How to Make Cartoon Video? 

We have stepped into a new world where every aspect of life is continuously innovating. In the past, people used to market the products physically but it has changed altogether. Similarly, advertising and marketing have also been conducted by using these ways. There are a large number of users who are using this source.

Apart from that, in the following lines, we are telling you about the procedure of making cartoons by using the cartoon maker platform. Additionally, this is a very productive way to market the product. How to make cartoon video? Doratoon is an effective way to make cartoon videos easily.

What is Doratoon

Doratoon is one of the best platforms that help you with video animation. As we discussed earlier, there are plenty of beginners that are struggling with this issue. Doratoon is exclusively created to capture the market of these learners and bail them out from the deficiencies of video automation.



The website has a very easy interface even the layman can also explore the necessary attributes of it. There are numerous specifications of Doratoon including the best services that prove significance with the animation online. In addition to this, the video creator offers 500MB storage capacity to the users to facilitate them with the handy storing capability.

Main Specifications of Doratoon

There are many features that doratoon offers to its clients and all of them are amazing. Most of these qualities are offered by the rivals of the service provider at higher rates. Nevertheless, doratoon is a free service provider and assists beginners with video animation. To cut it short, the following are the key specifications.

  • Add Subtitles

It is important to mention here that the user can insert the subtitles in the video by clicking on the subtitle button. This is an amazing option because it will help the video creator with catching the attention of the audience.

  • Animated Characters

In doratoon, there are plenty of animated characters available. The website tried to capture the entire practical field. For example, business character, common character, and professional character. The video creator has full liberty to choose the desired character to make the cartoon.

  • Material Alignment

The management of text is very difficult but doratoon has made it user-friendly for people by adding the specification of adsorption. You can align the text with the help of gridlines that become visible and manage the text efficiently.

  • Format Painter

There are few readily available sounds on the doratoon. On the other hand, the user can upload his voice on the website also. You can record it by using the microphone. Besides this, by using Artificial intelligence synthesis, you can convert the audio into texts without any difficulty.

  • Management of text

This is another top-tier attribute as it offers the user to manage the text as per the requirement. It is imperative to highlight here that this factor helps the creator in catching the attention of the audience. High-quality text enhances the engagement of the audience.

How to Make a Cartoon Video with Doratoon

Here we will explain the step-by-step guide to make animation online. A proficient video creator does not take more than a few minutes to animation online.

Step 1: Firstly, go on the website and sign up here. And then click on the button named “Workbench” on the top left.



Step 2: Click on “Create a New Video” and choose the desired method before starting the work. After that, it will redirect you to the editor.

Step 3: Create your video animation with multiple scenes, text, and certain characters. Moreover, you can change the backgrounds of the video animation if it is necessary. Finally, you can easily save and export the video into MP4 when you finish.



Other Important factors during video automation

There are various allied specifications of doratoon and due to this, we recommend you to try doratoon. Following are the few associated attributes.

  • Storage facility

As we spotlighted in the early sections of the article, Doratoon provides a sufficient storage capacity to save the video online on doratoon. The user can save the videos up to 500MB on this platform without paying a single penny.

  • Re-edit the video automation online

In addition to this, you can watch the video by logging in on the doratoon website. The option of re-edit is also given on the website so the user can perform this task as well. This provides an opportunity to correct any mistake or deficiency without changing the complete video.

  • Add or delete pages

The doratoon facilitates you with an option of addition or deletion of pages during video automation. The user has the liberty to execute this task for making the result more clear and eye-capturing. Besides this, the option of transition effects is also open for the cartoon maker to explore. This operation makes the video more attention-grabbing.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Videos

It depends upon the user’s choice to choose the concerned pattern for its video. According to Doratoon, horizontal video is best for the presentation or animated video whereas vertical pattern video is suited to social media stories.

Use of Doratoon in practical life

Doratoon assists in many walks of practical life. For instance, businesses can be the key beneficiary of doratoon. Businesses must try doratoon to advertise their respective products digitally. In the current age, people love to watch digital and interesting ads rather than read. Thus, a creative cartoon can attract a large range of audience. Eventually, it can assist in mounting the sales volume. In continuation with the idea, the e-commerce or online stores must try to create cartoons to market the product.


Doratoon is an amazing video automation platform that provides an opportunity to the layman in learning the process of how to make a cartoon video. We recommend people to try doratoon for the cartoon video.

Video animation has become so easy after the entrance of this platform in the market. As far as the process of “how to make cartoon video” is concerned, this is so simple and fast. As a result, we can say that doratoon is recommended to cartoon makers for making the best video automation for multiple uses.