How To Hire a React Developer Through an Outstaffing Agency

How To Hire a React Developer Through an Outstaffing Agency

How To Hire a React Developer Through an Outstaffing Agency

React is an open-source javascript library that allows developers to build user interfaces. Also known as ReactJS or React.js, this relatively new library has grown massively over the years as a trustworthy choice for building frontend applications. Due to its incredible features, many global companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Instagram, and others use React to develop their website and mobile applications. Research analytics by Stack Overflow show that 68% of nearly 60,000 developers revealed that they loved to continue working with React more than other frameworks. Thus, due to the upsurge in its use and many companies drawing talent from the same pool, you might be facing a tedious process if you are looking to hire a React developer. However, you don’t need to lose hope; in this post, we will discuss one of the most efficient ways to hire ReactJS developers – Outstaffing.

What Is the Big Deal About ReactJS?

You might have probably wondered why every business seems to be out to hire React developers. Well, ReactJS is not widely loved for nothing. It offers tons of benefits that encourage many popular brands to use it – some of these includes:

1).  Flexibility: Compared to other competing frameworks, React is an open-source library that has a set of already available solutions that suits the user’s various needs, thus, making it easier to learn.

2).  Stable Code: React works in a unidirectional data flow. That is, its codebase is designed such that the child structures cannot affect the parent structures. This ensures the stability of the code and enhances continuous application performance.

3). Reusable Components: Components can be said to be ‘blocks’ with which interfaces are built. React comprises ready-made and reusable components, which helps make a developer’s work faster, easy to maintain, and save on project costs.

Do you want to see more of the fantastic features that come with using ReactJS? Check out this article.

Outstaffing Vs. Outsourcing.

These are both ways through which you can hire React JS developers. Though both terms have entirely contrasting meanings, they are often confused in software development.

Using an outsourcing agency in hiring a ReactJS programmer means allowing another company to take care of your software development in its entirety. It involves allocating your ReactJS development project to a reputable agency with expert team members who have handled various React projects before. This saves you from the hassle and stress of recruitment processes. However, a downside of this model is that you are only presented with the project’s result and have very little control over its development.

On the other hand, an Outstaffing agency lets you hire a react.js developer remotely to join your in-house team of employees. The agency will be responsible for the worker’s background check, hiring, and maintenance, such as payroll and bonuses. Though the hired developer(s) is an employee of the Outstaffing agency, you have full access to his time and services.

Why Should I Hire a React Developer from Outstaffing Agencies?

  • It has lesser rates compared to the other business models.
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Unlike outsourcing, you have complete control of the development process.

Though the Outstaffing company is majorly responsible for helping clients hire React programmer that are highly competent. Here are a few things you might want to consider to avoid certain risks.

1). Thoroughly study the service providers.

Before choosing an agency as your ReactJS development vendor, you must do thorough research by studying their portfolio (a couple of applications they have launched). Also, you must get testimonials from their previous clients and check them up on review sites such as Trustpilot, Clutch, or Google. This will assist you in making a great decision on which agency to trust your project with.

2). Define your requirements with clear guidelines.

To hire a React developer that will help set up an effective development process and build a high-quality ReactJS program, you have to provide clear and specific guidelines at the beginning of your contract with any Outstaffing agency.  This will make it possible for you to achieve your desired goals without much stress. Check here to see a list of qualified Outstaffing companies where you can hire React JS developers.