Why Mailroom by PackageX is the Perfect Mailroom Management Solution for Coworking Mailrooms?



The mailroom often receives short shrift when it comes to digitizing internal processes, whether for cost savings, efficiency, or a business strategy that emphasizes flexibility and location-free working.

Most companies find the mailroom effective when everyone is in the office. However, it becomes a real problem as people begin to work remotely or, in the case of a closed office, delaying important communications and information. Software such as Mailroom by PackageX, one of the best mailroom management software, can meet your all mailroom needs.

However, digitizing your mailroom entails more than merely scanning incoming mail. It requires an intelligent system that ties together information across all communication channels.

What Makes Mailroom by PackageX the Best Solution for Coworking Mailrooms?

Mailroom by PackageX is advanced software that allows organizations to manage their mailrooms effortlessly. In addition to being scalable and easy to use, it can serve multiple industries. It provides an optimal and unparalleled end-user experience.

PackageX’s popularity can be credited to its OCR capabilities. You can automate your coworking mailroom operations with Mailroom’s package label scanning capability that utilizes the camera on your smartphone.

The ability to act on their mail anywhere, at any time. Cloud-based services will allow recipients to have access to their mail on the go. This ensures your employees don’t misplace necessary packages while traveling or on vacation.

In other words, it is a SaaS-based software program that automates mundane package-handling procedures to guarantee no delivery is delayed or lost.

An In-Depth Overview of the Mailroom Management Software

The innovative technology that PackageX utilizes to deliver world-class mailroom management and delivery automation solutions that rely on the latest developments in machine vision and artificial intelligence. Backed by the cloud, the products are used and trusted by great teams such as WeWork, DelVal, and many more!

Mailroom by PackageX is the ultimate package management solution for smart teams to ensure contactless deliveries and self-serving coworking mailrooms.

How Does it Work?

  1. Machine vision can read handwritten labels, so all relevant information is extracted automatically.
  2. Make sure the right recipients receive their deliveries.
  3. Be able to send reminders and notifications in the event of delayed pick-up.
  4. Notify all recipients of alerts and reminders.
  5. Verify pick-ups by collecting proof.
  6. Information of each package stays on the system for faster, easier retrieval.
  7. Track the journey of each package from receipt to pick-up automatically with audit trails
  8. You will find Mailroom dashboards invaluable when it comes to reporting.
  9. Upon request, recipients can have their documents scanned, forwarded, held, and shredded/disposed.

Why Should You Trust PackageX?

  • Fully cloud-based, dish out the need for any additional hardware.
  • The automated scanning of packages and notification of recipients can take place with just one click.
  • An easy-to-use tracking system for incoming and outgoing packages.
  • Quick and robust search system.
  • Labels that are printed, handwritten, or even partially destroyed can still be readable.
  • In case of absence, users can request someone else to collect their package.
  • Analytics and real-time data for effective mailroom operations.
  • Customized branding features are available.
  • Touch and Face ID Login.
  • 24/7 access to the customer support team.

Top 3 Features that are important for Coworking Mailrooms


This company takes client security very seriously, as evident from every review given to the company. Data entered into or processed by the application is, therefore, encrypted at all times.

Secure data encryption ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your mail and packages. With PackageX, the entire process is fully automated, so the human interaction is very minimal.

The SSL certification helps to secure all applications running on the web. As a result, your organization and its data is protected by the Transport Layer Security protocol, which provides three levels of protection on top of encrypting data online.

This site maintains data integrity through HTTPS on all its pages. This protects against data corruption during transmission. Furthermore, Mailroom by PackageX also generates reports and timely alerts regarding any potential security breaches.

User Experience

A company’s user experience has to be top of mind for it to succeed. A bad user experience reduces people’s chances of returning to a website by 88%! To meet the demands of their clients, Mailroom by PackageX has carefully developed its portal.

IT professionals aren’t the only target market for the software. Websites contain the necessary features to ensure tasks are performed successfully, reduce user errors, and enhance system usability. A straightforward and intuitive layout has been crafted.


A great deal of emphasis has been given to aesthetics and usability regarding Mailroom by PackageX. Customers can check for all the vital info on their own entirely through the dashboard.

Overall, the dashboard uses a white, black, and blue theme. Consequently, elements can be easily distinguished and understood.

You can obtain additional information using the support button on the sidebar menu if you have any questions.

Mobile Apps

Almost every piece of software offered today comes with an app. In the case of Mailroom by PackageX, it is available as both an android and iOS app.

iOS devices such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone SE are compatible with this app. This application works with smartphones and tablets with a rear-facing camera and accesses the Google Play or Apple Play stores.

All the standard features of the software are offered in mobile applications. Of particular importance is the batch scanning functionality.


Developers can create packages using the software’s API. Through this API, developers can link the digital mailroom with third-party applications. Users can access the API directly at the portal for easy integration with other software.

You can use it to build a link based on an API key and a client ID.

Furthermore, the API page will show information about your quota, including the number of calls.


Organizations of all sizes have significantly benefited from powerful office automation tools in today’s digital world. Automation makes your coworking mailroom more productive and cost-effective in the long run.

To achieve this goal, PackageX offers the ultimate business solution that you will need to empower employees to innovate, increase decision-making speed, and reduce organizational risks. Powered by next-generation technology, Mailroom by PackageX helps streamline operations, reduce operating costs, and eliminate logistics headaches.