnitop. You can look for the Hotels in Patnitop in order to go there often as there are many hotels near this place.

Naag Mandir: One of the spiritual places that attract the greatest number of people towards it as this place is most visited during the Naag Panchmi festival of India. Naag Mandir is dedicated to paying respect to snake cobra that has a great value in Indian mythology. It is also covered by lush green fields that give simply the best and peaceful views to the eyes of the beholder. You can choose our Best Hotel in Patnitop to stay here as it is easier to reach Naag Mandir from our hotel.

Billoo ki powri: It is a 270 steps staircase that is visited by almost every person who comes here to Patnitop. There are no such traces that can justify the origin of this place but it is still the best offbeat place to visit here in Patnitop. There is a town called Batote that was built by the king of Chenani and these steps are a way to that town. Most of the hotels in Patnitop are very near to such tourist spots so that you could reach them quickly.

Kud Park: People who are willing to enjoy their trip with their families should visit this place as it offers a soothing and relaxing experience to all. You can enjoy the beauty of this place as it is green and covered with beautiful around it that gives peace to your mind. You can come here with your family and it is one of the best for couples to visit as you can find a romantic atmosphere here.

Madhatop: This place is located at the height of 2024m and it is a real treat for the eyes of the beholder and it is one of the best choices for trekkers. The place remains fully covered with snow and people can enjoy the white snowy scenes of the mountains. Honeymooners should always visit this place as it will fill your life with joy and you could be able to start your new life with a peaceful mind.

Shiva Ghar: This Mandir is located at the height of 3500m and people can trek to this place from Patnitop. It is 11km away from Patnitop and it is the best place to trek for as you will reach the spiritual place dedicated to Lord Shiva. Trek lovers would always find it the best place and you can hire trekking equipment easily from the shops set by the tourist department.

In order to enjoy your visit to Patnitop, you must visit all the above-mentioned places as these are the must-visit for you. You cannot visit all these places in one day hence you will have to stay here in Patnitop and visit these places one by one. You can book your room at our Best Hotel in Patnitop and visit these places easily as all these places are in your reach from our hotel rooms.