8 ways to promote your mobile business app

8 ways to promote your mobile business app

8 ways to promote your mobile business app

Finally, your realized – to enhance the prosperity of your business, that you will need more than a website.

So, Congratulations! On building up your business app. But you have to remember the fact that there are millions of apps in the Play store. So, to make your app visible, within the radar of your audience (unlike other apps), you will have to promote it. Before it gets lost like the rest.

So here are seven productive ways by which you can advertise your business app and experience the joy of your growing business.

1. Landing page

Make an attractive landing page for your business website and application. This page should be simple but appealing. It should contain all the relevant information about your business. This page develops specific content for your audience. So, after visiting the landing page, customers do not go empty-handed; rather will download your app.

2. Friends and family

People who have never left your side at your highs and lows would be really happy to help you in your hard times. This is the perfect time to approach them.

Make them aware about your business website and recently launched application. Tell them its advantages. Ask them to download it. And for exponential growth, ask them to convince next three people to download it, who would continue the process.

3. Awareness through social media

Everything available in social media is always heard and seen. No one can ignore attractive advertisements on social media. You can advertise about your app in 2 ways: organic or paid.

For promotion of your app through the organic method, you have to create a page in any social media account and attract mass of people to it.

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat when paid, ensure that the audience at the most visit your app.

4. Videos and Podcasts

The lifestyle of people has changed. People now prefer to spend most of their time either listening to podcasts or watching a video. If they find something interesting or helpful, they share it with their loved ones. So, creating a video or a podcast for promotion of your app is a perfect beginning. In the video or podcast, talk about the benefits your app provides and the plethora of problems it can solve.

5. Reviews 

Ask customers to give their reviews after using the app. Positive feedbacks will obviously attract more people to try your app. In case, you get negative feedback, do not worry. Just try to solve the glitch as soon as you can. And this will increase love for you among your customers. Which will eventually lead to a greater number of downloads of your app.

6. Partnership 

Another excellent way to promote your business app is ‘Partnership’. Partnering with apps, complementary to yours will be beneficial to both the parties.

Your partner(s) would promote your app through different means and their customers will eventually become yours. Similarly, you can do the same. It will be a win–win strategy.

7. Role of influencers

Promotion of your app can at times get beyond your field of expertise. And at that time, you require well-established leaders or influencers. By developing favorable relationships with the influencers, can for sure prove to be effective in the long run. Before getting in touch with the influencers make sure your business content is appropriate for both the influencers and their audience.

This will eventually help you get more downloads for your business app.

8. QR Codes

QR Codes are now being rampantly used in app promotions. They can help people download your app with a single scan without having to manually look for it. It is called an app store QR code.


Developing business apps in now a trait common at every place. By creating an application for your business, you enter into a new phase to run your business. This app allows you to interact with your customers. You are now just a click away from your audience. So, you should judiciously use the reviews given by your customers to increase the number of downloads of your app.

Apps that have zillions of users, which are downloaded instantly a new device is bought, are still not famous. Hence to stand out from the crowd, the promotion of your business app is as important as its launch. The above listed are a few ways to promote your business app without actually spending a penny. And at the same time making it becomes the most useable app with a maximum number of daily users.